“Master…the three arrows of the Disaster Bow can be categorized into ‘Arrow of Killing the Earth’, ‘Blood Chasing the Soul’ and ‘Blood Sea Reincarnation’. Although the ‘Arrow of Killing the Earth’ is the first one, its power is overwhelming, and I’ve heard that it can open the sky and destroy the earth. The second and third types are similar, but they’re even more frightening than the first one. Once you’re locked by ‘Blood Chasing the Soul’, it’ll follow you anywhere you go unless your own power can cope with it. And it’ll continue following you until you’re killed. For the third one ‘Blood Sea Reincarnation’, I’m not really sure how much it can do, I only vaguely remember that no matter if you’re the God or a human being, once you’re shot by it, there will be a sea of blood…”


This is the initial explanation of Nan’er to the Northern Emperor.


This day, it would be his second time to shoot this “Arrow of Killing the Earth”, and this was the only kind that he knew how to shoot, among all the three types. Undoubtedly, it was so overwhelming that it could “break the sky”.


“It’s good that you’re fine.” After knowing how the Evil Emperor was doing, Yan Gongruo wasn’t so worried anymore. She kneeled in front of him and laughed, “it’s really fun to see them so scared. Master brother, I know that you’d come. Grandpa, this time I behaved well, didn’t I?”


Yan Tianwei laughed and said, “Master, everything has been going smoothly today. What my Master was expecting had all appeared.”


The Evil Emperor slightly nodded.


“Starting from tomorrow, the name of the Evil Emperor will be much more famous in the whole Tianchen Continent. And my master’s more ambitious plan is going to start.” While Yan Qinghong was saying so, he looked so relaxed, no one would know how destructive the plan would be.


In a distance, a stream of blue light approached quickly, it was Chu Jingtian who’s chasing with Leng Ya and swearing. Yan Gongruo’s whole mind was occupied with the Evil Emperor, and she didn’t have time for the others. She stretched out her pale hand on the face of the Evil Emperor and said, “master brother, now that there’s no one, can you take off your mask? It’s been a while since I last saw my master brother.”


“Looks like it’s been less than two days.” Yan Gongruo murmured.


Without waiting for the Evil Emperor’s response, Yan Gongruo took off the silver mask which marked the identity of the Evil Emperor. When Chu Jingtian was panting and just arrived, he saw the real face of the Evil Emperor. Although he almost knew for sure, he almost fainted when he saw it.


“Ye…brother Ye, it’s really you!” Chu Jingtian roared out of surprise.


After the mask was taken off, it was a pale face. The profile was just so flawless – it was Ye Wuchen.


“Hey! Aside from my master brother, who would be as powerful?” Yan Gongruo was holding Ye Wuchen’s right arm, and was pressing her chest against him. Her voice and facial expression revealed a teenage girls’ pride.


Ye Wuchen, who was closing his eyes to rest, smiled at Chu Jingtian who almost passed out, “brother Chu, does it really shock you?”


In contrast, Leng Ya, whose face was as pale as his, didn’t look so shocked. He only locked his gaze upon Ye Wuchen, as if he wanted to see him through.


“Surprised…I’m too surprised…haven’t you already…obviously you have….” Chu Jingtian patted on his head as he was all confused. Obviously, Ye Wuchen had become disabled, and he had proven this point himself…his body was empty and there was no energy left, but now…he didn’t know how famous the Evil Emperor was, but after seeing that he could flow and shoot arrows, he couldn’t help but ask himself if all these could be done by a disabled person.


“Brother Chu, sometimes you can’t believe what you’ve heard, or what you’ve seen. Sometimes, you can’t even believe what you’ve experienced. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Ye Wuchen smiled while he was explaining it.

“But …” If he could understand, he would not be Chu Jingtian anymore. His talent could only be shown on his sword. For other things, he often couldn’t think through. After thinking for a long time, he weakly said, “that means…whatever you were doing was only pretending?”


If it was only pretending, that would be a perfect disguise. It’s because even he hadn’t discovered anything weird. How could a person reach this level of disguise?


“Right, I was pretending.”


“But brother Ye, why did you do that?”


Ye Wuchen smiled again and started explaining, “the most horrifying enemy in the world is not someone far more powerful than you, but a horrifying one near you without you knowing, one that even got you to believe that he’s useless. For the former type, you could try your best to prepare or to fight back, and even if you have to fight him, you still know his power. However, for the latter type, he’d stab you on your back when you aren’t even aware.”


This was one of the reasons why Ye Wuchen had to disguise himself, the more important reason was that he had to make sure his family could be safe.




“Hey, don’t say it anymore. Master brother called you Da Niu, as you’re really as stupid as a cow. Just remember that whatever master brother says is correct.” Yan Gongruo was in a good mood next to Ye Wuchen, and she looked so energetic and bright.


“Oh…okay.” Since Chu Jingtian didn’t know how to talk back a woman, he could only touch the back of his head and nod. He didn’t continue asking although there were still many questions in his mind. For example, he wanted to know what enemy brother Ye wanted to kill for his disguise? And who were these powerful Grandpa and uncles? Also, what’s the limit of their power? Since they had even crushed the Luochen Cliff…

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