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Heavenly Star

Chapter 306 – The ultimate level of the sword

“Hehe, master brother, are you feeling better now? Where are we going to play? You haven’t been with me for some time now…You have just left me for that Miss Qiqi last time, and you didn’t even care whether I would be jealous…” Yan Gongruo was shaking Ye Wuchen’s body and pouted.


Ye Wuche patted the back of her hand and said to Chu Jingtian, “brother Chu, although I’ve already seen your amazing progress before, never would I have thought that you’ve reached such a high level with your sword. Now I’m really impressed.”


“Haha, it’s alright. Practicing with my sword and with martials arts are two different things. I can feel myself practicing my sword even when I’m sleeping.” While Chu Jingtian was smiling, he said casually.


When he’s sleeping…when Ye Wuchen heard these words, his eyebrow moved a bit.


“Did Grandpa Chu ever tell you about the highest level of practicing your sword?” Ye Wuchen raised his head and asked him suddenly. His question had caught the attention of the people around him too. They all paid attention to Chu Jingtian’s answer.


“The highest level of practicing the sword…I think I know. When I was small, my Grandpa tell me that highest level of it was nothing.” After thinking for a while, Chu Jingtian answered.


“Nothing? You mean the Sword of Nothing?”


“Right! It’s the Sword of Nothing!”


Ye Wuchen thought for a while, then frowned, “brother Chu, since you knew that the highest level of it was nothing, then why did you start practicing the sword? Why didn’t you start with ‘nothing’?”


Chu Jingtian was stunned. And his facial expression froze, “Oh…that…”


If one had to achieve nothing, then why practice the sword? This simple question of Ye Wuchen had made Chu Jingtian realize that the goal he’d been chasing for sounded so contradictory.


“But this is what Grandpa told me, it mustn’t be wrong.” Chu Jingtian said uncertainly.


“Then has Grandpa Chu reached this level?” Ye Wuchen sighed.




“Then did Grandpa Chu tell you who had reached this so-called level of ‘Nothing’?”


“Well…not that either. My Grandpa told me that no matter what, the ultimate level would be nothing, and it applies to sword as well.” Chu Jingtian started to hesitate himself.


Ye Wuchen shook his head, “just like what I told you, what you hear might not be true. Although Grandpa Chu was the God of Sword, he can’t be always right. The ‘Nothing’ that you mentioned might just be a rumor, something that only someone using the sword had imagined, and had been passed onto the following generations.”

The Sword was the best partner of Chu Jingtian. And the level of “Nothing” was always the ultimate goal of him and his grandfather, Chu Cangming. Now that Ye Wuchen seemed to have overthrown this theory in just a few words, Chu Jingtian was suddenly overwhelmed by this feeling of being lost. He was reluctant to believe it, but there was also a voice in his heart that said, “perhaps what brother Ye said is true. You’re progressing rapidly with your sword, that’s because you’re always thinking about the Cangming Sword. If there is really a level of ‘Nothing’, perhaps you’ll have to give up the Cangming Sword.” How could he possibly do that?


“Then…if Grandpa is right, then what’s the highest level of the sword?” Chu Jingtian continued asking with confusion.


Ye Wuchen closed his eyes. He tried to pick up different pieces in his memory, “when I was very small, I knew someone as fascinated in sword as brother Chu. And he’s also in love with one particular sword. When he was your age, he had already discovered the ultimate level of it…”


“And what is it?” Chu Jingtian suddenly regained his attention and desperately asked. Yan Gongruo also became curious. Who could reach the ultimate level of the sword when he’s the same age as Chu Jingtian? And how come master had never mentioned him before?


“It’s the heart.” Ye Wuchen opened his eyes and slowly answered.


“The heart?” Chu Jingtian got even more confused. It’s the hand which holds the sword and the Qi to control it. The heart doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it.


“When you use your Qi to control the sword, how far can it reach?” Ye Wuchen asked.


“About 70 meters.”


“Your Qi can be integrated into the sword. And it can also guide the sword to move. Have you ever thought to integrate your mind and will to the sword? If yes, then you’re controlling it with your heart. If your heart can reach a far distance, then the sword can go as far as the heart.” Ye Wuchen stopped there. He didn’t know a lot about the sword, all he relied on were some pieces in his memory. He wanted to guide Chu Jingtian to the right path.

“The heart…the heart to control the sword…” Chu Jingtian was thinking about it seriously, and he was repeating those words. Gradually, his voice became softer and his gaze became more unfocused.


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