Helping with Adventurer Party Management 54


I still felt as if I was living in the modern world



What the children had in their hands was the core of a slime which any beginner adventurer would hunt.


In this world, slimes inhabit places like swamps and sewers.

They usually eat small birds or animals.

But on rare occasions, those dwelling in towns have been known to attack even small children.

So they are exterminated as soon as they are found.


They were very much like the common rat of the modern world.


However, slime cores could be used as a raw material for manufacturing glue.

They could also be used to raise the viscosity of dyes.

Leather workshops would often stockpile on these cores.


These children were probably playing around one of these workshops and snatched one of those cores away.


It was perfectly round and seemed rather bouncy.

But why was I so obsessed with reproducing rubber in this world?

I felt like hitting myself on the head for being so stubborn.


It’s been five years since I came here.

But it seems I still felt as if I was living in the modern world.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


Selecting the monster-based materials for elasticity.

Then, using it on the heels of shoes to help reduce impact to the feet.


The objective had become clear, so production was quick.


In this world, it is far more reliable to use monster-based materials rather than industrialized materials, regardless of the amount of supplies and their condition.


Whenever there are differences in size, one could stock up on a large number of materials and exclude those which didn’t meet the standards.

It was like sorting eggs or oranges by size.

Or like sifting grains through a broad sieve.

Only the grains that passed through the sieve would be good for use.


Then the materials that didn’t meet the standards could be resold to the Adventurer’s Guild, so there would be little loss there.


Using slime cores in their raw state would pose a problem with the product’s resistance to blades and general durability, so I thought it would be best not to do it.

Both the slime cores and the bird monster’s lungs could be processed or heated up with chemicals, but it takes a lot of skill and could get pricey, too.


The bird monster lungs were a bit scarce, so it was difficult to have them meet the standards, but they are lightweight and highly shock-absorbent.


The processed slime cores are heavier than the lungs, but it’s easier and cheaper to categorize them by size.


So, the former could be used for more expensive models, while the latter would be best for regular models.


That settles all of the problems I had with the materials involved in shoe manufacturing.


Next would be finding a reliable designer.


In order to keep the technique from leaking into the competition, I carefully had several workers tasked on different parts of the project, and produced a single pair of the shoes that would be set for mass production as a sample.


I then set out towards the Sword Fang Corps, which I hadn’t been to in so long.


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