Helping with Adventurer Party Management 55


Sword Fang Corps Revisited


If the Sword Fang Corps turned into a top-ranked clan, they would get really busy with requests.

The probability of finding them on the street on a regular basis would be pretty low. They would be more likely to be out of town doing a very important quest.


However, thanks to the rumors of those in the Adventurer’s Guild, it was easy to find their whereabouts.


That’s because it seemed that before departing for that very important quest out of town, the Sword Fang Corps were going to hold some kind of ceremony.


It looked like it would be rather soul-stirring, so it would be popular with the townsfolk.

Their leader, Jilboa was going to make an appearance as well, so that also contributed to the ceremony’s popularity.


Some of the town’s girls headed for the ceremony at once, and you could hear their screams of excitement whenever the leader spoke.


I was glad that Jilboa started quickly with it.


The nobles were also happy with their requests being explained to the rest of the townsfolk.

And the townsfolk gladly took part in the ceremony, being fully supportive of it and seeing the adventurers as if they were knights.

However, in reality, there are palace guards who can’t handle anything more than a street thug, and even the members of the nobles’ private armies might be too scared about being sent out to destroy some very powerful monsters.


It would be like sending a couple of street policemen to fight a private army of thirty soldiers armed with sniper rifles, light machine guns, and anti-tank missiles.


People with enough common knowledge would look away with a depressed look on their faces. If they had been in a classroom, they might have been looking out of the window, looking at the weather just to be somewhere else.


I will do my best to do my job, but other than that, I think we’ll all be happier if we just pretend I didn’t see anything.


I was able to confirm the whereabouts of the Sword Fang Corps, so I decided to pay a visit to those guys at their office in the town’s second block.


Upon entering their offices, I first thought that business seemed to be as good as ever, but something felt different.


I heard a voice, a door opened, and behind it was Commander Suiberry.


“Ah, long time no see, Commander Suiberry. How have you… been…?”


It was Suiberry all right, but he looked like a different person somehow.


He hasn’t changed his appearance or anything like that, but there was something different… his eyes seemed more powerful.


“Ah, Kenji, well met! The boss is inside. Let me take you to him.”

“Ah, sure…”


I had the impression that both the office and all of its members had become somewhat brighter and more cheerful.

But it might have just been my imagination.


I followed the rather fast-paced Suiberry to the leader’s room.

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