Helping with Adventurer Party Management 56


The strengths of a handsome man



After arriving at the leader’s room, I said my greetings and sat by a table.
A young girl poured some tea.


“Here you go.”


Surprised, I said ‘thank you’, and looked at her face.


What was a young girl doing inside that racket of an office?


I stared at Suiberry as if looking for answers.


“Ah, she’s one of the grocery shop’s owner’s daughters. They take turns to come here and help with chores in their free time.”

“The Sword Fang Corps are doing their best to help the town, you know? We want to do whatever we can to help, too.”


Her words were truly remarkable, but her eyes had ‘The leader is soooo cool’ written all over them.

Well, handsome guys are always righteous, huh? So I guess it can’t be helped then.


Still, this was an amazing change in just thirty days.

I did advise the Sword Fang Corps to increase their public exposure, but I didn’t know it would have this much of an effect in such a short time.


“What exactly did you do, Jilboa?”

“What do you mean? I did exactly as you said.”


Jilboa’s plan started with a song.

It appears he hired about ten bards to perform in front of the Corps’ members.


He then made the bards exclusive members of the Corps, and they were to write songs they could perform while they marched out to battle and during training.


Having done that, he used his connections from his days as a mercenary to have specialists in ceremonies teach him how the ceremony the knights hold before departing for the battlefront was done.

Then he hired someone who would direct their performance and help simplify the ceremony’s routines in order to appease the townspeople.

They worked hard on their routines and their lines.


Then, about ten days ago, they held ceremonies for both departing to the battlefront and for when returning triumphantly.

Both seemed to have been very popular amongst the townsfolk, who were hungry for entertainment.


Their performance was a bit different than those from the ceremonies usually held by knights and the nobles’ private armies. There’s a different mood to their performance.


At any rate, they had carried the head of a huge monster in a cart.

The proof that the battle had been fierce was carved all over the Corps’ soldiers’ weapons and armor.


Then their handsome leader gave a speech that had been prepared with the help of their hired director.


The Corps’ soldiers responded to their leader’s speech hitting their swords against their shields and stomping their feet against the ground.


With that, the townsfolk have come to see the Sword Fang Corps as a cool-looking organization with impressive fighting prowess.


And that resulted in girls from the town coming to the office to offer their help.


The atmosphere of this office, which used to be exclusively full of men, changed dramatically as soon as women started to come in.


I was finally able to make the connection, but I had this strange feeling when I first walked in here.

I guess I couldn’t judge this handsome leader just by his looks.


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