Helping with Adventurer Party Management 60


How About Going Back To Your Rural Hometown?



Sarah greeted me with a surprised face.


“Ah, Kenji, how did it go with the sample shoes? Don’t tell me it was bad…”


“Oh no, it was good. Actually, it was way too good.”


“Then what’s with that face?”


She asked as she pointed at my stern-looking face.


I held her hands and replied:


“Sarah, can you count?”


“Ah, yeah. I started counting since I’m being paid for the introduction to counseling.

Though since I can’t remember how many people I’ve done the introduction to and how many of them have actually paid me, I still need to write it down somewhere.”


“And how much can you write?”


“Um… Well, I can write people’s names and also the names of things pretty well…”


“Alright, Sarah. Starting tomorrow, I’ll accompany you during your counselings to fledgling adventurers. I’ll pay you an additional copper coin per day.”


Since Sarah currently earns 2 copper coins per day through her referrals, an extra coin per day is a huge bonus.

Unlike quests, which take place outside the city, there’s no risk of life and no waste of equipment involved.


Just as I thought, Sarah stood up with her eyes glittering with shock, and then asked me with a face full of doubt.


“That sounds nice, but what’s the catch?”


I answered simply.


“Ah, there’s a chance I might die soon.”


Sarah opened her eyes wide and, seeming lost for words, started to cry, hugging me all of a sudden.


Unconsciously, I dropped the shoes I was carrying with my hand.

It was an unexpected reaction, but Sarah was suddenly rubbing my back.

Snorting, she said something strange.


“How about going back to your rural hometown? You can buy some land and livestock, and start a family there. How about it? I’ll go with you.”


Wait, wait. I don’t have a “rural hometown” in this world.

And why do you suddenly sound like some kind of country singer?


“Calm down, Sarah. It’s not like I’m in danger or anything. I’m just talking about my resolution. Besides, if you think about it, you’re more likely to die simply by going on an adventure outside the city and trying to hunt some monsters.

And to begin with, I can’t be a farmer with a knee like this.”


“But have you done something so bad that now you’re walking through a dangerous bridge?”


What kind of image do you have of me?

Do you think I’m part of the mafia or something?


“It’s about the shoes, Sarah. It went so well, that I might have to go against the higher-ups and other merchants in the future.

It’s just that I’ll have to become totally dedicated to my shoes for a while.


That’s why I want to leave the counseling for fledgling adventurers to you, Sarah.

Of course, I don’t expect you to just take care of everything so suddenly.

So I’ll accompany you for a while to make sure you learn everything there is to it.


I’d like you to give this priority over taking quests.

Are you up for it?”


Sarah wiped her tears off and smiled.


“I am! I’ll earn a lot of copper coins!”


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