Helping with Adventurer Party Management 59


Preparing Myself For The Worst



Eventually, I left the Sword Fang Corps’ office.


Since the shoes I took there were samples under development, I had to take them back from Suiberry somehow.


Actually, I had to talk about several things with the Sword Fang Corps.

Since Jilboa made a pretty good point during our conversation, I had to revisit my original plan completely.


As I was heading for the inn on the third block, I thought to myself that I needed someone to act as my advisor.


In this world, the law is on the side of the strong ones. Things like patents and such cannot be held here.


The secret to technology and industry was to take the people in charge of that technology and their industry as a whole and protect them through military and political power.


A promising business becomes a huge interest.

Perhaps there will be a fierce struggle as the business grows.


There could be a business battle of sorts. There are many political conflicts out there.

There could even be some kind of secret feud, such as a kidnapping or an assassination.


I’m not joking.


I’m just an ex-adventurer with a bad knee.

I might have a bit of knowledge about how this world works, but I’m just an ordinary guy after all.


I was just a fledgling adventurer who had a bad accident and hurt his leg so bad I became disabled.

I couldn’t see it, even though I dedicated myself to making shoes.


Still, having just enough money to get by comfortably would be good enough for me.


I also considered selling my idea to someone else so that they could go through the trouble of commercializing and promoting the shoes I’ve created.


But I knew it from the bottom of my heart.


I can’t simply let someone else make my shoes.


I can’t simply split them into their manufacturing process, cost management, and quality control.

I can’t entrust the line of production to people of this world, who have no idea how to improve it.


If I were to leave them in the hands of those who can be easily dazed by money…

Then they would eventually become of lower quality and reach a higher price, a luxury item unreachable to fledgling adventurers.


If I were to leave it to the higher-ups, my shoes would become a military product, and something that with only a few exceptionally high-ranked adventurers might get to see.


Back then, when I proudly said I wanted to charge 2 large copper coins for a pair of my shoes, I could imagine Sarah saying something like “I’d really want a pair, but they’re a bit expensive for me”.


If my shoes end up not being affordable for those adventurers who need them most, then it would make no sense to have gone through the trouble to make them in the first place.


What’s the point for making shoes for adventurers, if those adventurers can’t wear them.


In any case, I’ll try for one year.


For this one year, I’ll make sure to supervise the whole process, from start to end.


I’ll be responsible for everything, from hiring the workers, to choosing what kind of shoelaces and needles we’ll use.

I’ll put this project on its track.


For that, I’ll do everything, even if it means to deal with debt, the higher-ups, and even assassins.


Yes, I was very determined.


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