Helping with Adventurer Party Management 62


Who Will Be On The Team?



While Sarah was studying, I sat across her and closed my eyes.

At any rate, I have to think about making shoes for adventurers.


How could I popularize these shoes for adventurers at a low price?

And how would I defend myself about the greedy people who would most certainly swarm to rights to make them?


I needed an idea that could help me solve these two situations.


As a prerequisite, I have already admitted that though I can make a business on my own, I cannot protect it alone.


Even with military power, or political power, or assets… I was no more than a mere disabled adventurer.


If an assassin were to be sent after me, I would be killed. If I were to be caught by guards, I wouldn’t be able to leave the prison. If one of my workers were to be bribed, I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.


That’s why I’ve decided to give up on monopolizing the profits of this project.

I needed a team in order to make this work.


In the modern world, this would be called a company.


Ofcourse, there is no such thing as a corporate law in this world.

So I would not be able to call it a company in the strict sense of the word.


And since it wouldn’t be a profit group by occupation, calling it a guild would also be incorrect.


There are high-risk trades in this world such as trading between different cities.

For this reason, there might be organizations similar to insurance companies, but I hadn’t confirmed that yet.


Either way, this business would need some backing.

If someone were to try to hurt me, who would come to my aid? That kind of backing.


At this point, the first one to provide this kind of support was the Sword Fang Corps’ leader, Jilboa.


The Sword Fang Corps would be perfect for keeping adventurers at bay.

And reckless merchants and craftsmen would also refrain from trying to manipulate me directly.


I wasn’t sure whether regular noblemen would also refrain from doing anything given their current reputation in the city, but as Jilboa pointed out, I had little knowledge about the aristocracy.

So this was a sensitive area.


That plan seemed good at first glance.


But it was dangerous too.

I know what Jilboa’s dream is.

To become greater, more powerful, and be known not only as a hero of this city, but as a hero of the entire world.


To realize that dream, he would need money.

Because of that, there is a risk that he could sell me out without hesitation if it would greatly benefit his dream.

That would be no good at all.


I needed to put more thought into those things that could jeopardize my support.


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