Helping with Adventurer Party Management 63


Can I Do It Alone?



I needed to form a business team to sell shoes to adventurers.


The key factor to this team was to be relieved that I had put proper thought to our corporate governance.

This is the same question as what to do with the shareholder composition of a venture business.


There are no such things as stocks in this world. There might be things like licenses in the guilds, but I’ve never seen one, and in a world without commercial law, there would be no legal support.


However, I have the right to decide how to make shoes for adventurers and where to prioritize their sales.

In other words, I have the preferential sales rights.


I can make arrangements such as “I’ll do you a wholesale of 1000 pairs to begin with.”

The recipient can then either use or resell those rights to someone else.


If they end up being commissioned because resale is too much of a trouble, it would be the same as a distribution of business profits.


In the modern world, it is possible to create a situation where shoes are received and shareholders are given preferential treatment, and money is also distributed.


Could it be that by controlling this right properly, it would be possible to have something that worked as a modern-world stock?


In the future, these preferred distribution rights might even turn into genuine stocks.

If that happens, could it make a name in history like the breakthrough of convertible bonds?


In short, the Sword Fang Troops would be major shareholders, so to speak.

However, we need to distribute the rights in a balanced manner so that their influence does not become too strong.


Besides, it may be possible to safely get the business off the ground while eliminating interference at the same time.


So I thought “Okay, this works!”, but then I became troubled again.


Because there were countless things to think about and such little business experience, and there were no reference cases or people to consult with.


Let’s think about some of these for the time being.


In order to maintain a well-balanced shareholder composition, we need to select shareholder candidates in consideration of the political situation in the city.

… What was the political situation in this city? I didn’t even know the names of all the aristocrats.


Calculate the total number of stocks to distribute.

… This can be calculated back from the number of shoes manufactured.


Adjust dividend rate so as not to overpress business profit.

… This is just a matter of calculating, so it was possible for me to do it.


Restrict transfer to prevent strange shareholders from intervening.

… I may be able to do that.


Determine the procedure for releasing the stocks.

… I may be able to do that too. Though I’m scared to leave some holes in the procedure.


In other words, I would have to think about all of the procedures and regulations related to stocks all by myself!


Could I do it?


Moreover, this must be accepted by brawny warriors, greedy merchants, stubborn craftsmen, and unknown aristocrats.


Half of them can’t read letters or numbers, and the other half don’t think they are adventurers.


It would be a huge challenge.


However, I was convinced that the business would die if I avoided this problem.

At that time, I might even be dead myself.


The wrinkles between my brows are deepened, and I keep groaning with my arms folded.

Sara was sitting in front of me, looking at the numbers on the list I had handed her, with her brow furrowed as deeply as mine and murmuring an occasional “Hmm”.

The impression this scenery gave me made me laugh all of a sudden.


I couldn’t help but worry, but as long as we kept our heads working, it would all work out in the end somehow.

For the time being, I ordered ale for the both of us, and went to bed after drinking.

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