Helping with Adventurer Party Management 64


Visualizing That Which Cannot Be Seen



The next morning, when I woke up in bed, Sarah was sleeping next to me.

Of course, both of us were wearing our clothes.


She was drooling and her belly was showing, so I put a blanket over her and went downstairs to have some tea.


Smelling the fragrance of the tea, I closed my still swollen eyes and started to think.


Well, I’m not the thick-headed protagonist of some eroge.

I could not help but notice Sarah’s behavior towards me.


However, given my current situation, I don’t think I can respond to her feelings.


Even though my financial situation has gotten more or less better nowadays, I’m still an ex-adventurer living in an inn.

And the path to getting my business off the ground will be one full of danger.


There’s no denying the possibility of me getting assassinated or killed with poison.


So this is what I need to make sure I get done.

After I die, this energetic girl might be in danger of dying as an adventurer, or getting lost in the road and forced into becoming a street prostitute.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, I have to pass onto her the necessary skills for doing business and having good connections.


That would probably be the best I could do for her at this point.

Oh well, maybe a year from now, if business goes according to plan, and my safety is guaranteed, then I could think about it.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


I’ve put many things into consideration, but currently I cannot put an end to the tour service for novice adventurers.

While taking an adventurer and Sarah touring around the shops in the city, I can’t help but think about what to do with the corporate governance of the shoes for adventurers business.


After thinking about it overnight, the idea of ​​making a pseudo-stock company using preferential sale rights for shoes was a good idea, but I felt that it was too difficult to realize.


It looked like the typical impractical theory.


There was no way to replicate something close to modern-day commerce laws in this world.

I would need a simple, more practical alternative.


The abstract idea of ​​imagining the rights over things that are not currently in front of us is a modern-day habit.

I needed to adapt more to local customs and habits.


By the way, the shoe vouchers we handed to novice adventurers were pretty popular.

We made discount coupons with simple letters and imprints on wood chips for those adventurers who helped to make the foot mold while using our tour service.


I didn’t know if it was because most of them came out of the rural areas, or because it was their first time ever receiving a discount ticket. But was pleased to see that these stern, rough people actually did take great care of their pockets.


If you associated these ideas with the current situation, something like commercial rights would be difficult to imagine.

They might not be able to imagine something like rights, which are written in documents, but something of similar importance can be achieved by handing them something they can see and understand.


Then they will gradually become able to visualize their rights. And the idea will start to grow.


If the rights are over something with value, then make something shaped like it.

Specifically, I could hand them jewelry that looked like actual shoes.


A silver shoe symbol would entitle their wearer to 10 pairs of shoes, while a gold shoe symbol would entitle them to 100 pairs.

Those with red symbols would have voting rights as opposed to transfer rights, and so on.


I would present the preferred sales rights for shoes to the stakeholders in a visible form, discuss them, and distribute them before their eyes based on how powerful our relationships are.


By doing so, I can avoid situations in which I’m caught between huge powers without any solid backing.

Moreover, since the rights to manufacture shoes will not have any physical form, I would not have to part with them at any moment.


The possession of each individual piece of jewelry can be numbered and kept in a ledger to identify its owner and to prevent theft or illegal transfer.


After giving it so much thought, I finally felt I had gone over a steep hill in my planning.


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