Helping With Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 6 Creating A Support Team

Episode 66 I Was Broke


My idea for starting a business that produces shoes for adventurers had been established.

But it was still in my head and yet to be executed.


Most of all, I was broke.

There were no banks in this world that would lend credits for business plans, so I had to make my own money.

I could not obtain the rights to be a priority distributor for shoes because I had no experience in manufacturing shoes, so no one would trust me.


I had not wasted any money that I earned through guiding novice adventurers, but it had only been three months since I started that business.

I had only managed to save 100 large copper coins so far.


With that, I had enough capital to buy a small house, a farm, and livestock, and retire, but I needed 2 more digits to start a business.


The adventurer’s shoes had great business potential, but if I rushed this, I would most certainly fail.

The business should be nurtured according to plan within a year.


The first goal was to create 100 pairs of adventure shoes and deliver them to the Sword Fang Corps.

I had a concrete plan and the confidence to control it up to that point.


If I could accomplish that, I would have enough money to actualize the production capability.

There would be little risk of technology leakage since the production would be done by the hands of a tight-lipped leather craftsman that was referred to me.

I could avoid various potential troubles.


Although planning and advertising were important in manufacturing, achievements and originality were the most important of all.


A track record of selling 100 new shoes to a first-class clan like the Sword Fang Corps would certainly bring a good reputation to the shoes.


Then, while saving time and earning money, I could proceed in parallel with the preparations for establishing a company.


I had to be aware of the rights and interests, and then create a system that allowed the formation of a team to recover before the intangibles were gathered.


“I think it’s doable.”


I unintentionally said my thoughts out loud.


“What is?”


It had become a habit for me to drown myself deep in thoughts while having breakfast at the inn.


Sarah looked at me, while vigorously guzzling on the barley porridge.


“I’m going to the Sword Fang Corps’ office today. I’ll ask them to introduce me to a good leather craftsman.”


Sarah acknowledged my statement indifferently.

Well, it’s understandable since I had never taken you to the Sword Fang Corps’ office before.


“Are you coming?”


“Yeah, I’m going, I’m going! The leader is very handsome, right? I want to see him once!”


Sarah replied with her eyes shining without a moment’s delay, which I found not interesting at all.


*     *     *

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