Helping With Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 6 Creating A Support Team

Episode 67 Gryphon Wings


It had been 10 days since I last visited the Sword Fang Corps.

It seemed that I had been hesitating for quite a long time.


I was told that I looked very happy that day when walking alongside Sarah toward the second-class district.

In other words, I had been moody for quite some time.


It had been a while, and the weather was nice as well.


The office of the Sword Fang Corps in the second-class district was even prettier than when I saw it last time.

Handpicked flowers were also displayed at several significant points.


“Oh, this place is more beautiful than I expected. I was expecting to see more people with scary faces here.”

Sarah said.

Well, until a while ago, this place was that kind of place.


At the office, a few young girls from the district were cleaning up and preparing tea, while flirting with members of the Sword Fang Corps.


“… Are you guys slacking off?”

I spoke to Suiberry who was chitchatting.


“Hey, don’t say that. I just returned home yesterday from fulfilling a task. Recently, the morale of the members is really high. Tasks are completed without any problems. Oh, that’s right! How much will those shoes sell? How about two silver coins?”


“That’s exactly what I came here for. Let me meet with the leader.”


We followed Suiberry to the leader’s room and met with Jilboa.


“So? Have you made up your mind?”


“Yeah. I was overly optimistic. So, first of all, I’d like to show you my determination and sincerity here.”


“Oh? I understand determination, but also sincerity, eh?”


“I’ll sell the first hundred pairs of shoes produced to the Sword Fang Corps. Three large copper coins a pair.”


Next to me, Sarah opened her eyes wide with astonishment upon hearing my offer. I was talking about making one extra large copper coin after all.


“It’s not a bad offer. But what is the basis for the price?”


“There are two sizes of shoes available. I’ll tailor them to match the shape of everyone’s feet. The slight difference in sizes can be adjsuted by placing a layer of carpet called an insole at the base of the shoes. I’ll make the toe part particularly tough using a lizard leather type. The number of injuries during battle should be greatly reduced. I’ll dye the shoes with the color of the Sword Fang Corps. Have you come up with the design you’d like? I’ll make all the shoes comply with the Sword Fang Corps’ design. That way, the shoes will be exclusive to the Sword Fang Corps. If the shoes are damaged, I’ll pick them up for 5 copper coins a pair.”


Jilboa muttered in fascination while tapping the table lightly with his fingers.


“Not bad at all. Exclusive shoes for the corps, eh? Kenji, you’ve thought of a good business.”


“We can attach gryphon wings especially for your shoes, leader.”


I added casually.


“No, those wings should be attahced on the helmet. It’ll hurt if they are attached on the shoes.”

He responded plainly.


He actually had those already?! As expected of first-class clan!


“But you agreed to my request so easily. Are you all right with the production cost?”

Jilboa wondered.


“Yeah. There have been many contributions from town merchants recently.”

I explained.


My service had become very popular due to the proven efficiency. There were probably a lot of people who wanted to approach closer.


For the time being, I would have him recommend a tight-lipped leather craftsman.


*     *     *

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