Helping With Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 6 Creating A Support Team

Episode 68 Let’s Place The Order


The introduced leather craftsman’s workshop was located in the second-class district, which was unusual.


Leathercraft workshops were usually located in the third-class district since they use materials with strong odor such as glue and varnish.


“Kwan workshop …? Somehow it sounds familiar.”


“Huh?! What are you talking about, Kenji?! It’s that Kwan well-known for the composite bow!”


Oh, I remembered. This workshop created the famous bow brand that Sarah mentioned earlier.

Having more than 100 years of history, their products were rumored to have been delivered to the royal castle and the military.


I didn’t know the Sword Fang Corps were doing transactions with them.

Of course, the bow part of the crossbows was most likely made of strong glue and monster materials.


The person in charge of the workshop was a young man with amber-colored hair and an elegant appearance reminiscent of a merchant or even an aristocratic origin, rather than a craftsman. Unlike a craftsman’s outfit, his outfit was of fine quality.

A famous workshop like this generally would have sales representatives for important customers.


“My name is Anor. I heard you were introduced to us by the Sword Fang Corps. Are you looking for someone who can design?”


“Yes. Since I have made a prototype, I’m looking for someone who can design for mass production as well as taking priority to manufacture them.”


I then presented him with the boxed sample No. 0 of the adventurer shoes.

Anor took a glance and said,


“Pardon me, would you mind if I destroy this sample? I will try my best to return it as much as possible.”


“I have the design drawing, too. But I guess it’s a common procedure for internal design, right? I understand.”


Hearing that, Anor’s eyes became a little keener to re-examine the sample.


He examined the drawing intently because drawing skills were usually limited to major workshops.

In an average workshop, disciples imitated their masters to hone their skills. The master would create things based on intuition from years of experience.


On the other hand, major workshops that were doing transactions with aristocrats required the drawings for detailed meetings.

A mistake in manufacturing the ordered items could literally cost them their heads. Drawings became the evidence of meetings for their self-protection and insurance.

That was the reason why major workshops employ merchants and aristocrats as their sales representatives.


“Then you’re not here to have a drawing made for you, correct?”


“Yes. I have the drawing already. However, I would like to request a design for mass production, including the properties and choices of the leather and other materials, how to use the materials efficiently during the process, parts that require double layers for strengthening, as well as how much extra materials are needed for compensating possible shrinkage.”


“I see. Then the deliverables would be the design drawing for mass production and the manufacturing itself, correct?”


“Yes. We will be taking the design drawing. We will also procure and deliver the required materials for manufacturing.”


Anor made an uncomfortable expression upon hearing my remark.

They would handle the creation of the design drawing for mass production as well as manufacturing the items. However, I would be handling the procurement of the necessary materials according to the design drawing they created and their estimate.

It would be comparable to technology in the modern world, where large companies were bullying small and medium-sized businesses as their subcontractors.

I thought it was fair to clearly state that they would be handling the manufacturing.


“I have never received such an order before, so I’m not sure if we can handle this ….”


“Then just create the design! The old guys over there can handle the manufacturing process!”


Sarah interjected. She was referring to the old leather craftsmen in the street where all the leatherworks were being sold.

These old leather craftsmen would most likely know of shoemakers from among their acquaintances.

It would be similar to directing all manufacturing processes overseas where the production cost would be lower!


Almost in a panic, Anor promptly responded,


“No, it’s not that we can’t do it. However, would you please let me know the reason …?”


“There are many secrets in the materials for the parts. I don’t want to reveal too much.”


“I see ….”


In fact, I was leaning toward Sarah’s opinion.

The mass production design might be difficult to create, but the manufacturing could be done with ordinary skills.

I could probably bargain with the leather craftsmen on that street to produce 100 pairs for a few copper coins.


I decided to have this workshop to manufacture the first 100 pairs, thinking that they would keep the whole process confidential, since this workshop was recommended by the Sword Fang Corps. However, as long as the secret of the mass production design could be kept separate, the manufacturing could be done separately as well. For instance, workshop A would assemble the heels only; workshop B would assemble the toe part only. In this way, the process would be finely dispersed.


The only drawback was that it would be tedious and time-consuming.

Besides, now that I did not have enough budget, it was not the time to make work for someone.


Anor turned toward us immediately, as if he could feel we were going to stand up and leave.


“No! Since the Sword Fang Corps introduced you to us, please let us do it!”


He was pretty perceptive. A salesperson needed to read the atmosphere after all.

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