Helping With Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 6 Creating A Support Team

Episode 69 A Craftsman With Long Arms


For the time being, I decided to have them sign a non-disclosure agreement before communicating with the craftsman who would be handling the design drawing.


I did not think they would do anything reckless since they were recommended by the Sword Fang Corps, but it was only as a matter of precaution.

According to Anor, it was common to sign a contract with aristocrats but was unusual for an adventurer like Kenji to request a contract.


We were then guided through the production line of the workshop. I could feel the stuffy air due to heat, the piercing smell of glue and varnish, as well as the whopping sound of the craftsmen cutting the leather.

Naturally, Anor had to call out to the craftsman with a louder voice.


“Mr. Galahad!! Mr. Galahad!!”


The man who responded to Anor’s call was a man with a normal height, but he was strangely wide-eyed and had unusually long arms.

The man was plodding his way toward us. It was as impactful as a powerful wild animal approaching. I could feel Sarah taking a step back behind me.


“Mr. Galahad! This is our client, Mr. Kenji! He was introduced to us by the Sword Fang Corps. His request is a drawing for mass production to be made!”


“I can hear you. You don’t need to tweet so loudly!”


The man named Galahad answered slowly with a mysteriously low voice and turned toward us.


“Do you have the stuff?”


He asked me without any greetings, but I like that kind of craftsman.

More than anything, I like direct and quick conversations.


“Yeah. This pair of shoes is the prototype. This is the original design drawing. You may disassemble them. Please create a beautiful design drawing for me.”


When Galahad took the sample, he commented that it was a pair of strange shoes …. Then he started to tinker with them silently.

Since he showed a sign of leaving the conversation as it was, Anor hurriedly called out to him with a loud voice.


“Mr. Galahad! So how long will it take?!”


We could hear him muttering, “three days,” with a coarse voice as if he had just woken up.


Three days? That was fast. As expected of a craftsman from a first-class workshop.


Hastening the procurement of materials and accessories would be necessary.


*     *     *     *     *


“So what are you going to do now?”


Sarah asked.


“Go to the leatherwork street. I’ll have them prepare the shoe materials so that they can be delivered in three days. After that, I’ll go back to the Sword Fang Corps and consult.”


“Those old guys won’t have materials enough for 100 pairs of shoes, you know?”


“Obviously. No one would be foolish enough to create 100 pairs of shoes at the same time. First, we’ll have a pair made as a sample. Then for the first 50 pairs, I’ll have them made in batches of 5 pairs. For the remaining 50 pairs, I’ll have them made in batches of 10 pairs. That’s how it’s done. We have the craftsmen create the shoes while getting them accustomed to the process.

The procurement of materials would be at the same pace. First, materials enough for 5 pairs will be procured.

If you don’t procure it in small batches, our budget won’t be enough to keep the manufacturing running. The leathercrafters won’t have enough materials either.

Besides, we will attract too much attention if we don’t do it in small batches.

However, if we don’t make a contract, there is a possibility that the work will stop due to lack of materials. That’s why I’m going have a pre-negotiation before something like that happens.”


“Well, it may sound stingy but I guess we could give it a shot.”


“The delivery to the Sword Fang Corps will also be similarly done. Once we have the first pair, we’ll take it to their office and discuss the color of the leather as well as the design location. Only then, we will proceed to manufacture them.”


“How shall I put it … it’s troublesome.”


“Manufacturing is indeed something troublesome. We’re talking about luxury items that worth 3 large bronze copper coins.”


“Yes! That’s right!”


Sara excitedly responded while letting her red hair bounced, and then she continued,


“Why are you selling them for 3 big copper coins? Then adventurers won’t be able to afford them! Are you all right with that?”


Come to think of it, I had not told Sarah anything about the future yet.


“Sarah. I’m powerless in dealing with that aspect.”


Sarah paused in astonishment.


“Why?? I think you’re doing really well!

You are even talking to the Sword Fang Corps on equal footing! Even the Adventurer’s Guild is scared of you!

Even the novice guys won’t be able to purchase anything without your help!”


“But I’m powerless. I failed to sell even a pair of shoes for the adventurers.”


Sarah became silent after hearing what I said.


“Jilboa mentioned that these shoes would be a great success. The Sword Fang Corps, the merchants, even unknown aristocrats would fight over the secrets and profits, and then struck a bargain with me.

I’m planning to create rules so we can trade with them. At the very least, I want to create a system where we could deal with everything with money without any bloodbath.

If I had power, I could silence them. That way, I would be able to reduce the price of the shoes. But now it’s impossible. Skills, money and power – I lack in every aspect. What matters most right now is to stay away from conflicts.

I want to change this situation.”


“… I don’t understand that high-level talk. I think there’s no reason for you to walk such a tightrope.”


Sarah’s brief reply sounded so lonely.


“There is a reason. It’s so that an adventurer like you can afford those shoes with just one big copper coin.”


“… I see. Well, whatever.”


Sarah did not seem to understand what I said but seemed to be agreeable anyway.


I was wondering if she really understood what I meant.


The bright orange dusk flooded the crowded streets where people were rushing home for the evening.

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