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Hero’s Hunt (1)



Walpurgis whispered as she bowed her head and stopped moving her hand before removing her helmet.


“Valler, what I am about to show you is a secret that no one other than the nuns and order know.”

“In that case, will it be alright for me to know it?”


The relationship with her in the past.

The relationship with her now.


What caused the difference in the situation? Even in the past, Walpurgis was a close friend. We shared a friendship as firm as a stone statue.


We have been in the battlefield for so many years, that I trust her. However, even during that time Walpurgis had never taken off her helmet.


Right now, our relationship has only been a few days. And I can’t figure out what exactly moved her to this.


“Honestly, I’m not so sure about telling this secret. But this is what my heart says. Valler, please look.”


And there was no reason to decline those words. Even I was curious about her secret. Walpurgis nodded her head and finally took off her helmet.




Words of admiration came out from my mouth because her blonde hair was shining in the sun. I remembered the Fairy Queen that I saw once.


And her face. She bit down on her lip as if trying to hide her shyness, and I felt like I was going to get an adrenaline rush if the girl was going to look at me like that.


Being this beautiful. I wonder if such a beauty even existed in a royal family.


“Walpurgis is the goddess……”


I remembered Goddess Walpurgis who is famous for being unintentionally beautiful. I even thought that she might definitely be the Goddess. In the last hundred years that I’ve been here, I saw numerous beautiful people. But the most beautiful one is right in front of my eyes.



But, words to praise her beauty didn’t come out from my mouth.


“….. it’s a curse.”

“I see.”


Half of Walpurgis’ left cheek, till a part of her jaw was distorted because of the curse. About 1/3rd of the entire face was messed up.


This is an alternate….. what curse could this be. This was why she was covering her face like that. Besides, the aura of the curse was not an illusion. It seemed like it was something that was difficult to be explained.


I was intuitively able to identify that this curse was something that was put down by some higher beings. Human beings wouldn’t even dare to do such a thing.


“….. do the congregation of the sisters also know?”

“Of course. This is why Abbess and the others protect me. it was because of this curse that Walpur had a connection with the Sisterhood in the first place. And my uncle put me in this congregation.”

“What curse is this?”


These were things that I haven’t seen before. Walpurgis just lowered her head.


“I’m sorry. I can’t talk about that. I don’t want to talk about this curse.”

“If that’s so, then why did you show it to me?”


Walpurgis hesitated at my question for a while. Then with a lot of effort she opened her lips.


“….. that, because you received the curse.”

“Did you by any chance, show me that to comfort me?”


Nod nod.


Walpurgis nodded her shy face in agreement. This was something she did to comfort me. This was why she looked at me with worry in her eyes.


I guess, I smiled at her child-like idea without even realizing. Still being a girl, Walpurgis was this cute.


However, the words that followed were pretty astonishing.


“Valler. Even if it gets tough, endure it. My sisters and the congregation will definitely try and find a way to solve your curse. Know this as well. There are many more beside you who live in the arms of the curse.”

“Lady Walpurgis.”

“A sixteen year old girl has also overcome it. You’re not much older compared to the others. Be strong to overcome it. I’ll surely protect you.”


No, if she was going to be this cute, I might comeback.


“And that isn’t the only reason I showed you my face. Valler, You saved my life. And you saved the life of Abbess whom I follow like a mother. Because of that I want to be honest with you. And you………”


Walpurgis words faded and after a while she whispered with a face that seemed to indicate that she lost some of her courage.


“I was hoping that you would understand my ugly side.”


The face of Walpurgis went still as I stretched out my hand. She had transparent white skin without any specks.


Walpurgis flinched for a second but a while later she accepted my hand.


“Ugly? Hasn’t my lady accepted the curse willingly, I wonder? And could you give me a reason for calling you ugly?”


I noticed a change in appearance of Walpurgis towards me and that impressed me a little.


“Valler…… I guess I’m grateful.”


She looked at me and smiled happily. She is the prettiest person in this world when she smiles. I had no other choice but to look at Walpurgis, who went blank for a moment.


But at that moment.


[It is possible to recruit your colleague Walpurgis whenever it is needed.]

[You can receive help with her power and strength!]


A message of companion recruitment popped up. Even then I wasn’t much surprised or elated because of it. Maybe because it was quite frequent in the past. However, now this felt a little special.


No, this  wasn’t special just because Walpurgis expressed her gratefulness towards me.




“There is one more thing that you need to know…”


After I listened to that, she nodded her head, came close to my face, stood close to me, and said in a voice that only I could hear.


“Walpurgis is my Religious name. The goddess Walpurga’s festival’s name is Walpurgis. My ‘Name day’ was the first day for celebrating the feast of Walpurgis. To celebrate that day, the nuns gave me that name.”


She probably had a real name. However, I hadn’t heard of such a thing.


“Valler, remember. My real name is…… Charlotte.”

“Charlotte. Such a lovely name.”

“….. I, I like it anyway. If you would remember it.”

“I won’t forget it.”


Walpurgis took something off from around her neck. It was her necklace. I understood the temperature of the girl.


“This is a treasured item from Bavaria. I got this from my uncle. It is a souvenir from my mother.”

“Why are you giving this to me?”

“A sign of our promise that we will meet again in the future.”

“Can I return it then?”


At that Walpurgis showed a sign of dissatisfaction.


“There is no need to return it. Just take responsibility for it.”


No matter what happens it seemed like I could not lose it.


“I understand. I’ll cherish this very dearly.”


I put the necklace around my neck and looking at this Walpurgis laughed slightly, while putting her helmet back on.


“Then I’ll look forward to the time when you come to find me! Let’s meet again!”


With that, Walpurgis called her unicorn and it came running. In a flash, her appearance drifted away. I was out there alone when a system message appeared.


[Hidden story ‘Bavaria’s treasure’ was unlocked!]

[Charlotte’s love route sprouted.]


What? There was nothing I could do other than sit there in shock.


It was clear before that there was no love route for Walpurgis. This wasn’t a character that could love in the first place. I’m not proud of being familiar with this game either.

Even then, Walpurgis’ love route?


No, the system message said that it was Charlotte’s love route. If that is so, then her real name Charlotte has unlocked the love route.


No matter how deep the bond with Walpurgis is, there was no way for her to develop love. However, the moment I met Charlotte, it seems like the flag for her love route was raised.


To know more information I looked into the system message once again.


[You have received the mark of Charlotte. After completing Bavaria’s initial story, if you cure Charlotte’s curse, you will get her completely.]


I expect that I would have to suffer a lot in order to see the ending of Walpurgis’s love route. However, if you can have a woman around you, it was worth the challenge.


“Hehe! This is getting interesting.”


I pretended to have enough, but I wasn’t able to hide the fact that my heart inside my chest was going kung! Kung!


I am grateful that no one saw me at this moment.


* * * *


With a steel heart, I gained a reason to catch Philip and attract the Demon Lord. Since I have received the reward, from here on out I have three possible plans to advance.


First, it was simply to complete the side quests and receive their rewards, then find a way to leave. Although this was safe, of course this was the companion route. It is a great thing that cannot be bought easily.


Then what’s the middle route?



Fight with the Demon Lord who went to hunt Philip and get experience points. If he was unlucky, Philips’ men will be torn to shreds.


It wasn’t a bad plan in its own way. But this wasn’t too good either.


In that case, what about the upper route?


I defeat Philip’s army and forgive him for his crimes. Afterward Philip will seek help from the Demon Lord, who will then attack me with his magic, which will in turn draw out the Demon Lord.


That seems like a good idea.


Originally, using this method would be quite difficult, but there was a change in the circumstances. This was because I finally gained the class of No Blood or Tear.


With the skill to summon Undead, I can call out soldiers to fight for me. Even though it is still in its first level, it is not enough to break down the Philip’s henchmen, the best result would be to utilize it to strike against the army.


Because of the war, there were a lot of corpses that can be used to summon a lot of the Undead in the field. The crows and dogs eating the corpses of the humans and the Orcs will also be full.


“Wah, Wah.”


I stopped Filly and pulled out a magic wand from my waist. This wand was carved from the bones of evil beings, taken along with the armor from the underground storehouse that I visited with Walpurgis and the nuns.


Although these items were cursed, the curse wouldn’t be able to effect this great body. It was a good thing that my body is Without Blood Or Tear, since I can use cursed items without much drawbacks.




[The Magic wand that was made from Garga.]



A class magic article.


Darkness +70

Strength +50

Charisma +13

For summoning the undead + 20% more will be summoned.



———————————— –


This magic wand is a thing only for the commanders and with it, I’ll be able to summon more Undead.




I was really excited at the moment. In the 100 years that I’ve been travelling, this was the first time that I was a hero of justice. I’ve always watched the Undead being summoned, but this was the first time that it was this interesting.


While summoning the Undead until now, I’ve only been able to call out skeletons because my summoning skill is still at the first level. However, this wasn’t something to be worried about, because I had lots of darkness and strength.

And the body in front my eyes was the heaven and earth. During the half day it would take to reach the Demon Lord, I will keep summoning the Undead and train this ability.


“Rise up! My army! Raise your bones!”




Dark smoke came out as I wriggled my arms. Suddenly the dead bodies seemed to come out as if they were in a turmoil.


“Your Master is right here!”


I shouted at the corpses of dark energy.


“The warriors of Death, come and stand before your Master!”


That moment was the start of the rise of the Undead.


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