Hero’s Hunt (2)




The darkness everywhere was beginning to crumble, the skeletons rose with noises of the devil crying from Hell.






Because of the Undead, there was pitch black darkness everywhere; they broke out after their death.


“Be angry! On those who pushed you into the hell hole and became the cause for your death! And be grateful! I’m presenting you with an opportunity to take revenge.”




The response from the skeletons came out readily. Satisfied after gaining their absolute loyalty I nodded my head. Originally it was 20, but now it was 24, because of the magic wand 24 Undead can be summoned now.


Each of them was holding a good amount of firearms and bombs, as a test I tried to move them.


“Uhm, also…….”


As predicted their movement was very stiff and unnatural. Moreover, it seemed like since the level was still 1, the ability to summon Undead was limited.


This wasn’t something that could be helped. Later on, I will move on step by step towards summoning a Death Knight.


First, since the summoning was still in the first level, apart from skeletons it’s only possible to summon zombies while other types of Undead were still limited. The stamina cost for zombies is much greater than skeletons. While zombies have poor attack capability, they were a very versatile weapon.


I was curious to know how much I needed to level up the Summon Undead spell to achieve that ability. Without more detailed explanations, I wanted to experiment and see where the limit is.


“Soldiers, warriors of death, stand before your master!”


At this 24 zombies answered my call.




The zombies were coming out from the ground noisily just like what can be seen in the movies.




Because I summoned 48 creatures my head felt heavy and dizzy. Everything in the front looked blurry and unclear. It was pretty hard to summon 48 creatures because of the low proficiency rate at the moment. Yet, I wanted to squeeze out more.


In order to win the world, I had to change myself by making my heart hard. If I continue on at this level, I’ll be defeated in a moment.


“Soldiers, warriors of death, stand up in front of your Master!”




Once again black smoke rose up and this time 14 skeletons rose up. And the bodies of a dog came up along with the skeleton soldiers and one zombie came out. That guy looked cute so I named him as Sam.


Ging Ging!


Not sure why, it seemed like it had a pitiful life. It looked cute as it went after a bone that I threw. By now there were, in total, 60 zombies and skeletons around me.




My nose began to bleed. Right now, the numbers were still limited.


He! Heeeing!


At that time Filly came over and seeing the undead she felt a little uneasy and restless.


“Filly, It’s alright. They won’t hurt you.”


When I was patting the neck of Filly something felt a little weird.


Why do I not see any marauders?


Usually after the end of any battle, there will be a massive looting of the opponents supplies and equipment that follows. Everyone is going to take a bite from here, there are things that are still untouched in the battle field.


The level of the army is 2, these were worth looting. By a local residents, or those who specializes in these kind of things.


But I couldn’t see anyone anywhere and Filly was panicking. If this wasn’t a practice exercise this doesn’t seem right, I don’t like this kind of situation.


This was a question of, “What went wrong?” based on the long experience that I’ve got.




I wonder if I should get the skeletons to scout around, but at that moment a kung! kung! sound started to ring. And from beyond the hills, something huge came out.




Being in a state of surprise I almost dropped the wand that was in my hand. It was the head of the gigantic dragon that showed his most evil face.

To be precise, it wasn’t a dragon, it was a sub-species of dragon called a Drake. It looked similar to a wingless dragon that is covered with brown scales. With humongous weight that is ten times more than an elephant.


It was different from an actual dragon, it is incompetent and stupid, but thanks to its excellent size and solid scales, it was similar to that of a huge thug. Once he passed a village, nothing remained over there.


“It has come to eat the dead bodies.”


Now I know why I’m not able to see any predators. It wasn’t that they haven’t come. It could be that they were either kicked away or eaten. As he was moving forward he looked at the undead creatures with curiosity filled greedy eyes.


This won’t work.

I should quickly command my undead army.


“Comrades! Get up! Rise! Get ready to attack!”


The skeletons and zombies instinctively began to move. And I quickly got onto Filly and started moving behind them. a commander is basically a person who only commands.


It was possible to create a buffer with the use of skeletons and zombies, when I used the undead army on the Drake, I wasn’t sure how well they would hold onto it.


But at that time a system message popped up.


[You have gained the leadership for the Undead, and a new skill for those who have neither blood nor death.]


What? Is it because I’ve been working on the commanding power of the Undead? After I read the skill, my ability to command the army of the Undead rose high. Firstly, leader’s commanding level for the Undead rose to 1.


[The Undead inside 100 meters vitality +10% , defense +10%, attack +5% has been gained.]


Kheeuk! Khuae!


The army of Undead upon receiving the new strength were excited and roared. They set up their position and aimed their muskets toward the direction the land Drake was coming from. At that moment, the land Drake came out making a kung kung sound.


“Commence the gun fire!”


Dhadadadang! Dhadadang! Dhang!


My soldiers let out their gun fire. Yet, the gunshots from the musket gun didn’t even get through the hard brown scales of the land Drake. He just accepted them.


Whoop! Kwaahahahng!


The result came out in just a moment. The skeletons shattered like wooden sticks. The overwhelming disaster in front of me didn’t seem so meaningful to me. I, who was looking at this intently, felt sick.




Everything seemed to happen slowly in my eyes. Countless bones were broken down and scattered everywhere. They were completed annihilated.


The land Drake which is 10 times the weight of a elephant and 15 meters in the length destroyed my poor little Undead more powerfully than dumping something into a dump truck.




A tail that was as thick as three necks hits the Undead soldiers who were left, which made them fly towards the sky.


“No way! Sam!”


Sam was the last one that came out. I lost all of my men in a flash.


Trembling trembling!


This hateful land Drake creature will never be a member of the dragon race, that was what I thought in my mind but my body stayed still. Poor Sam flew away as a fragment and then ran away.


“Oh come on! Come on!”


The land Drake smashed my army in one stroke, and sat down and started munching down on the dead bodies.


Edk! Odk! Ohdudhk!


It was eating very deliciously.


“That, that! Mother f*cker!”


Does the Undead recall have no use in front of the wrath of the nature? But then, at that moment I looked at the stats window.


[You are capable of accessing the 2nd stage of summoning the Undead! Consume skill points.]


Oh? 2nd stage already?


For the S class skill experience it is almost impossible to raise it this comfortably. To use it directly certain conditions must be met. So it is not easy to level S class skills.


Fortunately, skill points can be collected without using them. Immediately the level of summoning Undead rose to 2.

[Congratulations! The summoning ability of the Undead has gone up to 2nd stage. It is possible to summon skeleton warriors, poison zombies, and the shadows!]


Nice, new Undead creatures can be called. There was a burning sensation inside which wanted to go against the land Drake one more time. I ran to the right place. The battlefield was very wide and there were bodies everywhere.


“ Soldiers who have died in the battlefield, stand up in front of your Master!”


It was three times more than the previous summoning.

Due to the 2nd stage of the Undead summoning capability being huge, 70 units rose up. More could be summoned too.


The skeleton warrior who was of the 2nd stage is much more agile and stronger than the skeleton of the first stage. It could do quite a lot of things that the body could do in its previous lifetime.


From the poison zombies body there was an organ that let it spread poison just like the ones in the movies. This one is a great guy who can make a great deal of damage by sticking it in when fighting other humans.


The shadow’s strength is a little weak, but it was capable of hiding, being invisible or scouting/tracking someone. It also does not die easily because it negates physical attacks with a certain probability.


“Nice! My army! Go and subjugate that creature, the Land Drake!”


Kheeeuk! Kheeah!


It’s worth a considerable amount of work. I summoned 70 units of undead and they were marching alongside the shoulder in a disgraceful manner. And the land Drake once again got onto his feat.




With my command, the body of the land Drake answered me back.


Kuahhhhhhh! Keahhhhhh! Khuahhhhng!


It was like a bomb fell on the ground, that was the sound of the land Drake’s head against the ground. It was as if a giant block of iron fell.


“No, No way…. The white color on the floor….. are they my skeleton warriors?”


Everyone is in a powdered state.

Water was forming in my eyes. I may be a person without blood and tear, but today blood and tears were flowing.


Though I have tried my best it wasn’t so effective. Out of the summoned skeleton warriors, one of them managed to pierce the land Drake between its scales and make it bleed, but it was annihilated more quickly due to its nature. This time also I ran away from battle ground Burinake. I was grateful that Filly could fly fast.




When I reached this place I felt like crying. All 70 units of Undead were strong and powerful. Yet all of them were flown away like soybean flour. My heart is broken and the my breath stopped.


“I, I feel like eating sweet potatoes. Save, save me……”


However, there is no way I can back off. I looked at the stats window once again.


[The summoning ability of the Undead has gone up to 3rd stage! Consume skill points.]


It went high. I reached the summoning ability of 3rd level.


[Congratulations! The summoning ability has reached the 3rd level. The burning slaughterer, undead spider, and ghost creatures can be summoned.]


3rd stage already? Though I was happy, it felt like it was going forward too quickly. These didn’t seem like simple summons. Being concerned over it I intertwined my fingers.


I know!


This gave combat experience and strength, the proficiency level might have gone up sharply. The strong land Drake was, by itself, a precious experience.


Wait? I was thinking like this but isn’t this a great thing? There are bodies around, the target does not die even when it is hit. Where will I find an opponent which will give such good training in this whole world?


At this moment my heart felt light. What ambassador Won Hyo said was right. My heart was prepared for everything.


If it wasn’t for that land Drake would I have reached the 3rd level of summon undead? I am satisfied with the level of upgrade that Undead got. Since the darkness was lacking, I took out the crystal of darkness from the magic zipper.

This was also something that Walpurgis gave, a bag with large quantities of goods, this needs to be consumed to restore.




As the gauntlet broke, a dark aura bloomed out and got sucked into my mouth. And suddenly strength started to grow in my body.


[Darkness + 500 recovered.]


“I’m going to kill you. Land Drake.”


The battle was in vain before, but it’ll be different this time. The burning slaughterer is really a strong one. The undead spider is definitely well known for it wickedness. These guys attack with strong acid from their teeth and their tails. Versatile indeed.


Lastly the ghost, is much stronger than the shadow. Able to negate the physical attacks and deals out unique cold damage.


The three upgraded levels are all strong.


“Soldiers of death, warriors, stand before your Master!”


This time 100 units came out.


The burning slaughterers 50 units

The Undead spider 30 units

Ghosts 20 units.


Kheuaaaakk! Kulark!


As soon as they came out they started to scream from their mouths. However, I wasn’t smiling this time. If anyone could look at me now, I was afraid of being a champion of evil that could not hold the madness of laughter while shedding blood.


“Lets go! Kids!”


This time it was going to be a revenge. My undead 100 units were all dressed in the black and were marching forward. It was the sight of a loser.


If I have these guys, it means I have the whole world. I headed towards the Drake immediately. I am not going to miss the dragon heart, if I get its strength, my magic will soar. Greed started to rise in my heart.


“Nice! Beat!!!”


The third battle against the land Drake will commence.


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