Hero’s Hunt (3)



After five hours.


“This…… goddamn bastard… let a human live.”


Curse words never stopped coming out of my mouth, and  the cause of it was the Land Drake. However, I don’t find it hard to battle such a monstrous bully on this battlefield.


However, to conclude this, I eventually knocked him down.


“Killed it, my Lord!”


From my side the vampires who were biting into the Land Drake’s body were shouting loudly.




I pompously nodded my head once and looked at my hands. And the scale of 150 heads of the undead were all screaming.




Vampire, Specter, Undead Spider and Bloudthirsty Slaughterers. After fighting, I reached the 4th level, so the Vampires and the Specters were possible to be summoned.


Over 100 Undead soldiers were successfully raised with the skill’s 3rd stage; however, they were annihilated. Unlike before, these guys went into the battle and completely drained the energy of the Land Drake.


I repeated the same process numerous times, and then I was able to summon the Vampire and the Specters once I reached the 4th level. Thankfully, it became nighttime so there was no problem for the Vampire and the Specters to perform.


“Great achievement, Vampires.”


“It was a joy, my Lord.”


The Vampires were definitely strong. When the Land Drake’s big paw fell on the bunch of the Vampires, I thought I was stuck in my previous position. They were going to become pieces once again, but at the last moment they turned themselves into bats and flew away as fast as ghosts.


The Specters were also definitely strong too. They continuously floated around the Land Drake and sucked on him, which caused a big drop in his physical strength.


“Just wait a little more my Lord. I will give you the heart of the Drake.”


No matter my perception, I liked the words of the Vampires. The skeletons and zombies had a different abilities, the Vampires had a special ability, and they were much stronger than the before ones.


I knew that the wild dragons out there would be the end of me, but with the Undead a new kind of life could be there for me. There is going to be a series of fights of some kind, and I had the thought of looting someone’s property.


Bam! Bam! Bam!


From a while the Vampires were tearing open the stomach of the Drake with both of their hands. They broke few of the ribs that were blocking the heart of the Drake.


It did seem like the Land Drake was the same ability as that of the undead, but the Wyvern were much stronger and bigger creatures. Later I intended for my proficiency of the undead to grow by using those creatures. It seemed like the undead could make wheels from the dead Drake and use them in chariots, which would be nice.


“Hm. Boring…..”


At my one word, all the vampires were shocked. The head Vampire flew to the air, turned towards the vampire soldiers and kicked one of them on the ass.


“The Lord needs more speed you Bastards! Come on, move it!”


The Specter that was floating beside me was graciously fanning me. It had an weird and uncanny euphoria, but its appearance looked pretty apologetic. Maybe… no. It couldn’t be the soul of a dead soldier from today.


“A little more harder please.”




If the general public saw the appearance of the Specter, it was enough to get them scared outta their wits, but I am not going to be affected by their aura and fear energy. Besides the Specters were afraid of me as they were in awe with my indifferent attitude.


“My Lord! My Lord! We took it out at last!”


With the Drake heart in their hands, the Vampires rushed back towards me. I thought that these vampires were great as they could move 10 meters with just a single leap.


“Nice. You did a lot of hard work. Come over to this side.”


I stretched out my finger at the Vampire who brought out the Drake’s heart, and the absorption started.



From the vibrating Drake heart came out white light due to the magic within it. Without hesitation,  I sucked on it. After a while a new message popped up.


<Magic 550-> 2,100>


Because of the Drake’s heart, the magic points went up by 2000 at once. Magic above 2000 was very good. I still wasn’t able to use the magic yet, but I had entered the magic class.


As I concentrated on how to use this, I felt a deep sense of glee. My cloak was almost flapping by itself.




All the Vampires went onto their knees.


“Congratulations on your big achievement, my Lord!”


“Congratulations, my Lord!”


All the other undead creatures also went onto their knees and bowed their heads. I nodded my head with satisfaction. By killing the Land Drake I was able to level up.



[Without Blood or Tears 1-> level 2]


Vitality: 1,532-> 1,564 (Cursed at Birth + 654)


Magic: 2,100-> 2,150 (The wand made of the bone of a Kraken.)


Darkness: 512-> 542 (Cursed at Birth + 122, bone wand of Kraken +70)


Strength 264-> (Cursed at Birth +32 )


Intellect 139-> 159


Agility 250-> 259


Health 240-> 245


Charisma 192-> 232 (Bone wand of the Kraken +13)


The ability had increased by a lot. Indeed, this was a very high rank, it was equal to that of the guardian class. Not only that, there could be a new skill too.


The S class skill now was the [Blood and tear] one. The skill was a huge one, but it is needed to be considered as one of the energy draining ability. The other one that could be brought up in the category of the energy drain was the undead.


“Very nice.”


Mana replenishment was not much, but the Land Drake’s heart did help. This was hard work, but the achievement was much greater and astonishing one. But time was running out. I was in a hurry to stop at the position of the Devil Pajemut.


“A moment….”


If I went in alone, it would attract the attention of the devil which would be impossible to fool, so Philip will have to capture me. But things have changed. Normally I would have been surrounding myself with the Skeletons and Zombies, but because of the Land Drake, I now have Vampires and Specters.


This was a lot of power, but will I have to borrow the power of the devil if it gets risky in there?


“No way, No….”


I can manage to slip in and slip away by using Philip and his men all by myself. If that was what I intend to do, then I’ll get all the items and the experience too.


Then I had another thought that came into my mind.


Now I have the ability to raise the dead corpses. Then, if that is so, how would it be if I could raise the corpse of Philip, a Guardian Class? If so then could he be made into a Vampire or any other weird creature? Will he still have his power?


“Hopefully it will…”


This was pretty nice, but there would never be a time when a guardian will become a traitor from being demoted.


Right now, this was my plan I will make him into a Vampire and later I will see if there are any other things that could be summoned from the undead. Probably not even if I think.


Before raising Philip, his human body might be similar to trash, but because of my ability he might look excellent. If he was going to be a good listener and do nothing else, that was a open welcome for him. I was attracted to the idea of making a Undead guardian.




I was determined.


I will defeat and take over the devil all by myself, and I’m going to have all of it by myself. One is never supposed to split the best stuff with others.




“Yes my Lord!”


“Tonight we will hunt the noble human lineage.”


“We have understood.”


The army of dead begins to march.


At the monstrous shouts from the undead creatures, my excitement rose. It was like the atmosphere of a festival. I assume that the thought of hunting down the living increased their energy.


The moonlight shone like a blessing on to the dead.




*   *   *



The tributaries of the Moselle river originally enabled the city of Pont-à-Mousson to flourish and prosper, but the city was devastated by the Devil in a long battle. Toul, Nancy, Thionville and Luxembourg were all the places that were on the river of Moselle, but they were severely damaged.


There were a lot abandoned high castles there, and one of it was already predetermined to be a hide out. The Devil Pajemut would have searched for Philip everywhere around the Moselle river with his eyes and ears.


In the three days, Philip would have gathered all the men that he could, and he might plan to break himself out and return to Platz at once. With the experience of what happened in the past, I know the plan on the back of my hand.


“Here you are.”


We arrived at an old castle that didn’t need much  searching. A heavenly one in the ruins near the Moselle river. It would be understandable if the devil wouldn’t be able to find Philip anytime soon.


Philip is expected to be around the left of Nancy, and right over 200 kilometers to Neuilly-sur-Marne. No matter how many subordinates Pajemut sends over, tracking them wouldn’t be an easy thing. Especially as the army will have a loose atmosphere after any short victory.


On the other hand, I knew the answer to this.


“All enter at once.”


All the 150 undead went into the half collapsed castle at my words. There was a man who saw us, and when we looked at him he screamed. The dead who were buffed by the moonlight were energized.


From the inside of the castle came the sounds of disturbance. We seemed to have entered not only a collapsed but a devastated castle too. That was what this felt like. From the collapsed tower was a dim light and until we arrived at the main building there was no other light.


“Open it.”


At my words the burning slaughterers started to punch open the door.




From my side came the sound of the door opening slightly. The undead creatures began to go in. I just looked at that place thoroughly. There was a mountain where the people might go to after making their arrangements.


From the inside a sound of things begin smashed and hit could be heard. I tilted my ear towards that direction and then I spoke to the Specters.


“Let no one out from the castle tonight.”


The Specters suddenly disappeared to somewhere. This night is so good that there will be no running away, because the Specters will follow them.


“It has been organized, my Lord.”


Of Vampires that went in, one of them came out and informed me. I nodded my head and then turned around and entered inside. There was Vampire which held two swords in its wobbly hands and caught up to my place.


Tak. Tak.


It was quiet everywhere. Only the sound of the footsteps could be heard. A lot people who were killed inside. Their blood was everywhere. There were around ten people inside, and in those group of people was Philip.


“What a guy!”


If he was on the forefront then there would be no deaths. He ran away from the Devil, so I wonder if there was any chance at redemption as he had been hiding. If not, was it all just a bluff?


After that I looked down at him with interest.


“This is fun. Just a few days ago you were looking down on me after getting onto my horse.”


“What? No, wait a minute! This, this guy! From the mercenaries before!”


After looking at me, astonishment rose onto Philip’s face. He pointed his trembling finger at me. Such attitude from him filled my vanity, and I felt the urge to speak.


“Isn’t life funny, Philip? How our fortunes have reversed?”


At this moment a guy in front of Philip shouted out.


“You! Tell us the name of your Master.”


In answer that I looked over at one of the vampires. The Vampire immediately disappeared and reappeared behind that guy, slashing his throat with a knife.




The Vampire held the head that he cut off with both hands. I accepted it from him and though he was a little shy I spoke to my Vampires.


“Getting ready to fight? How nice. In that case, why don’t you start with my troops. Jim* here is the king of the dead.”


Then black smoke from my hand went into the held head. I asked the head.


“You will fight, won’t you?”


Then the dead head’s eyes opened.


“Indeed I will, Your Serene Highness (Seine Durchlaucht)!”


Ah. The head’s words have such a nice ring.


It gives me the taste of power.



Edited by WellBattle6 (GBiv)


*From the translation in the next chapter, we are unsure whether Jim actually refers to the newly severed head here.


Editor Notes:

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