“Pretending to not know will not work.  Not interested either.  We will just simply kill you all and search for it.”


As I moved forward without showing any mercy, they looked completely terrified out of their minds.  It was a proclamation of the intention to massacre everyone without any chance for a negotiation.


Unable to try to talk his way out of this, Count Hanau’s face stiffened up.  I warned him for the last time.


“You have NO position to negotiate from.  Hand over the Golden Bull and leave.  If not, your stiff necks will be severed one by one.”




However, Count Hanau still had his wits.


“Wait, be calm.  We have no quarrel with the demon lord.  Certainly we can negotiate…”




Taking out a gun from the saddle, I shot and killed a young man next to Count Hanau.  He died in vain.  As a precious child of someone’s household, the last thing he did in his life was to stir up the dust from the ground, before feeding the worms.




After blowing away the smoke from the barrel, I placed the gun back into its holster.



“I said no negotiation.  One more word out of you, I will pull out your tongue from its roots.”


Talking or negotiating could only take place if both parties have similar power.  However, the relationship between Count Hanau and I was unidirectional, as he was at my mercy.


“Hand over the Golden Bull.  Or only death awaits you.”


“Who… Who… Who are you?”


As I had visor over my face on purpose, he could not know who I was.



“I’m only a servant of Lord Pajemut.  You do not need to know beyond that.”




Count Hanau’s face twisted up in humiliation.  Faced with a situation in which his title meant nothing, he was trembling all over.  This type of experience must have been his first, after having lived a noble’s life.


“I can never hand it over!”


At last, he must have determined to harden himself.  But it didn’t matter to me.  It will be resolved by swiftly ending it.  Immediately, I ordered the vampires.


“Kill them all.”


A battle that caused screams to permeate throughout the night sky ensued.  I charged towards the center of that battle.  My intention was to capture Count Hanau, who was standing behind his bodyguards.


“Stop him!”


Having given that order to his followers, Count Hanau turned his horse around.  He must have planned to escape while his underlings bought him time.  That [email protected] must be holding the Golden Bull.


“Stop them!”


Well armed cavalrymen formed a defensive wall.  Then they aimed their guns from horeseback.  However, it was all in vain.  I applied Shadow Explosion.




With the explosion of dark shadows, the men on the horsebacks flew into the air.  The wall of men and horses was destroyed at once.  Then splattered with their blood, I charged through them.


“Count Hanau!”


“You!  Crazy [email protected]!”


He galloped away on horseback as if he neither knew or cared for the fate of his rearguard. .  A chase ensued in the Moon lit evening.


Immediately, I used Harvest of Blood, but was no use.  Some kind of magic was protecting Count Hanau.  It seemed as if he had been blessed by a high level priest before he had left.  So, I took out another gun from the saddle and shot at him.




Sparks flashed on his back.




Although he screamed and swayed, Count Hanau managed to remain on his horse.  The quality of his armor must have been great.  Whose product is it?


“It’s a mistake to think that you can escape, Count!”


Just because the armor was powerful did not mean that there was no other way.  Taking out the  Moving Rope, I threw it at him.  Then the rope flew, slithering in the air like a live snake, and snatched one arm of Count Hanau.  *




With a short scream, Count Hanau flew through the air.  Then he rolled on the ground.  Without any care, his horse continued its way and ran with all its might.  As a matter of fact, since the fat Count was no longer riding it, the horse ran with even more  speed.




I got off my horse as I watched Count Hanau who was not able to gather himself from the shock of falling off his horse.





I inspected the maker of his armor for a moment.


“Zollingen’s Gunther Armor Workshop.  Ah, this is a work of art.”


Immediately after verifying that, I put a sword through him.  And that was the end of it.  A human life was so meaningless at times like this.  I was able to easily locate the Golden Bull, upon searching him.  Then I dangled it in the face of the dead Count


“So why were you so worked up?  All you had to do was to hand this over and go on your way.”



Good.  This completes the mission…



Too-too-too-toom.  Too-too-toom.



Then there suddenly came the sound of a horn trumpet.



“What, what’s that?”


Surprised, I turned towards the source of the sound and saw cavalry charging this way.  I was able to see the flag under the bright Moon light.  The coat of arms with rose pattern.  That was most definitely the 6th Demon Lord Roelin’s coat of arms.


“Why those bastards all of a sudden…?”


My brain was spinning furiously.


The demon lord Roelin was in feud with Pajemut who was the 12th Demon Lord.



Then what about her relationship with Pajemut’s enemy, Philip?  Didn’t they say that enemy of my enemy was my friend.  Was it possible that Roelin was Philip’s ally?


Could this be why Philip’s minions ran off toward Southeast with the Golden Bull?  It is plausible that their destination might have been demon lord Roelin’s territory, which was located further south, rather than Salzburg.


Did they ride out to meet up with Philip’s minions?  It appeared that they came in a hurry after hearing the sounds of battle.


“My lord!  It’s a demon lord’s forces!  I think they’re hostile!”


“We’ll retreat.”


“There are still small remnants of Philip’s minions!  It won’t take long…”


“No.  Let them go.”


The vampire curiously asked again upon hearing me.


“There is some time before the enemy will reach us.  In the meanwhile, we have time to go after them and destroy them before we retreat…”


I shook my head as I turned my horse.  Since Filly caused a fuss, I softly petted the horse’s neck.


“No need.  Think.  Whose uniforms are we wearing right now?”


Soon, the vampire has understood what I meant.




“Right.  Shouldn’t someone go to Roelin’s camp and report that they were attacked by Pajemut’s underlings?”


Roelin, who was the 6th Demon Lord, would be briefed with the information that Pajemut, who was her sworn enemy and the 12th Demon Lord, was the one who took the Golden Bull.


Then how would she respond?



Certainly, the empire’s southwestern region will reach a chaotic climax.  Such a pandemonium situation would be a welcoming event for me.


History always proves it.  Such chaos has always presented a gift of opportunity and success to those shadowy, patient manipulators, like me.


It did not matter even if the counterpart was the 6th Demon Lord, who was both beautiful and terrible.  My weakness is that I like pretty things.


Overcame with joy, I yelled into the empty space.


“O, your great highness, Pajemut!  This servant is bringing you a great gift!”


The nearby vampires were screaming and laughing like crazy.  My poisoned and treacherous gift was the 6th Demon Lord Roelin’s wrath.




“Kkkkk!  Heeheehee!”


The undead ran quickly through the moonlit night with shrieking laughter.



We are bringing blood, conspiracy and death to the empire.


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