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Chapter 30:  What He Has Left Behind (1)



Roselant, the Rose Nation.  Located on the southern borders of the empire and highly commercialized, the area was ruled by the devil queen Roelin, the 6th in the line of power.



As much as it was prosperous, the city was as equally beautiful and extravagant.  And the pinnacle of the beauty was the Rose Palace, in which Roelin resided.  However, for some reason, shaggy haired men were screaming at this palace.


“Please, allow us to see her highness!”


“We have to tell every detail of the atrocities that Pajemut bastard committed against us!”


The voices belonged to the Philip’s minions who have barely survived the night before.   They were expressing their outrage to the officials of the devil queen’s palace.


They appeared to be very upset by the fact that blood and dirt on their faces have not been cleaned off yet.  Having arrived last night, they have been requesting to see Roelin until now.


“Please, be calm.  Roelin, her highness, will soon arrive.  She is with Count Sarboi, conducting a conference that has been scheduled several months ago.  The official meeting will end soon, so please wait until then.”


Roelin was a busy devil queen.  Since her calendar was full without much wiggle room, it was tough even to just see her once.


“Please!  How can you talk about schedules, during such an urgent time?!”


Although they understood the situation, there was a limit to how much harassment the officials could take.  Having been harassed by the crowd for many hours, the officials of the devil queen’s palace finally grew furious.


“This kind of behavior is unacceptable at the Rose Palace!  If you weren’t the highness’ cavalry, your lives would not have been spared by now!”





As the scuffles grew more intense, there came a warm friendly voice.


“Brave gentlemen.  Please be calm yourselves first.”


Just by saying that, she took complete control over the extremely heightened situation.  At the sight of the fair lady, even the Philip’s minions who were all worked up and raving with anger since last night, opened their eyes wide.


“Your highness…..”


At the sound of someone shouting in a moaning manner, all the men in the hall, kneeled on their knees and showed their respect to this high and noble lady.



Roelin, the devil queen and the 6th in the line of power, has shown up.


“Please, do stand up.”


It was such a warm voice that it was hard to believe the voice came out of a devil queen.  Like the afternoon sunlight filled curtain, that voice seemed soothing and pleasurable.


“Oh!  Roelin, your highness!”


One old man, among the Philip’s minions, bowed to Roelin, and kissed the back of her hand as it was used to be done by a knight in ancient days.  Then filled with emotions, and coming close to tears, he told of the tragedies which took place during the night before.


With unshakable elegance and grace, Roelin listened to the story.  That was, although the old aristocrat’s verbose story made the listener exhausting.


“They were certainly Pajemut’s troops.  I vividly remember.  So, to the most beautiful lady in the world, we request you for our justice….”


Roelin fell into a thought as the old man continued.  In fact, she was aware of the previous night’s events since she had been briefed already.  The old man did not provide any new information.  As a result, she has begun the investigation into whether or not the night’s assault was Pajemut’s work.


-Lawrence, what do you think?


Not concerned with whether the old man continued or not, Roelin asked her senior staff who was nearby.


-There are plenty of reasons for Pajemut to provoke you.  The relationship is stormy to begin with?


– That is true, but…..


Roelin has always been careful to deliberate again before drawing a conclusion, no matter how clear the situation was.  Hence, she could not agree at once.


-Perhaps, he did it for his ally Friedrich.  Friedrich’s side might have also requested support, first.


-This girl also thinks similarly.


Roelin was the only one among the devil kings to call herself a girl.


– Your highness, death magic is a power that is hard to come by presently.  Even we are distancing ourselves from it.


-That’s right.  It is the field in which only that dull Pajemut may be immersed in.  That’s why he is being ostracized by the devil kings.


Devil kings are basically life forms as well.  Spell that which brought forth death would not be a welcoming one.


-The human side is even more severe.  The genealogy of their death spell has nearly severed and vanished.  Presently, two of the prince-elects are sacred feudal lords of the world.  The prince-elects of the Trier and Mainz also serve as the archbishops.


The prince elect of Mainz and the prince-elect of Trier have burned up the death spell books for the last several hundred years.  Those that couldn’t be burned were ground down with millstones.  As a result, all human death charmers have been reduced to third class.


-A beast was said to command over ten vampires.  Based on that, it can be deduced that they are at the pinnacle.  My thoughts are that unless one it was one of Pajemut’s stool pigeon, it would be impossible.


Having agreed with that point, Roelin drew a conclusion.


-Small thoughts impede progress of work.  No more reasons to be worried.


However, that was a big mistake.  A while ago, it was Pajemut who made a mistake, but this time, it was Roelin who was doing the same thing.  Neither Pajemut, nor Roelin realized that there was another instigator behind all of this.


“Please be calm.  This girl will launch a formal protest to Pajemut on this matter.  I’ll request for the Golden Bull to be returned, so please do not be overly concerned.”


“Oh! O, your highness!  You’re merciful!”


Philip’s minions overcame with emotions at Roelin’s resolute assurance.  That was because if Pajemut was not to return the Golden Bull, that proposed protest will not simply conclude with just a protest.


There was a well known saying within the empire that described Roelin.


<Rose has thorns.>


It would be a mistake to see Roelin to be weak, based on her warmth and beauty.  All of her accomplishments were achieved with power.


“You, gentlemen, please take rest in the palace.  This girl’s heart is aching to see such wonderful gentlemen to be covered with dust.”


Then a messenger looking devil tribe member approached and handed something to Lawrence.  After viewing that, Lawrence urgently turned to his master.



-Your highness.  The Rajter SOBs have robbed our merchants again.


-Ahhh…  Those barbaric bastard knights!  OK.  We shall go.


Roelin almost lost her calm façade at the news, but she has managed to smile.


“Leave the rest to this girl.”








One day later, Pajemut received a one sided message from Roelin via magic.


“What?  Hand over the Golden Bull?  What the heck is she talking about?!”


Immediately convening a meeting of the feudatories, the devil king could not hide his wrath as he was enraged.


“What, what the heck is the Golden Bull?”

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