Furthermore, he did not even know what a Golden Bull, the main subject of this event, was.  His usual opinion was that such details were for his aides to deal with, rather than himself.


Although Pajemut has always emphasized concept of ambush and betrayal and was being highly regarded by Valer due to his brain power, he really didn’t deserve such a regard.  All the important plans were devised by his aides, after all.


He was a man who would be just satisfied by parading his power and death spell without much reserve at the most decisive times.  In fact, refusing to fight when there was no ambush or betrayal was just like being cowardly stubborn.


“Your highness, Golden Bull implies…..”



Pajemut has finally understood what Golden Bull was from his aide’s explanation.


“S***.   Damn it.  Why seek it from me?”


“Hm… According to their message, that item is in your possession, my lord.”


“That piece of paper that I didn’t even realize existed, just a moment ago?”


Pajemut was in a fit of resentment and his heart was about to blow up.  It was reassuring to him that his opinion that Roelin was a b**** was absolutely proper.  It was the first time that he was faced with such an incredulous situation like this, in his entire life.


“Would it be that she is just provoking you?  Your highness has recently conquered the southwest of the empire with flying colors.  It’s certain that Roelin must be coveting it.  It appears that she wants you to share the prize.  As she is about to make a move in such conditions, it must be that she has been patiently waiting for such an opportune time.”



“S***!  That f****** b****!”


At last, Pajemut sat on his throne grabbing the back of his neck.  Then his subjects swarmed towards him, shouting your highness!  Your highness!  He rejected every one of them and screamed with a charged look on his face.


“Alright!  I have been patient as long as possible.  We will enforce our ally camps at Roselant and its borders!  I shall mobilize 10,000 soldiers!”



Surprised at this proclamation, Wallenstein, who was listening quietly, interjected.


“My lord!  If you do that, there will be a big hole in defending the southwest part of the empire.  It is difficult even now, but with 10,000 men!”


Wallenstein has been losing sleep at night recently.  He has been very concerned about someone attacking the southwest of the empire, taking advantage of the weakened defense in that area.  Fortunately, his empty bravado has been working, but there was no guarantee that someone, who will see through it, won’t appear.  However, Pajemut rejected Wallenstein’s opinion at once.


“Southwest?  Hahaha!  What can a mere human do that make you worry!  Wallenstein!  You are a small man!”


“That isn’t the problem!  Your highness!”



“Quiet!  You talk too much since long ago, just do as I say!  Why are you always so opinionated every time?!”


“…. My apologies, my lord.”


“We have enough defensive forces even if that crazy woman of that Sisterhood Society crosses the Rhine River.   The human feudal lords are no problem at all, either.  No need to be too concerned since every one of them can be obliterated at once.  They are all trembling with fear since the last battle at Harfheim, so no need to worry too much about it.  What is important right now is none other than that prostitute who walks around, spraying rose scent!”


Wallenstein felt the situation to be moving in a stranger direction.  And he felt the confirmation of what he has been thinking inside to be coming true.


“There is someone.  Someone, who we do not know!”


Even the usually confident Wallenstein was having fears, at this time.








Having received the Golden Bull from Philip’s minions, we returned to Vitenbaire. And there was a great big party.  There were writings on the wall with the following message.


<Celebration!  Our dignified highness has obtained the Golden Bull!>


The vampires and I were in pouring and drinking in party mode.


“Master.  Congratulations.  With this, you have come one step closer to your great plan.”


“Thank you.  Phaffenheim.”


Phaffenheim was in Heidelbert, but he came down to Vitenbaire after having received a message through a crystal ball, while en route to returning.


Since the Golden Bull has been obtained, the area right here, where the devil king Pajemut’s forces were, became more critical.  At present time, the highest priority was the devil king Pajemut’s military camp.



“Pay special attention.  Phaffenheim.  I feel the power of one great strike.”


“Will fight to the death, my lord.”


Phaffenheim was one of the greatest talents in the empire.  He can be entrusted.  And the result of that trust came within the next three days.  Phaffenheim came to report something while getting ready to go meet Margareta.


“My lord, something unusual thing happened at the Pajemut’s camp recently.”


“What is it?”



“Nearly 10,000 soldiers are preparing to mobilize.”




“Here is the newly updated camp layout.  It is not complete, but it should give a fairly good representation.”


I shook my head as I looked at the devil king’s camp layout.


“Huh… it gets stranger the more I look at it?  This is a layout that is totally unstable, militarily.  Could it perhaps be a high level trap?”


As such, the current camp layout showed many weaknesses everywhere.  If I had 10,000 forces, it seemed that I could just cross the Rhine River, and deliver a devastating strike.



Although it would not be possible to drive out the southwest devil king’s entire force, I was quite confident that I could overtake one city and hold the fort.  If that could be done, Pajemut would be in big trouble.



“I have never wanted military forces as I do at this moment.”


“I, too, feel the same, my lord.”


“Why is Pajemut mobilizing 10,000 troops.”


“I’m sorry my lord.  I have not been able to find that out yet.”


I regurgitated my previous plays.  But nothing was enlightening.






The gods of war were completely lost in studying the map.  The question was, why the devil king was continuing to dig holes, like this.  Then I arrived at a conclusion.


“Has driving a wedge between Pajemut and Roelin led to this level of achievement?”


However, Phaffenheim was pessimistic.


“No, would they be that dumb-headed?  After all, they are devil kings.”


“…Yeah, I suppose?”


“Of course.  If the friction with Roelin worsens, it would be wise to just forego part of the southwest, and give it to her.  That is because by mobilizing the forces this way, it is possible to lose everything.”


I could only nod my head at the obvious opinion.  I have been thinking too conveniently.  After all, he was the devil king, the 12th in the line of power, he couldn’t be that stupid.


Thinking back on the past battles, Pajemut has always employed crafty schemes as a brainy devil king.  I fear, certainly the reputation of blood and death devil king was not in vain.


“Is this the devil king?  There must be some deep-thought out plan, but cannot figure it out as if it is hidden behind a thick fog.”


“Yes, you’re right.  The entity, the devil king must truly be feared.”


All of a sudden, a bad ending from the past came to mind.  There was no way that I wanted to repeat that.  Having felt the fear from Pajemut, the feeling of indolence, from having obtained the Golden Bull, has been completely lost.


I was about to drive out Pajemut from the empire’s southwest, and attack Pfalz to Friedrich.  It certainly was not an easy task.


  1.  Let me squeeze it tightly.  I must force myself to the limit.  I made up my mind with unshakeable determination.


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