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Chapter 31:  What He Has Left Behind (2)




I couldn’t see a solution to the issue that lied beyond Rhine River.  In situations like this, it benefited no one for me to be wrestling with the issue.  Finally, I left the vampires in charge and left for Walpurga Sisters Society.


“Marie, it’s me.”


“Oh!  You’ve come!”



Delighted to see me, little Margareta came running towards me.



“Hey!  You’re late by a few days!”


“I’m sorry.”


“I had the magic zipper unlocked for a while, but I was waiting to see it with you, Valer.  The curiosity had almost killed me!”




Having been extremely anxious to find out what was in the magic zipper, Margareta dumped the contents on to the table as soon as she opened it.




Huge amounts of gold coins poured out of it.  Margareta was very impressed as she clenched her little adorable fists.


“Ah!  Beautiful shiny!  These are what I like the most in the world!”



“Is it appropriate for a nun to say such things?


“This much is mine!”


As if she was a child scooping up a bucket full of sand from a sandcastle, Margareta swoop armfuls of gold coins towards her.  However, as her arms were so short, she didn’t collect much.  Compared to the help that she has provided, the payment seemed pale.  So, I tried to push a whole bunch more coins to her, but she refused my gesture.


“You certainly deserve to take more?”


“I meant to do this for free anyway.  This much I am taking, so that I can buy some bread and candies when I go out to the town later.  That thug Angela cut off the snack allowances of the sisters.  She has turned into a tyrant after she became the head of the sisters’ society. “


“… If you need money for snacks, please do tell me at any time.”


“Really?  Valer, could you possibly be an angel?”


How could I put it, to be on her good side was so simple.  A few coins would do the trick and solidify the relationship.


At any rate, the money that came out of the magic zipper was enormous.  It even overflowed and fell down to the floor.   It was as if the surrounding area has been turned into a dragon’s lair.  That Phillip… I guess he was incredibly rich and it just reaffirms his status as a feudal lord.


“Let’s count to see roughly how much it is.  Valer, I’ll give this magic zipper back, so that you can put them back in.”


We counted as we put the gold coins back into the magic zipper.  Without even taking jewels into consideration, they amounted to over 100,000 Florins.  It took over two hours just to count them.


“Certainly, he is a feudal lord…  It’s hard to believe that he would carry this much money as pocket change.  For crying out loud, how expensive of snacks was he planning to buy?  Was he going to build a house with candies?”



Margareta looked sick.  Since she was committed to a life of frugality, she must have been very shocked by it.


“If you want we can split it.”


“It’s OK.  Valer, you are planning to do great things.  This money will come in handy, so keep them with you.  In fact, if you are planning to fight a demon king’s forces, this is not sufficient at all.”


“Thank you for your consideration.”


After putting away the jewels and gold coins, there only remained a number of barrels and an old sword.  Since she was a swordswoman, Margareta showed interest in the sword.


“It’s an old sword.  Looking way beyond simple, it even looks distressed.  It probably was very useful when it was first made, but it may not be usable at all due to its aged condition now.  Hmm… There is a Loon character engrained on the sword.  Ruble…Raynae?”


I’ve already recognized what that sword was all about.  Ruble-Raynae.  It was an heirloom of the feudal lord of the Pfalz and it was famously well known as the great sword of the empire’s 12th generation.


However, what was interesting was the fact that it didn’t look like it was no more or no less than being an old sword from just looking at it.  Furthermore, even Margareta, who had a knack for swords, did not recognize its secret of being the Ruble-Raynae.


It was probably the same with Philip.  If he had continued to develop, he would have certainly uncovered the secret knowledge of Ruble-Raynae which has been passed down through the generations.  However, he had died prior to that.


“Strange.  As far as I know, the Ruble-Raynae is the name of a great sword during the empire’s 12th generation, but how is it that it is written on this old looking sword?”


“Marie, that’s because it is the Ruble-Raynae.”


“What!  Is that true?”


Surprised, Margareta began to examine the sword once again.  However, after making an ill sound, she put it back on the table.


“Valer, stop pulling my legs.  I looked for any sign of magic to hide its identity, but there isn’t any.”


That was the most appropriate response.  This is a sword, but not a sword at the same time.


“It is because you do not know how to use Ruble-Raynae.  Do not be fooled by its appearance.”


“Oh?  What do you mean?”


“Ruble-Raynae is a sword, but not a sword at the same time.  Unlike its appearance, you may have thought that some powerful force is hidden inside the sword, isn’t that right?”


As Margareta pouted, that must have been her assumption.


“Hm… Are you saying that the use is different than from how it looks?”


“Exactly.  This is a summoning tool”


As it would be quicker to demonstrate first hand, I held the Ruble-Raynae and recited a secret chant that has been passed down the generations of Pfalz feudal lord.


“Oh light that passes through dimension.  Oh light that kills by slicing, kills by skewering and kills by cutting.  Come to the hands of the swordsman who seek you.”


With those words, the appearance of an old sword was no more, and in its place was a brilliant long sword.  Amazed, Margareta acutely stood up as she clenched her fists.




Having seen the great sword, her eyes twinkled like the stars.


“This is the true Ruble-Raynae!”


“That’s right.  As it is tucked away in some place in another dimension, it is possible to summon it using that old sword.  It is a concept of replacing it, but how it works exactly, I am not sure either.”


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