Chapter 35:  Demon Dragon Schwarzertoyel (1)



After a brief discussion on the <theory of firewood>, we earnestly dove into discussing the main topic.


“At any rate, what is it that you want to get out of me?”


As I did not want to acquiescently reveal, I drew a clear line in the sand.


“Before that, what is the reason for summoning me, your highness?  How could my business be more important than your highness’s?  After hearing your matter first, I will share my situation as it may be permitted.”


The tone of the voice was respectful, but the meaning was clear.  It was, speak you bastard as I ‘will not say’ until then.  As expected, Kubalt’s countenance changed to, ‘look at this bastard?’


You were the one who has invited me first.  Therefore, do as you please was what he was saying as he leisurely took in the aroma of the tea.  Ultimately, Kubalt took a step back.


“It was that I was curious as to why you were traveling north.”


How should it be responded to here?  If Kubalt’s support could be secured, it would be definitely advantageous.  Although he was neutral, there was a high probability for him to be taking the side of Countess Niederbayern, in this matter.


Why?  That was because the demon king believed that it was better to be trading with humans than killing the humans.  Although he was not in the same faction as Roelin, in his mind, he was sympathetic to her.


From his perspective, an emperor that takes pokes at demon kings would simply be very agitating.  Although he was highly skilled in getting along with everyone, and so unable to throw in his support outright, there was a subtle tendency to support our side.


That was also the reason for me to have voluntarily travelled to the demon castle in the first place.


“It’s to take a tour.”


An answer was given to hide his real reason.




“Well, it could be for a tour.  However, would you not also have a business to take care of after surveying the northern city?”


“I think it would also be good if your highness would take a guess as well.  As much a dull person as I have guessed your highness’ intention, I believe that your highness could also be able to surmise my intentions as well.”


I continued to not reveal my inner intentions while trying to get his true thoughts.  Kubalt furrowed his eye brows as he took the second step back.


“Alright, I will take a guess this time.  As it seems that you will not speak your mind unless I reveal my own thoughts first.”



“I’ll pay my full attention, your highness.”


“You know the origin of this particular incident.  Therefore, you are mobilizing to resolve that issue.  Of course, the destination will be Dresden, the capitol city of Sachsen.”





He looked confident as I quietly exclaimed in admiration.


“To be precise, it is Bellia Merchant of Dresden.”


Indeed, he was Kublat, the spy king.  He was reading the current state of the event accurately.


“Why is it the Bellia Merchant?”


“That’s a simple question.  It is because the Rajter Knight family, which is the origin of this event, owes a great deal of debts to Bellia Merchant.  The loan due date has already passed, and the interest alone is ballooning up like a snowball.  The head of the Rajter Knight family probably isn’t having good nights’ sleep, either.”



I nodded my head.  That was correct.  It was the money problem that caused the Rajter Knight family to overplay their hand.



“Your highness is correct.  However, there is another element that is pressuring the Rajter Knight family.”



“Ha-ha.  I can’t wait to hear your explanation.”



We were testing our abilities to manipulate the techniques of giving and taking of information.



“It is none other than the feudal lord of Sachsen that is behind Bellia Merchant.”




Kubalt put on a big smile upon hearing me.


“You’re certainly not an ordinary person.  I’m beginning to find you to be more interesting.”



“Your highness is very captivating, but I’d like to respectfully turn it down.  There is only Countess Niederbayern to me.”


“Ha-ha!  You even have the audacity to crack a joke before a demon king.  I like that.  The Countess certainly seemed to be a good judge of character.”



“I’m flattered, your highness.”


No wonder I thought that Kubalt’s and my personalities went well together.  I could definitely carry on a meaningful conversation with him.




“The reason is that the feudal lord of Sachsen has gotten involved out of the blue.  He flexed his muscle once since he had received much kick backs from Bellia Merchant.”



The feudal lord of Sachsen got involved in order to save face, but he was not truly earnest about it.  He was someone who would take the back seat at any time if and when the Bellia Merchant would say it was not needed.



“If the feudal lord of Sachsen could be removed, solutions to the issues that have intertwined this incident could be found.”


“I’m impressed with your insight, Valer.  And your intel capability, also.  However, what plans do you have to convince the feudal lord of Sachsen, so that he could distance himself?  I do not see an answer.”


It seemed that Kubalt has already been thinking about this issue.


“That is something that I have to resolve.”


“Then heading to Dresden implies that you already have an answer?”


I just smiled in response.  Although I believed that he would take our side, I could not reveal everything as that hasn’t been fully determined.




Kubalt fell into his own thoughts as he looked at me.  It was probably a troubling thing for him.  However, it was the time for him to decide.


“I’ll be frank.  I have a strong feeling about the emperor’s blockade.  It even caused hurdles in trading with Roelin.  That crazy emperor has decided to interject and prevent trading even amongst the demon kings.”


There was enormous supply of coal in Pilsen, and a lot of it was being exported to Roselant.  However, with the blockade, there were many challenges in exporting them.


“So, I want to throw my support to Countess Niederbayern.  However, I have been worrying about how I could help.  I don’t particularly have any connections with Countess Niederbayern.”



“And I showed up in the middle of that?”


“Correct.  I figured that if it was the man, who the countess has gone head over the hills, he would make an excellent bridge.  Now that I’ve met you, I think you are much greater man than I had expected.”

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