“I don’t know what to say.”



With the current events, Kubalt has been wanting to establish a long term alliance with Walpurgis.



“I believe that my future days would be more stable if I partner with her who would be the future feudal lord of Bayern.”



“Do you have any thoughts about discussing your intentions directly with her?”



“Well, we are in unusual times.  There will be all sorts of scammers who would get in touch, so I did not want to be swayed by such bastards.  Besides, it was more so because the Countess Niederbayern didn’t particularly like to engage the demon kings.”



It was said that it really took a long time before Walpurgis was able to establish an alliance with Roelin, the demon king.  It probably wasn’t an easy decision from Walpurgis’ perspective.  Taking in the consideration of being a nun of the Sisterhood of the Walpurgis, an alliance relationship with a demon king was not appropriate.  However, to her, the title of Countess Niederbayern was also an important one.


“Demonstrating the patience, which was very unlike her, Roelin earned the trust of Countess Niederbayern.  I, too, would like to take the necessary time to build a relationship.  I’d first like to provide support with respect to the current matter, and build a long term relationship from there.  And I expect you to be the bridge that would connect us.”


“As far as the decision goes, it will be made by Countess Niederbayern.”



“Of course.  Valer, I ask for your help on this matter, in any case.”



Kubalt’s attitude seemed quite desperate.  Come to think of it, that was probably appropriate.  Pilsen was the treasured land, in which the 4 rivers met, forming a transportation hub, and minerals and coal were abundant.


There were enemies all around him.  Furthermore, a greedy emperor would someday make the land a takeover target was a given fact.  Kubalt seemed to have wanted to find a partner before it was too late.



“If things go well, I will not forget to repay you.”



With his words, a system message has appeared.


<A scenario for Kubalt’s request has been opened.  If and when completed, a special reward from him can be received.>


The strong, indestructible red ruby could be expected as a reward from Kubalt.  That red ruby was a coveted item inside the demon world.



“Take this for now.”


Kubalt pushed forward a ring for communication use.  It was like some sort of a direct telephone item type.


“When needed, contact me.  My intel will be helpful to you.  If it is related to the matter at hand, I’ll let you know for free.”


It was necessary to pay a lot of money to buy information from him.  Even in the past, that’s how Kublat’s intel capability has been utilized.  So, as he was offering to provide intel for free, it was obvious as to how aggressive he was in this matter.


“Thank you.  I will make good use it.  By the way, I have one question.  By any chance, have you any information on the swordsman who claims to be the last one of the great swordsmen?”


“Ah, you are talking about that someone who showed up all of a sudden, boasting of his sword skills.  There isn’t a whole lot of information about him.  If I happened to find something, I will let you know.”



“Thank you.”



“Alright.  Then that’s enough of talking.  Now, let’s go feast and celebrate!”



After having enjoyed the great party, hosted by Kubalt, I immediately left early in the next morning.








Four days later.



I arrived at Dresden.  Not thinking about what should and would happen, I stormed into Bellia Merchant’s main gate.


“I wish to see the master of the merchant.”



“Who are you?  If you do not have an appointment…..”



<Invoke a great leader’s dignity!>



“Aaaaah!  I’m sorry!  How dare I, and not recognize your greatness!”


The soldier, who was stationed as a sentry, fell to the ground on his behind as he flustered.


“Go in and inform the master.  Tell him that a man who could resolve his worries over his child has come.”


“Yes sir!  Yes sir!”


Bowing down low, the soldier replied twice before running and disappearing into the mansion.  After moments later, a man who seemed to be the butler of the house ran out.


“Who may you be, my lord that…..”


<Invoke a great leader’s dignity!>




“Aaaaah!  I’m sorry!  How dare I, and not recognize your greatness!”



The butler, who appeared to have been well cultured, fell down hard onto his behind.


“Ah, I’ll lead you, sir!”


Ultimately, I was able to very quickly meet with the master of the Bellia Merchant.  As I continued to have the SS skill level activated, he bowed down deep in a hurry as soon as he saw me.


“What is your loyal name?”


“I am Ballasthedde Valer.  I came after hearing that you were in search of someone who could save your son.”




“Can you truly resolve my son’s problems?”


It was well known news that the son of the master of Bellia Merchant was very ill.  He has spent a fortune and tried to save his only successor, but to no avail.


Hence, I was going to save his son in order to get what I wanted from the master of the Bellia Merchant.  As I have performed the similar deeds many times in the past, saving his son would not be a big deal.



“Certainly.  Trust me.”


“Yes sir. Please do look over my son, first.”


He was in the condition that I had expected, now that I saw him.  It was the strange symptom of losing the entire muscles of the body.


To find the cure to this muscular disease, one had to go to the mountain, located beyond the empire’s southeast border, called Grosglochner.



The majestic mountain of Grosglochner, rising 3,798 Meters high above the sea level, was a different world that was filled with miracle drugs.  One of the miracle drugs there was the special medicine for the son of master of the merchant.  When I told him that that’s where I would go, he looked shocked.



“Why would you want to go to that treacherous, forsaken place!”



It wasn’t an overreaction to be shocked like that.  Grosglochner was a place that no one, humans or demons, have ever dared to go.


“Grosglochner is the home to the demon dragon Schwarzertoyel!  Please rethink and refrain yourself from going there as no one, whether a human or a demon, has ever came back after having gone up the mountain!  I, too, do not wish to have someone with your dignity to die in vain due to my son.”



Was he not a very considerate person.  Most people would do anything if it would somehow save one’s own son, yet he was concerned that I could die.


Or to think of it in other terms, going to Groslochner was just a crazy idea.  However, there was one fact, which even the wisest scholar, or the demon king, who was sensitive to rumors, did not know yet.


That was, demon dragon Schwarzertoyel was on his last breath due to his old age.


As it was such a dangerous being, even if it was about to take the last breath, the plan was to go there after the dragon has met its natural death.  However, as the situation has developed like this, I figured on going there for the miracle drug, deliver the last strike, and come back.


Also, there was some level of confidence after having earned the highest title of the man with no blood and tear.  There was no need for even a direct confrontation.


The plan was to attack the bastard with undead over many days and nights until it dies.  After having punished him through them, I will pierce a sword into him just before the bastard was to die.  The great sword of Ljubljana, the family sword of the feudal lord of Pfalz, should be sufficient to pierce through the hard scales of Schwarzertoyel.


Well, was a dragon slayer that special.  The one, who stakes a sword through the dragon, after his underlings have weakened it, was called the dragon slayer.  Those, among the princes, who were usually called the dragon slayers, have always done it this way.


No matter what, the demon dragon Schwarzertoyel would provide incredible experience?  Experience level was usually based on the adversary’s reputation to begin with.  The infamy that which Schwarzertoyel has garnered went beyond anyone’s imagination.


My plan was to absorb all of that in whole.




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