“Certainly, they will be enraged!  They would believe that the opposition had formed raid teams to attack their villages, even after they had a gentlemen’s agreement!”


“Correct.  That’s what I am after.  We’ll attack appropriate sized villages that we can destroy completely.  There cannot be any witnesses.”


“Your command will be done!”


Let them fight the clean war, or gentlemen’s war, as they please.  All I will do is take care of a small business in their villages.  We, first, went to a village of the Wild Hog Rock Faction.


“Kill everyone.  Only, do not set them on fire.  They might stop fighting should they see rising fires.  Do it quietly.”


“Yes, sir!”


I summoned 10 specters to prevent anyone from escaping.  These ghosts had the knack for finding anyone who was alive.



“Find anyone who is hiding and kill them, whether it’s in the attic or basement.”


Having received my order, the specters suddenly disappeared.  Soon, the village was filled with horrific screams.  I calmly commanded the undead.  There was no need for me to personally engage since the villages didn’t even have any warriors.  However, that’s when a system message arrived.


<It has become possible to reach S-level, undead command experience level 2!>


Oh, it was experience level 2.  It appeared that moving about here and there, commanding the team of undead, must have been effective.  Without any hesitation, I invested the skill points.


<You’ve earned undead life force within 150 meter radius +15%, defensive power +15%, attack speed +7%!>


Centering me, the dark aura has become a level stronger as it entwined the undead.   Then they became excited with new powers that they quickly cleaned out the village.  The horrific screams that reverberated the area has stopped as if there was never any scream.


“Did you clean it out without leaving anyone?”


“Yes, my lord.  No one was left breathing.”


“Good.  This time, let’s raid the villages of the Thunderbolt Tree Faction.”


That’s how we completely destroyed several villages.  Although it took over 5 hours, I felt quite satisfied during our return.

“It always seems rewarding to go return after a hard work.”


“Yes, my lord.”


“An old saint has said that one deserves to eat bread only after a good sweat.”


“Those, who labor, deserve to eat is what it means then.  I will give my blood and sweat in following you, my lord.”


Krulark lowered his head respectfully.  I thought that that was a very bad joke.  That was because right at that moment, surrounding me were many skeletons that had no sweat or blood.








The both factions became outraged because we have annihilated the villages in secret.  It was, now, like having crossed the bridge of no return.


Even after a few days have passed, the situation has become much worse, rather than getting better.  Perhaps, the leaderships on both sides might have decided on who the victor and loser was going to be with a single clash, and then thought about reaching a reasonable compromise later.


However, at this point, the Wild Hog Rock Faction and the Thunderbolt Tree Faction have become sworn enemies.  From that day on, the factions were engaging in an exterminatory warfare.  Both factions wanted to completely eradicate the other side.  The mountains have been stained with blood and death.  And as that happened, my camp only grew larger.


“I see why the undead makes their cities in cold regions.  It is perfect for making undead since the cadavers freeze, not decompose.”


I brought back a large Ogre that was buried deep in the snow as a vampire.  The demons in the mountains were beyond recovery.  I just focused on turning reasonably good conditioned bodies into undead and stopped thinking about them.



They were no longer important.  My head was filled with how to capture the demon dragon Schwarzertoyel.


“My lord.  The casualties on both sides have become irrecoverable.”


According to Krulark’s report, there were just fewer than 200 warriors who were alive.  That was the end of them both.  The number of troops was over 1 thousand, just a few days ago.


“This is the best opportune time to destroy them all.”


“No.  Leave the ones who are alive alone.”


As Krulark was curious as to why I was letting them be, I provided an additional explanation.


“Shouldn’t there be livestock for you, vampires, to feast on?”


“Ah!  I couldn’t think that far, my lord.”


“Listen.  I plan to make this mountain my first territory.”


I planned to build a city of undead.  This large mountain land was isolated from the outside that it was well positioned place for defensive purposes.  It was a perfect place to build a base.


It will take many years to build a good enough city, but even Rome wasn’t built overnight, is it not.


“That’s certainly an excellent plan!”



“Imagine it!  Krulark!”


I pointed to the mountain paths.


“That sorry looking path will be paved.  And on that road, the knights of the death knight will march majestically.”


Then I pointed to the ridge.


“That place, which is surrounded by the screen of mountains, will be where the lichs’ demon tower will be raised.  This city will certainly become the center of the research for the art of commanding!”


Then I pointed to the sky.


“The skeleton dragons will be flying in that sky and protect everyone!  Imagine it!  Krulark!  That great city!  Those who are alive will not be able to even utter the name of the city in fear!”


Krulark seemed to be deep under a spell by this grand plan.


“My lord!  What is the name of that great city?”


“I’ll tell you for the first time.  The name of the city is Mors Sola.”


“I dare to ask.  What is the meaning of that?”


It has a simple and clear meaning.


“Only Death!”








The demons in the mountain have been completely wiped out.  The remnants were just preoccupied with recovering from damages and didn’t even have any mindset to fight further.  They have now recognized the existence of the dead beings, but it was already too late.


Some would leave the mountain, and some would continue to push for survival.   No matter what, it wasn’t a concern.  What was important was that fact that the dead bodies were buried frozen everywhere in the mountain.  They were important resources for the purpose of the future fight with the demon dragon Schwarzertoyel.


“Hm, of course….”


I tried to bring a dad Ogre as undead, but the experience level did not move at all from level 4.  It was no longer possible to raise the experience level with just the demon tribe members in the mountain.  Then it was time to suppress Schwarzertoyel at once, without the need for any delays.


I mobilized 80 undead in preparation for a battle.  It was possible to summon more, but doing so could cause harm.  It was better to keep pushing while maintaining an appropriate level.


“Listen, everyone!  This place will be the greatest city in the history.  Only of the dead!  Only for the dead!  Only by the dead!”


I promised that this will be the beginning of a legend.  The undead cheered wildly.


“However, in order to begin this journey, Schwarzertoyel must be suppressed.  This is the only road prepared before us, so there can’t be any other opinion!”





Now, only the battle remained.


The victor would rule this mountain.


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