Chapter 39.  Only Death (3)




Enjoying the blowing snow, I was admiring the mountainous scenery.  Although it was already the middle of the winter, I did not feel much cold, perhaps, due to having become someone who had no blood or tears.

“How many winters have I welcomed here…”


As this thought came to me, a sudden rush of regrets from the past 100 years spent in the game came over me.  A countless number of failures have passed by me like a revolving lantern.  They were being piled up, one by one, as bitterness in my heart.


When a person fails a task that he has been preparing for 10 years, all of the sinking feeling from that could not be expressed.  As it was about 100 years of time, how could anyone recall all of the bitterness.  Perhaps that was why my obsession for a happy ending has been growing by the day.


“This time..…”


Unlike the other times, there was hope: an assassination scenario while playing as an ordinary player, making contact with the ‘One Who is Crouching in the Grave’, a member of the Great Dark Army, learning the real name of Walpurgis, and other such opportunities.


I was taking a different path than the ones from the past.  Furthermore, the world’s secret gave me an opportunity to challenge ordinary plays, which was also one of the best moves.


It was different than up to now.  Unfortunately, there was a high possibility that the me of the past had mistaken the success rate.




That was that, but I felt something was strange.  This world, it felt more real as time went by… I’ve been feeling regrets from the time I was in the dumps when I entered Spandau for the first time.


I did not pay much attention as I was too busy playing, but the graphics of the snow blowing over the peak of that mountain seemed too realistic to believe.


Wondering about it, I thought that Aquila might have performed graphic re-mastering.  As the technology was changing by the day, that was also a possibility.


I decided to not worry any more.  The focus needed to be on attacking Schwarzertoyel.  This play was very critical with respect to the future plays.


“OK, let’s take care of the demon dragon first.”


I went up to the mountain, leading a total of 80 undead.  The target location was Schwarzertoyel’s nest.  The bastard’s nest was very easy to locate.


It would be found by entering the giant cave located around the ridge of the 7th mountain.  It was like there was a flashing neon sign, indicating that this is where the dragon nest was, but no one dared to invade it.


“Krulark, do not engage in this battle.”



“Why do you give me such an order?  Your servant is ready to die for your goals…..”


“The thing is there is a problem.”


Unlike the other demons whom were dull, other than having physical strength in this mountain, Krulark was one of the rare intelligent ones.  It would be a big loss should someone this useful was to die by the jaws of the dragon.


“The undead are brave, but the opposition is that demon dragon.  As the collision will take place several times, you need to take prudent steps.”


After explaining the situation, I ordered him to continue to support me.


“I’ll follow your highness’ order.”


Having nodded, I tapped on his shoulders as a sign of encouragement.


“There it is.”


A large cave, big enough for dragons to go in and out of, was visible at about the mid-height of the mountain.  I entered the cave without any hesitation.  The cave was dug up such that traveling down the mountain was made possible.


Certainly, it wasn’t done by nature.  Such a tunnel through which dragons could come in and go out was created by magic.


While traveling down, the beings protecting the nest were encountered several times, but there were no strong ones who could withstand the numbers.  Since we were moving in waves, there was not much of a problem.  And finally, we’ve reached the most inner place, the location where Schwarzertoyel cohabitated with others.


“Is that the demon dragon…..”


In the center of the community, a grand dragon was sleeping on the top of the blanket of gold.  Its size was incredible.

I was impressed with that great size, but couldn’t help hide my disappointment to some degree.  I’ve never seen a dragon this old before.  The exterior of its wings looked damaged all over, and I wondered whether it could even fly around.  The black scales appeared to be missing in many areas, causing him to appear shabby.




Looking at its mouth as it opened wide when it yawned, most of its teeth were missing and only the gums remained.  It made me think that perhaps, it wasn’t able to chew meat, so it could only lick its food.


I have always encountered this dragon as a half rotten dead one.  This was because when I was playing as a guardian as the first half of the stories were full, I did not have a chance to come to such a remote location.


The protectors were always very busy in the first half with the stories of betrayal, growth, and love.  On the other hand, as an ordinary person, I did not have any fixed schedule.


It was the best as far as the freedom level was concerned.  This was because I was free to move as I had wished.  So as this was the first time that I was able to see the living Schwarzertoyel, I was very disappointed upon seeing its shabby appearance.


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