Certainly, it must have been a formidable dragon in its prime time.  However, crouched, and shivering now and then as if it was cold, it even made my eyes watery.


“Maybe, it would be an easier foe than I had thought.”


There was even a permeating ambience which might cause one to think that it might take its last breath during the night as it slept.


“Those old ones cannot withstand the changes of the seasons very well.  Looks like he would be gone by the time spring arrives.”


“I agree with you.  Your highness.”


It even made me think about the possibility of waiting until the spring time.  However, once a man took out a sword, it must be used.  Turning back without engaging was not an option at this point.


“Everyone, attack!”


The undead that were fluttering made large shrieking noises as they moved out in waves.


“With this…..”

It would be a lie to say there was no confidence.  However, although it appeared that they have been rushing towards Schwarzertoyel for a while, they have not reached him yet.


“It takes a while…..”


Perhaps, the closeness to him was miscalculated due to his enormous size.  I realized this when the undead appeared to be the size of ants.




Even the undead that were screaming with shrieking cries appeared to be adorable as babies when they neared the dragon.  So, it also felt like their screams sounded cute as well.




Using all their might, the undead tapped on the laying dragon.  Yet, Schwarzertoyel had no visible response for a while.  Then finally, as if it has been annoying, he swung his arm.


Kwaaang!  Ploppp-!


That was the end of it.  My proud undead force was annihilated with the sleepy swing of Schwarzertoyel’s arm.


“What the heck…..”


In the distance, there rolled round a countless number of bones.  Such a way of getting annihilated has never been imagined.


This was even worse than the ground Drake.  It was on a different level.  To everyone it would seem like the same strategies from the fight with the ground drake were being used, but with a different level of mobilized force.  The conditions of the undead have improved quite a bit.


Also, I even have experience from battling a dragon in the past.  Honestly, with all this, I thought it would be sufficient to bring trouble to an ill dragon.  I did not think that we would be able to take care of it with a single attack, but I thought that with 5~6 repetitions, it would see its end.


“You!  Damn dragon bastard!”


I couldn’t retreat like this.  To immediately bring back more undead, I rushed forward.


“Your highness!”


“I’ll maximize the composition rate of the vampires!”


The highest type of soldiers that could be summoned from the experience level 4 undead summoning was the vampires.  I restrained myself as increasing their composition rate would push me to the limit, but I could no longer restrain myself due to my anger.  I felt like I was going insane upon witnessing that the dragon had annihilated everything without even opening his eyes, no matter how great a dragon it was.


“And they were mainly ogre vampires, on top of it!”


The burden would grow bigger as the number of the bodies to be made into undead increased.  On the other hand, they would certainly be strong.  So, that burden must be taken on.  At this point, what was important was to cause damage to Schwarzertoyel.


“O, the warriors of death, who’ve come as soldiers, stand in formation before your master!”




The ogres who had died were raised back as vampires.  After making 30 ogre vampires like that, blood came out of both of my nostrils.





Krulark tried to stop me as he watched, but I could not give up yet.


“O, the warriors of death, who’ve come as soldiers, stand in formation before your master!”


Additional 30 ogre vampires were created.  Then this time, blood spewed out of my mouth.


“Kuuuuak!  Cough!”


Fishy smelling blood flowed down along my chin.  As I thought it could kill me if I was to continue it at this rate, I gave up making additional ogre vampires.  Instead, they were replaced with ghoul slaughterers and specters.


The fighting force that was made in this way was a maximum of 120, that’s excluding the 30 vampires that have been dispatched to the southwest of the empire.  It was really a lot.


“Alright… 60 ogre vampires.  It is the best that I can do at this point.  Even that bastard could not easily handle it at this level.”


Sixty ogres meant a disaster, by itself.  Think about the battlefield where the 60 ogres were running around in madness.  That would be a place where the gusting winds of blood would be pummeling.  Furthermore, the ogre vampires have been made stronger than before.


Even if it was Schwarzertoyel, he couldn’t be able to take it lightly.  I’ve elevated my assessment of the bastard’s fighting power to a much higher level.  Even if it was weak and about to die, I’ve raised its power assessment to the level of an ordinary adult dragon’s.

However, even if for an adult dragon, facing 60 ogre vampires would not be an easy task.  It was certainly true just only based on the past experience.



“Let’s, Let’s go…..”


“Your highness.  Are you truly all right?”


Normally, this would have been responded to as being annoying, but I did not even have the strength to say that.  By removing the focus even for a moment, it felt like the summoning of the undead would be cancelled.  Hanging on to Philly, I went down towards Schwarzertoyel’s nest.

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