“Attack!  Bring me victory!”


With the emotion filled shouts, the 2nd wave of the undead attack ensued.  After rushing to Schwarzertoyel, they diligently began to hit him at close range.


It would be different this time around for sure….


“What, what?”


Schwarzertoyel did not even show a minute movement.  Even the ogres were hitting him?


Krng!  Kring!  Krrrng!


Schwarzertoyel, instead, opened his nostrils wider as if to sneeze.   It was because much dust has entered through his nostrils as the undead were beating on him for a long while.




Finally, Schwarzertoyel sneezed in a great fashion.  And at that moment, extremely deadly acid spewed out from his mouth and covered the undead.


And with that, everything came to an end.


“Hey, Krulark.”


“…Yes, your highness.”


“Those bones that are flowing about in that green acid are my proud military force?”





The loyal Krulark could not respond, and just kept silent.  Schwarzertoyel, on the other hand, fell back to sleep as if he had never sneezed.




Blood again spewed out of my mouth.  I then lost my consciousness.








“Your highness!  Your highness!”


I couldn’t tell how long it had been, but I was able to wake up with Krulark, shaking me.


“Aaa… How long was I out?”


“It has been just under 20 minutes.  I’ve brought your highness to here.”


Looking around, I was able to tell that it was in the middle of the tunnel, leading to the nest.  He must have brought me here as he couldn’t leave me there.




All the strength has escaped me from my body.  Falling to the ground immediately, I was staring at the ceiling of the tunnel.


Was this the dragon? Was it Schwarzertoyel, the infamous demon dragon.  I must have underestimated the bastard.




But then there was a system message on the screen.


<You’ve satisfied the condition for a hidden skill!   You’ve earned a new skill!>


What, what does this mean?  Feeling ridiculous, I tapped on it, and the following explanation was displayed.


<There is no commander who has lost so many undead in such a short time period, in this world!  You’ve earned cold-hearted leader skill!>


<Cold-hearted leader – S level skill.  You are a cold hearted leader who treats your followers as expandable!  By exploding the jamming power of the undead, you can increase their power for a moment.  However, at the end of the battle, all will dissipate.>


It was a skill that I’ve never seen before.




On top of that, the explanation’s wording was also bothersome.  However, one thing was clear.  To start, everything needed to be sacrificed.  In order to increase the experience level, it was necessary to blow up the jamming powers of the undead and attach them to the strong enemy.


As timely as it might have been, there were dead bodies all around in the mountain.  Make them undead and there was even a strong enemy to which they could be pushed on.


It was just sleeping though….


On the next day, I prepared for the 3rd wave.  My goal was to raise the experience level if I wasn’t able to defeat it.  At any rate, this was just a game.  There were fixed laws, and I am used to such patterns.


It certainly will not wake up in such conditions.  This must be some unknown scenario that I wasn’t aware of.  By stimulating that condition, the scenario was likely to open.


There were plenty of times when such things occurred.  A boss who would engage in a battle only if certain weapons were brought, battles that only ensued when certain special heroes were accompanied, or events that started only after certain necessary quests were completed.


This must also be one of those things.


Come to think of it, it was strange that the 60 ogres got oxidized at once to begin with.  The system must have swept them away as Schwarzertoyel was being methodically targeted without meeting certain requirements.


That must have been it.  The 100 years of experience was shouting out from within me.  Safety will be guaranteed!


I tapped on it, feeling relieved.  However, the situation was turning in a strange way.


“This can’t be…?”




Schwarzertoyel has woken up, debunking my belief.  Its large yellow eyeballs were looking directly at me, as I was hiding in the distance, rather than looking at the annoying undead.




I felt like my heart stopped beating in the fear of death as I was hiding behind a rock, only to slightly extend my neck out.  A profound absolutist watched every corner of my surroundings.


And he spoke.


“Stop it now.  You dumb bonehead.”


At that moment, I turned immediately in order to escape.  However, like a head that has been under a slicing sword, I was frozen.  Looking ahead, I saw a scary looking old man dressed in black.



“When did he…”


Although he was in the shape of a human, there was no reason to inquire his identity.  However, notwithstanding that, there was one thing that I was very curious about.


“Let me ask one question.”



“All right.  Before I kill you, I’ll graciously grant a response.”


“Weren’t you about to die?”


Schwarzertoyel, who stood before me in a human form, stroked his white beard that was grown like that of a Taoist hermit, and laughed in response to my question.


“Kraaaahahah!  Who said so?  Additional 500 years would not be an issue!”




What the heck was happening.  Certainly, this person’s fate was to die of natural causes.  In fact, I have seen the dead body of Schwarzertoyel in the past play.


“You’re supposed to truly die according to the scenario.”


“A scenario?  You imbecile bonehead, what are you talking about?”


…What, and from where have things gone wrong.





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