Hero Without Blood Or Tear 40 Part 1

Chapter 40.  A swindler going after the dragon’s fortune (1)

“Now that I’ve answered your question, I’ll take your life.  You have been overly bold.  How dare you to create havoc in my nest.”

Now that the situation has developed like this, I could not suppress my pride.  Instead of begging for mercy, I took out the Ruble-Raynae from its hoist.

“Oh?  That sword?”

Schwarzertoyel seemed to have recognized the old sword that I was holding.

“O, the light that travels between the dimensions.  O, light that slices, chops, and pierces to kill.  Be at the command of the hand of this swordsman!”


With bright white light, the true spirit of Ruble-Raynae, the great sword of the feudal lord of the Pfalz family, has emerged.

Schwarzertoyel let out a sound of admiration.

“That’s truly the sword of Pfaltz!  You skull-head!  How did it come into your possession?”

“How about withdrawing that sword if you are so curious?”

“Huhuhuh.  That does not bode enough interest for me to do that!”

Without any hesitation, Schwarzertoyel launched at me with that long sword.  When I felt my neck was about to get severed, I countered it with Wolyeong sword skill, a secret combat sword skill of the Pfalz family which I had absorbed from Phillip.


Very surprised, Schwarzertoyel took several steps back when the swords smashed into each other.

“You bastard!  How do you know Wolyeong sword skill!  You.  Are you a successor of the Pfalz family?!”

I could only think that I was lucky.  I wasn’t very good at using the Wolyeong sword skill.  I was only at the experience level 1.

In fact, this most recent counterattack was all I knew how to do.  If the same situation was to happen again, I wouldn’t be able to launch another counterattack.

“You surprise me more the more I see you!  Take this!”

The attack was launched at me again.  I tried to try shadow explosion to resist it, but the force of the explosion dissipated immediately.  Schwarzertoyel’s attacks, using the long sword, poured on repeatedly.

Chaaang!  Chang!  Chang!

It was hard to believe that the dragon could wield such a sword skill.  After defending the third attack, I was hit once on the fourth attack.


However, thanks to my excellent armor, I was spared from a critical injury.  Although there was a tear around my waist, the injury from the sword was shallow.

“Hm!  You’re wearing a precious object!”

Taking this moment as an opportunity, Krulark, the vampire interjected with his own attack, but with a single hit, he flew and smashed into a corner of the cave.


However, it gave me an opening.  Extending my arm forward, I initiated absorption of blood and tear.  Then with his hand placed on the side of his sword, Schwarzertoyel bellowed.

“No way!”


With the explosion sound of the magic powers colliding, the absorption of blood and tear was destroyed.  What the heck!  How could an S-level skill get neutralized so easily.

“What trickeries you are playing!  It is clear that I cannot let you live!”

It’s finished.  I was not his match.  Even without being in the form of the dragon’s body, even in the body of a human, this battle was too difficult.  On top of that, he was not even using any spells either.  He overpowered me with only his sword skill.

I screamed with all I had, thinking that I would die at this rate.

“You will be assassinated within a few years!”

Instantly, Schwarzertoyel’s sword that was being wielded with the might of, perhaps, enough power to splice up the world had stopped.  It stopped right in front of my forehead.  It was truly an inch away.


My heart raced quickly.


Having been cut off, a few strands of hair fell down my face.

“What was it?”

It must have finally got Schwarzertoyel’s attention.  However, what was truly important was from now on.  That was because dodging this calamity was solely dependent on my ability to talk out of the situation.

I’ve decided internally.  As the situation has turned like this, I’ve decided to con this legendary dragon.  It was foolish to beg for mercy in situations like this.  Instead, the determination to manipulate the opponent in creative ways was what was needed.

Furthermore, considering the fact that Schwarzertoyel asked whether I was a successor of the Pfalz family, it was certain that he did not know much about me.

This had nothing to do with the dragon’s intelligence.  Due to his awesome power, no one had dared to encroach on his territory, so the demon dragon has been stuck in that mountain range for a very long time.  It was appropriate that he did not know much about what was happening in the world.

In other words, he was a ripe subject for a con.

“You are able to kill me at any time, so why not hear me out first.  Hearing me will not cost you anything.”

“…Hm, if you intend to blab out only nonsense, do not expect to die in peace.”

Schwarzertoyel was going to turn into a corpse in a few years for sure.  It was the truth that has been verified multiple times already.  I used to think that he had died from natural causes as he was resting peacefully, but having seen him today, his death didn’t seem that way.”

Then other alternate ways of dying were suicide, murder, or made to appear to be dead, but based on his demagogic temperament, it was better to rule out suicide.  Furthermore, he wouldn’t die from combat, and was unlikely to be made to die of natural causes.

Then I would push it as murder, assuming that was the cause of his death.

“Why do you insist that I would be killed in a few years?”

Certainly, it couldn’t be said that I saw it in the past.  A more acceptable reason was needed.  Having thought for a little bit, I’ve decided to insist it was a prophetic dream.

In fact, there was a skill, fitting perfectly to this situation.   I used the Mephistopheles’ act, an SS-level skill.

<Starting a role play and putting your life on the line!>

Although I was concerned that he would recognize the act as I was low on the experience level, I decided to trust the power of SS-level skill.  If I was to fail, my head would be cut off right away right here.  Swallowing my dry mouth due to nervousness, I explained that it was a prophetic dream.

Would Schwarzertoyel bite?

“Hmm…  A prophetic dream.  You’ve got an annoying skill.”

He bought it!  I truly made this demon dragon believe that I had the prophetic dream.

<Luckily, you’ve fooled the strong being!  The accomplishment level of Mephistopheles’ act will increase!  You can raise it up to the experience level 2!>

There was no reason to hesitate.  I immediately took the experience level 2.  Now was the time that this skill was needed more desperately.

<Congratulations!  The experience level of Mephistopheles’ act has been raised to level 2!>

An act’s chance of failure grew acutely should there be contradictions, or resulted in the subject getting injured. However, in this case, it just worked on Schwarzertoyel as the information was useful to him, and the contradictions were very small.

It was very difficult to fool a being this strong to begin with.  It was the luck of the heavens, perhaps.  As I thought that it wasn’t quite my time to have my neck severed, words just flowed out of my mouth.

“Hm!  After having been foolishly bold in my own nest, now you claim to show me how to dodge calamities?” “I have avoided many calamities with my prophetic dreams.  If you heed to my words, you, too, will reap the same benefits.”

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