Chapter 41 Part 2

“What do you even consider this body as?!”

“Yes, I admit that you are strong and if this Odgrash is your opponent, he’d be dead in any minute.”


Listening to this praise, Schwarzertoyel kept his mouth shut. From the sideline, I was carefully watching the same video that he was observing to keep the tracks of the enemies. Then I found someone I knew.

A silver-haired woman in shiny black armour. She was a beautiful woman with a fierce charm that could suck a person’s soul, her strong aura was seeping out of this video.


Schwarzertoyel showed a keen interest as soon as I called her name in surprise.

“Someone, you know?”


Schwarzertoyel urged with his eyes to explain quickly.

“She’s one of the officials of Odgarsh, another third-ranked demon. Most probably she too, as a third-highest ranker, has the same explosive power as the Lords of the middle-ranking demons. She could have been the one sitting on the throne, but she’s under Odgrash’s wing only because of her loyalty towards him.”

“I can’t believe two powerhouses came..”

Schwarzertoyel’s face in front of this upcoming force from the enemy’s strength was clouded by darkness. But that’s not why I was surprised to see Caroline.

Because Caroline was one of the few demonic heroes who came over to protect the human camps as she advances forward.

Now she may be loyal to Odgrash, but it is because she doesn’t know the whole truth. Caroline considers Odgrash like a parent, but in fact, he was the enemy who killed her parents.

Caroline devoted her life to Odgrash without knowing anything because she was raised by him as a child. In the later timeline, when the player tells her the whole truth, she changes her camp for revenge.

Caroline was a very popular hero character because not only did she possess a superior-class strength but also devoted absolute loyalty to the player. Of course, Mi-hee, who was one of the best players in the world, played the part.

She was a beautiful woman; it almost seemed like an illusion.

I’ve never been on a love route with her, but I’ve met her as a colleague a lot of times. However, there is one challenging condition to appoint Caroline in the player’s team. That is the player themself had to defeat her and tell her the truth.

Caroline was quite strong and that’s why it becomes difficult for the players, but once they succeed, their guaranteed prize return is much more than her. Why? Because Caroline knows a lot of secrets about the Odgrash’s camp.

From the rescue missions to the troop deployment of the demons, the locations of the ships, to the weakness of other officials, and the hidden room with the treasure… She was literally just another version of the Odgrash.

And with all those confidential details, they become extremely advantageous when dealing with Odgrash, the demon, just by using Caroline. It was useless to memorize the structure or layout of the planet because the system generates a different world for every playthrough of the game.  And so, Caroline was necessary.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting her to be here. But since now she was in front of me, I wanted to make her my fellow partner, somehow.

All I needed to do was beat her, reveal the whole truth and then calm her down. This was an excellent opportunity to get Caroline, who could be used only in the second half of the game, and if this matches the timeline of the game, that would be the very beginning when the Great War has not begun.

This fight was very dangerous, but I couldn’t give up. For the good ending, I can’t miss this opportunity. I planned everything in my head but for now, it was better to hide such intentions.

“What do you think about Odgrash’s officer, Caroline? What about his other elite horsemen? Doesn’t matter, do you think you can stop him?”

“That’s why I’m going to call in the village….”

In other words, Schwarzertoyel, who was magically trying to contact Ogre and Oak in the mountains, looked puzzled.

“Why aren’t these guys responding? Are they crazy?!”

It has to be that reason. Those poor guys always got caught up in my tricks and must have run away. Schwarzertoyel who was sleeping in his nest most of the time didn’t notice the massive problem I made in the mountains for a few days.

He was perplexed when the underlining man of the mountain resort, who he knew would obey, did not respond. It was a time when even one helping hand was precious.

“You bastards! I’ll make sure to punish you when I’m done!”

I didn’t think so but this command skill could be used to sweep out the whole village for practice. I was about to offer my help if the situation turned in this direction,  but seeing Schwarzertoyel’s state, it was better if I feigned my innocence.

“I wish you luck. You don’t seem to be interested in that undead city, so I’ll leave you alone. I’m not busy, but I shouldn’t have taken your time.”

The moment you pretend not to know but the volcano in front of you explodes, anyways.



This man, he’s emotions were getting uncontrollable.

Looking back, Schwarzertoyel, who stopped me with magic, was flashing with an ugly aura of a beast. Recently, the connection I felt with him was like a local grandpa, but now that I see him, all I can see is a dragon, a villainous dragon with a wave of uncontrollable anger.

“Now that it’s like this, I need your help, use that superior command technique. While I stop Odgrash, you stop Caroline and the rest.”

Of course, I was willing to accept it because of Caroline, and with his help, I was sure to get something good in my hands.

“But, I don’t want to get involved in this fight. It neither would affect me nor I would get anything out of it.”

Wearing a dull look on my face, I scratched my ear to show my indifference. Suddenly, Schwarzertoyel burst out in anger.

“Are you going to refuse this superior being’s request? You! I really think you are wasting your life!”

His shout echoed all around the cave and he murderously looked at me as if he was going to bite my head off. If there were ordinary people instead of me, they would have peed their pants but luckily I was different.

“I am not wasting my life, I had an immense belief in the Dragon’s vow. You said you’d let me live in exchange for the prophetic dream but now, what, twisting your words saying that you’re going to withdraw the deal when obviously I haven’t wronged you in any way. Why, because you’re upset? Huh! What nonsense is this dragon’s vow!”


Schwarzertoyel though sad looked dumbfounded. So, don’t just stand there looking stunned, and offer me something bigger and better.

“If you don’t have anything else to say, I’ll leave. It’s stupid to intervene in other people’s fights.”

Schwarzertoyel growled with much annoyance he tried to ask again.

“Didn’t you say, you wanted to make an undead city?!”

Yes, that’s it! I burst into laughter. So, that would be the grand offer.

I think life is very ironic as other people’s misfortunes turn for the better to my happiness.

Odgrash, the third-ranked demon invaded the country earlier than in the normal timeline, and made Caroline appear abnormally early.

It is also likely that Schwarzertoyel, who now realized the need for military and defence facilities, will most definitely make the undead city.

Looking back at him, I can’t help but smile.

“Don’t worry. A friend in need is a friend indeed.”


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