Chapter 42 Part 1

[42] The foolish daughter of the dead father. (1)




Though I had decided to intervene, the mission was too dangerous. I’d have to put my life at risk. So, I had to get a definite answer regarding the undead city.


Hence, on purpose, with a wobble I said.


“I have decided to help you, however Caroline is on a different level. I won’t be able to easily defeat….”


“If you can’t, then get out! A guy like you shouldn’t be allowed to have such a city.”


What he said was right, but as of now, I needed the promise with his name on it.


“If I help you with this, promise that you will help build the undead city.”


“You son of a b.i.t.c.h!”


He seemed to want to delay his definite answer, but I didn’t back down. Even if he was a dragon, it was the same. No matter how long he delayed I needed the oath.


“Give me the promise in the name of the Dragon.”




With his eyes closed, he stroked his beard and eventually nodded.


“Okay, I assure you with my name Schwarzertoyel on it.”


And so, the undead city was confirmed, Schwarzertoyel had years of reputation of being historical and legendary. With his name on it, it would weigh as much as the cities he destroyed and the lives he exterminated. Now, if I won this fight, I would seize the brilliant success like a trophy.


“As you have guessed, I cannot leave the Grossglockner. Now that the agreement has been broken, we will have to focus on defense in the future. So, show me what you can do. And in return, I’ll trust you and decide whether I can leave the job in your hands.”




“Let’s begin right away. It won’t be long before they get here. You have to use your skills to build up a new defensive force.”


“Okay, but I’ll need your help.”


The reason why the demons were feared was that they were not only the masters of magic but their physical strengths were out of this world. Presently, I needed a different countermeasure as my level was low and my defensive magic was weak. Thinking of that, Schwarzetoyel took out ten magic potions and stuck them out.


“These are magic defence potions. One potion is enough to negate the enemies. So, you will be able to defend ten times in total. But if not, then it’s better if you died because you’re trash.”


Schwarzetoyel was being very impatient with this fight, seeing how he was ready to give out ten such incredibly expensive magic potions.


“If necessary, you can use all the magical items buried in that pile of treasures.”


As time is running out, I should get a proper one…




With much thinking, I chose a high-quality magic sword.


“The sword is good, but not on the same par with your Ruble-Raynae.”


“I know, but it’s all because I have a plan.”


“You are making a cunning face right there. I guess you are thinking of something mean again.”


I guess with thinking about all my rewards and getting Caroline on my side, I must have not been able to control my wicked smile.


No, I need to pull myself together.


“The work of a commander should be judged by their results, not by their process.”


“You’re talking like a man full of extraordinary strength.”


“I’ll be out for a moment.”


Enthusiastic, I jumped out of Schwarzertoyel’s nest. Then I called upon all the undead and began to give my commands.


“Carry them all into the nest!”


Dead bodies full of Ogres and Oaks began to be transported one after another to the dragon’s nest. I was piling them up as they were quite necessary for the operation.


“Hey, you’re going to turn my house into a cemetery!”


Though Schwarzertoyel complained, he only shook his head in disbelief. This moment was crucial as every moment was important.


“You will keep the intruders out of this nest.”


Schwarzertoyel said as they both knew it would get down to the point where he and Odgrash the demon had to fight one-on-one.


“Won’t Caroline intervene?”


“No, Odgrash and my grudges run deep. He will try to make this battle a one-on-one. I can’t let my subordinates get in trouble.”


“Then why bring him here? There are hundreds of them.”


“You must protect this nest in the battle.”


Perhaps he expected this battle to be like a fight between the Demon tribe of the mountain and the ones guarding the nest. But he never expected the commander-in-chief himself would come down to battle.


“Odgrash wants something that I have. He would want to secure it quickly during the fight. Do not forget your role and stop them.”




“I’ll let you know what’s going on down there.”


Schwarzertoyel looked over a few enchanted videos, then he transformed himself back into his main body. As the majestic beast came into his full glory, all the magical lanterns shining in the nest gradually dimmed with darkness following, as if the night had veiled them.




The historical dragon roared with an ear-piercing sound. He walked out of his nest, with his earth-shattering footsteps.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Looking at him, I didn’t know why I thought he was unsightly. He looked truly magnificent walking in full glory, his eyes full of anticipation for the upcoming battle.


Then, I headed straight back to my operation for this war.


The Caroline of the past had great combat experiences under her belt. I don’t want to face her head-on, but it’s not like there are no other options.


“Oh, dead ones who have come as soldiers, listen to your master’s command!”


As always, a crisis is an opportunity.


Even though at first, Caroline would think she was at an advantage. But later, she would realize that things were not matching up. They were like swamps because of the skill; no one could get out no matter how much they tried and would end up sinking.


“Well, it seems they have arrived.”


I watched the screen Schwarzertoyel left for me. They came a lot faster than I had thought. I couldn’t help but swallow my spit in nervousness. Through the screen, a powerful voice boomed out.


-Long time no see! Dragon!


Odgrash, whose body was blessed with magnificent size because of the blood he was born with, shouted with his arms open. He was covered in black armor, full of thorns that resembled broken blades.




I almost flinched listening to Schwarzertoyel’s powerful roar filled with anger.


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