Chapter 42 Part 2

-You shallow demon, how dare you break the agreement?!


-Hahahahaha! Wasn’t it the first and the second king of the demon tribe who signed the agreement? This Odgrash has nothing to do with it.


I wonder what this agreement is about.


-You think they wouldn’t know your tricks! I’ll let you feel the difference in our skills today! I will tell you that this mighty dragon, Schwarzertoyel, has protected this mountain not just by a paper agreement, but by sheer force!


Odgrash, the third-ranked king of the demons, laughed at his words and summoned his Pallaxes. As soon as he had, it had a fierce blitz summoning out its body.


-Ha, very good! Great! This king will burn this old mountain and announce to the whole world what magic truly is!


Saying that Odgrash summoned a dark horse nearly the size of Schwarzertoyel and climbed onto it. The defensive force was cracking and through the hole, the rider forced himself in.


The two flew straight into the sky and began to fight in the air. Just as Schwarzetoyel’s Dragon Breath was forced out, a blitz was rife out of the Pallaxes summoned by Odgrash.






Indeed, it was a battle between the mystical beings beyond the understanding of humans. Suddenly, dark clouds came upon the Glassglocker, calling on a natural disaster.


“That’s great….”


Though the fight may have been blood-pumping to watch, I don’t have time for that. It seems that at the same time as their fight, Caroline was leading more than a hundred horse-riding elite troops that were entering the nest.


“In the first place, I don’t think that they came here to fight the dragon.”


I nodded at the words of Kurrac, the Hobgoblin vampire.


“They must have been ordered to search the nest and secure the goods. Honestly, watching the fight between a demon and a dragon, you would know they are not at the same level.”


“Maybe you are right, but it will surely cause a great distraction.”


“We just have to do what we were ordered.”


By my side were 120 undead horsemen waiting for the command. I’ll use them to defend the nest and capture Caroline. Frankly speaking, I don’t know if the plan will work.


Although these undead were brave, they’re no match for those of the elite troop. Moreover, I don’t stand a chance against Caroline, who exudes every bit of demonic power in her.


But the biggest advantage of the undead is that they’re persistent. I was going to use them to get through difficulties.


“I’ll put a formation in this area.”


I placed the troops in the middle of the tunnel, then proceeded to set up an improvised barricade.


“It is our duty to hold out as long as we can!”




Each and every undead raised its weapon above its heads and shouted. Surely it’s good that they were undead. Even if the enemy was stronger than us, they didn’t get scared.


I could hear the sound of the enemies rushing in from the front. After waiting for a moment, the first demon, a horseman that notably had mountain sheep horns on its head, came rushing in. He found us and burst out laughing.


“No! No! What are these dead bodies? Hahaha!”


He was huge and wore a fine piece of armour. Seeing his splendid appearance, it felt as if he was an aristocrat, but soon other 100 demons rushed in who seemed no different. Each of them was definitely an elite.


But there was one who caught my eyes, the sharp-looking beauty, Caroline. Her long side-tail of beautiful silver hair, which was no less than a trademark of hers.


She looked like  a princess that had come out from a fairy tale.


But now, under such pressure, I couldn’t afford to admire her beauty. As I expected, this demon class was too much. The mere sight of Caroline made me feel as if I was pressed down by something on my chest.


In addition, she was very difficult to kill, as she received the same power as that of the demon clan Lord Odgarsh.


“Step aside, commander. I do not have the time to talk with you.”


Despite Caroline’s warning, I stepped forward and shook my head.


“I refuse.”


“I’m saying I’ll show you mercy, so kindly back off.”


Caroline tended to avoid unnecessary battles. They knew they were the stronger ones, so they didn’t see the purpose or the need to fight with the 120 undead.


“I’m sorry, but that would be difficult.”


“Huh, why? You know, you will not win.”


“Hahaha, doesn’t matter. To dig up the gems, one will have to be prepared to go through the mine.”




Her transparent light purple eyes shone beautifully. Looking at them I got greedy.


“I’m talking about you, Caroline.”


Then the mountain horned demon who laughed when rushing towards me snapped in anger.


“Hold it! You lowly bugger! How dare you be rude to Caroline!”


His voice burst out like a lion’s roar. But it couldn’t affect me.


“Go away punk! I’m not wrong, but don’t worry. I will be polite the next time. You undead with mountain horns.”


“What! I’m not an undead!”


“Not now. But you will be.”


As I provoked him, his whole body as well his face turned ugly. He then stuck his tongue out and made a vulgar expression. To me, it seemed to be a very villainous provocation.


“How dare you, you low-born son of a b.i.t.c.h! What you see is a proud and noble centaur!”


Sure enough, he charged toward in frenzy. It was a very human-like response. I walked forward and slowly pulled out the magic sword from my waist that I picked from Schwarzertoyel’s nest.


“Hah! You think you can deal with me with a sword!”


I could feel him looking down on me thoroughly.




Then the maniac with the mountain sheep’s horns stormed towards me, giving out the pressure of a heavy mountain. As if waiting for this moment to turn me into dust. But then suddenly, Caroline hurriedly shouted from behind him.


“No! Don’t!”


Too late. It seems like your men were stupid enough to fall for such an obvious provocation. The moment his axe was about to split my head, Montglanzhau, the counter-attack of the sword, drew in.




Just like its name, moonlight cutting, drawing the sword made a subtle trajectory of light.


And it was then.




The head that was attached to the mountain-sized body plopped on the ground and blood gushed out of his body like a fountain.




The whole crowd was shrouded in silence, the scene was too much of a shock for them.






All the enemy horsemen were dazed with their mouths wide open, thinking perhaps they could have been the one. The whole move was clean but it was hard to believe that their colleague died in a single blow.


It happened because they looked down on me too much. I admit I am no match for Caroline, who was in a whole different class, but they had to know who they were against. This bloodless, tearless man standing right in front of them.


“I dare not to know. Kekekeke.”


An ugly laugh came out of the mouth, making his mouth twisted. Bending down, I picked up the head that lay dead on the ground and moved it around. Warm blood streamed down my wrist.


“Can I still be a headless horseman?” he asked with his eyes closed.


Believe me, young demon.


Death is not the end but just the beginning.



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