High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 45 – Phase 1 End


After eating breakfast, I was walking around the rooftop when suddenly… An announcement rang.

–The necessary conditions have been achieved. Phase 1 will now end.

“Eh?” I muttered as the Auditory Hallucination said something quite strange.

–The following skills are going to be unlocked with the end of Phase 1, though you still need to fulfill their prerequisites in order to acquire them:

–Skill Appraisal

–Karma Appraisal

–Special Move Skills above level III

–Magic Skills above level IV

–Some Unique Skills

–Some Job Skills

“What the…?” I muttered to myself at this development. The timing seems weird…

Without really letting me think more and try understand what’s happening though, the Auditory Hallucination continued.

–With the start of Phase 2, some changes will occur to the Enemy Life Forms.

–The ability of zombies to detect humanity has increased.

–The athletic ability of certain zombies has improved.

–’Hiding’ has now been added to the behavioral pattern of zombies.

–Previously inactive Enemy Life Forms have been activated.

“W-wait a minute! This is way too much information to keep up with!” I exclaimed, but the Auditory Hallucination just ignored me.

–Each player has now received a personalized quest. Players who fail their quest will permanently lose all skills they have acquired.

Ah… I wish I had some pen and paper in hand… Guess I’ll need to somehow remember all this in my head.

–A player may now steal skills from other players by killing them.

–Special effects of achievement rewards may now be used by people other than the player who obtained them.

–It’s now possible to permanently change your race.

–All players will get the ‘End of Phase 1’ achievement.

“What the…?” This was way too much information, and all of it seemed too important to be forgotten.

… There were no more words from the Auditory Hallucination, “You finished…?” I asked, though there was no reply.

Then… I rushed to the 3rd classroom of the 3rd years. I need to note down as much of this as possible.

“Senpai, how are you doing?” Asuka asked me, but I passed by her without answering. Sorry, can’t spend time talking right now.

I quickly got to the classroom, took out my notebook and started writing.

Let’s see… Skill Appraisal and Karma Appraisal… What would those even do? I already know the effects of my own skills…

Wait, first, let’s keep on writing everything, before I forget some important information, then, we can analyze the information that the Auditory Hallucination gave.

… After a small while of writing as fast as I could, I took a deep breath. Alright this should be everything… Now let’s see…

First things first, the Hallucination mentioned ‘players’. I guess that would be me, and other people with skills? Takenaka did talk about levels before passing, so I suppose he too must have been a player.

Also… A player can now steal skills of players they kill. So other people with skills won’t necessarily be allies… Well, I suppose not everyone will be hostile though, there might be players with a conscience out there, like me!

And well… There are now more skills available? I don’t get what most of them might be, but I suppose Skill Appraisal might allow me to get information about the skills of other players? Or maybe it can give detailed information on skills I have yet to obtain?

Then there are also unique skills, so… Well, they’re unique, so I don’t quite know what they are.

… Guess I can think more on this one later. There is a higher priority thing I need to take care of… The quest.

If I fail the quest, I’ll lose my powers… Without this power, I can’t protect anyone.

I just can’t go back to being a normal girl at this point… It’s too dangerous.

I took a deep breath and asked, “So… Hallucination, what is… What is my quest?”

Then the answer immediately came back, as if it was waiting for me to say those words.

–On the Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park to the northwest, there is an Evil Slave Master. Either kill or subordinate him.

That is… I have been to Tokorozawa before. I often ate noodles on the store near the station there…

But right now…

I took a deep breath. I guess I can’t go there to eat noodles anymore.

And I also… Will need to leave this place, after all.

I expected I’d need to do it, but this was still a heavy order… To either kill or subordinate a stranger. An evil stranger to boot… An evil Slave Master.

That’s definitely a hostile enemy, isn’t it? Just when I thought we were finally securing an ideal place to live safely at… Guess I’ll have to keep on struggling for a while longer.

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