High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 46 – That Girl Whose Name Is Unknown


(PoV of a new character)

–The necessary conditions have been achieved. Phase 1 will now end.

I sighed at the announcement, then looked at my pocket watch… That was two days later than expected. I wonder what are the necessary conditions for the end of Phase 1.

As the announcement kept on ringing in my head, I lazily moved my legs back and forth while sitting on top of the steel tower that overlooked this entire city.

–It’s now possible to change your race.

–All players will get the ‘End of Phase 1’ achievement.

And that’s the end of the announcement, I suppose. No new information on this one.

While I wondered what to do next, I saw some dragons flying my way… 3 of them.

… Just three?

So another one was killed. There must be a pretty strong player somewhere… It’s probably an enemy, but I don’t know why they’d even bother with fighting my dragons, as there shouldn’t be much merit in going against other players in Phase 1.

This feels troubling… Still, not much use worrying about it for now. Instead, let’s just praise those lovely pets for their hard work, while gently caressing their head.

“Well then, please ‘Share’.” As I used my skill, the memories of the dragons I was touching flew to my head.

… No good again. The memories from their recent reconnaissance didn’t give me any clue to where she might be. I’m getting a bit impatient.

–Congratulations! Your level has risen!

–Congratulations! Your level has risen!

–Congratulations! Your level has risen!

Oh? That was unexpected… I wonder if the dragon that didn’t come back ended up killing the hostile… You did a good job.

“I want Time-Space Magic IV, Beast Tamer III and Beast Tamer IV.”

–Skill effect is being applied.

–Item is being supplied.

A small bottle fell on my hand.

The leveling is going well, I suppose. I took out my notepad, my strategy guide, out of my pocket and checked its contents once more. To make sure that my next step is the right one.

It’s good that I already know what skills and items I want, but it sure is troublesome to have to do this all again…

I looked up and thought back on everything that happened so far… With Time-Space Magic X, I was able to turn back time and re-do my life. I lost all my skills, but my memories were kept… This time, things will go right.

I got rid of my hesitation, and drank the ‘Elf Potion’ I just got. It tasted a bit like apple juice.

And then… My body started changing. My ears sharpened, my long black hair became a beautiful golden, my eyes turned blue, and my skin color became pale… I suppose I’m no longer human.

Well, it’s a bit scary to have my appearance changed, but at least this should greatly enhance my magical power.

Now then, I suppose I should keep moving… Alright, let’s jump!

Falling from the tall steel tower, I could see over a hundred zombies were in the immediate surroundings… I wonder when this many got here.

Oh well, “’Pause’.” Both me and the zombies froze in place now… “And… ‘Restore’.”

With this, I was able to finish the fall from a safe height, and landed on the ground without trouble, while the zombies were still frozen in place.

“Then, everyone, please continue searching for ‘that girl’ while raising my level whenever possible.” I asked my dragons. The three of them growled affirmatively, and left out on their search.

I really can’t take it easy here… I took out a chocolate bar and ate it to replenish my magical power. Let’s increase the pace, “’Fast Forward’.”

I then ran ahead, far from where the zombies were… Let’s keep on searching. I need to find ‘that girl’ with a red jersey who holds a sword… That girl whose name is unknown… I have to find her as soon as possible.

So as to save this apocalyptic world.

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