High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 47 – Level Up Time

Phase Two – The Start of the Death Game


Phase 1 ended, huh? Then I guess… We’re now on Phase 2? I’m not quite sure.

I’m kinda lost right now, so I guess I’ll finish leveling up for the time being.

–Choose a reward for the ‘Monster Hunter’ achievement.

Oh, right… There was this thing. Some 5 levels and 3 achievements as well.

This is… A bit hard to take in.

–Hunter’s Meat Grilling Set

–Hunter’s Trap

–Hunter’s Whetstone

Effects, please.

–Hunter’s Meat Grilling Set allows you to grill meat without needing to drain its blood first. It also releases a cool background music while it does the grilling.

–Hunter’s Trap is a versatile trap that can catch a wide variety of animals. However, a creature with a certain degree of intelligence can easily free itself from the trap.

–Hunter’s Whetstone lets you restore the sharpness of a blade to make it as good as new, though it can only be used once.

Those feel like parodies of game items alright… I don’t know if there is any purpose behind that, but I suppose the best option might be…

“Give me the Grilling Set.” I told the Auditory Hallucination without thinking too much on it.

–Item is being supplied.

In the middle of the classroom, something akin to a messy barbecue set appeared.

This is… Doesn’t it just get in the way? It’s way too bulky.

Though I suppose it came at a good time, since we might be able to make use of it… But still, in the future, I should probably consider taking items that aren’t hard to carry around.

Next up, let’s get some levels.

–Please choose the skill you want to acquire.

–Sword Technique (Advanced)

–Perfect Maintenance

–Fighting Technique (Beginner)

–<Choose a Magic Skill>

–Natural Healing (Strong)

–Skin Strengthening

–Skill Appraisal

Hmm… Seems like I reached the cap of Hunger Resistance… For the time being, let’s check the effect of ‘Skill Appraisal’.

–Skill Appraisal allows you to check the skills of players other than you.

Wait, I can get this kind of thing? Well… For now, let’s put it on hold.

I’ll have to go on a journey now, so it’s better to take things that will help me on my travels.

When taking this into account, the ideal options are limited.

Until now, I have hesitated to take Skin Strengthening, but now that I’m gonna have to leave the school, it might be necessary in case a zombie tries biting me again… Especially because the Auditory Hallucination said that the zombies have become a bit stronger too.

Just in case though, let me check its effects again.

–Skin Strengthening will increase your skin’s strength and make you less likely to get injured. You’ll also be able to withstand the cold even if you are naked.

… It truly is quite scary, isn’t it? But… I suppose it’s better than dying.

Let’s just pray it doesn’t make me look like a rock, “Skin Strengthening, please.”

I then waited for a bit while wondering what would happen, but nothing happened… I guess the effects of the skills will be applied all at once.

Then, let’s check the next ones.

–Please choose the skill you want to acquire.

–Sword Technique (Advanced)

–Perfect Maintenance

–Fighting Technique (Beginner)

–<Choose a Magic Skill>

–Natural Healing (Strong)

–Bone Strengthening

–Skill Appraisal

It’s bone this time…

–Bone Strengthening will make all bones of your body become as strong as steel. You’ll become much less likely to suffer fractures and other similar injures.

Bones of steel…? Like a terminator of sorts?

Ugh… Yeah, let’s get it, “Bone.”

I wanted to put around half the points earned from the level ups on defense, after all, so it couldn’t be helped.

–Please choose the skill you want to acquire.

–Sword Technique (Advanced)

–Perfect Maintenance

–Fighting Technique (Beginner)

–<Choose a Magic Skill>

–Natural Healing (Strong)

–Skill Appraisal

“Natural Healing, please.” I got next.

And now…

–Since you passed a certain level, you may now change jobs.

The Auditory Hallucination said those strange words… Though I think they were also said them when the pig was defeated.

–Your Karma is ‘Neutral’.

–Your Job is ‘Citizen’.

–You may choose the following jobs.




Oh my… This is… I don’t think I get it.

“What is Karma?” I asked the Hallucination, but I got no reply.

Then… Well, if we’re working with game terms, I suppose Karma is a rough guideline for what is good or bad.

And I guess that is what decides what kind of jobs can be taken?

In that case… “Can you tell me about the characteristics of each job?”

–Warrior is an orthodox combat profession. It has many skills that enhance defense and survivability, and also has some ways of nullifying magic.

–Archer is a combat profession that specializes in long-range combat. It has many skills that increase hit rate and dodge rate. It also increases your legs’ strength.

–Beastmaster is a profession specialized in subordinating animals and even ‘Hostile Life Forms’.

Oh my, oh my! Those are quite something! I’m not sure which one to get!

Wouldn’t it usually be ‘Warrior’, ‘Monk’ and ‘Witch’ instead? Maybe there could also be a ‘Martial Artist’ or a ‘Thief’ in there, but…

Ah, my gamer brain was really hoping there would be a ‘Witch’ class for me to choose, I was totally planning on getting that.

Maybe it’s because of my Neutral Karma, so it’s not an option for me.

Or maybe there is no Witch job in the first place? It’s too hard to be sure.

I guess I’d need to give upon that idea in this case… At times like this I really wish I had a strategy guide… I can’t help groaning a bit about it though.

I suppose it can’t be helped. Let’s choose the second-best choice then, “I’ll go with Warrior.”

–Your title has changed. The ‘Wandering Citizen’ is now the ‘Wandering Warrior’.

Huh? Wandering?

… Why wandering?

Ah well, whatever.

–Please choose the skill you want to acquire.

–Sword Technique (Advanced)

–Perfect Maintenance

–Fighting Technique (Beginner)

–<Choose a Magic Skill>

–<Choose a Job Skill>

–Skill Appraisal

All right, I guess I reached the cap of Natural Healing now.

And there are also job skills available as well.

But before I make a decision, let me check the magic skills just in case.

–Please choose a magic Skill

–Fire Magic IV

–Water Magic I

–Thunder Magic I

–Healing Magic I

Oh? Healing Magic was now added? Is this because I reached the cap of Natural Healing?

For a moment, negative thoughts like, ‘If I had acquired this spell back then…’ passed through my head.

… I took a deep breath.

Stop it. Don’t do that. Nobody will benefit from those thoughts.

“… Show me the Job Skills, please.” I said.

–Please choose a Job Skill.

–Attack Power I

–Defense I

–Magic Resistance I

Oh, those are easy to understand alright… And I guess they also unlock other skills.

Agh! There are too many choices available! My head seems about to explode!

For now, let’s put the job skills on hold. What I need right now is a stable fighting power that can help me through the long journey ahead of me, “Please give me the ‘Sword Technique (Advanced)’ skill.”

–Please choose the reward for the Repair achievement.



–Warrior’s Shield

“Effects, please?” I asked, already being used to this kind of thing.

–Buckler is a small and easy to use shield.

–Gauntlet is a steel gauntlet that you may wear on your arm.

–Warrior’s Shield is a heavy round shield. Due to its weight, it’s not suited for weak people.

“Gauntlet please.” As I said that, a black sturdy gauntlet appeared in front of me.

I just had the idea of maybe baiting a zombie into biting the arm with the gauntlet, so that we could kill said zombie with our free hand. I should suggest that to everyone later.

Then, for the next skill… “Perfect Maintenance, please.”

With this, I should have acquired all sword-related skills.

And after a small tense pause…

–Skill effects are being applied.

Now how effective is Skin Strengthening…?

I looked at myself in the mirror, while being scared of what I’d see.

Ah… My appearance doesn’t seem to have changed.

As a test, I tried biting my own arm, but I didn’t feel much difference there… Is this alright?

Should I try cutting myself with a kitchen knife next?

… It’s too scary, so maybe at another time.

–Please select the reward for the ‘End of Phase 1’ achievement.

This is the last one.

–Hobbit Potion

–Elf Potion

–Dwarf Potion

What are those…?

–Hobbit Potion will change your race to Hobbit. Your height will shrink considerably, but your magical power and your strength will increase considerably.

–Elf Potion will change your race to Elf. Your magical power will increase and your strength will decrease. You’ll also get long ears, paler skin and blond hair.

–Dwarf Potion will change your race to Dwarf. Your Strength will increase and your magical power will decrease. You’ll also become a short red-faced Caucasian person.

… I’m not surprised by anything that those achievements give at this point.

Hobbit, Elf and Dwarf though? All three of those seem troublesome… I just don’t want to stop being human.

But if I have to choose one… “Elf.”

It’s the one that changes my image the least, and if I were to become a pretty elf, I guess it wouldn’t be that unpleasing for a possible romantic partner.

–Item is being supplied.

A small bottle appeared on my hands. It was similar to the bottle of the Antidote.

For now, let’s gently put it on my desk and close it. So that I don’t accidentally drink it.

Then I sighed… With this, I finished this part. Thank you for the hard work, me.

Now… What should I do next? I was able to take it off my mind while I was busy with leveling up, but… Right now, I suppose I’m at a loss.

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