High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 48 – Let’s cook this


Well… I can’t take immediate action either way. After thinking about it for a while, I kinda figured out that ‘Evil Slave Master’ must be the title of the person that the Auditory Hallucination pointed me towards.

Then, let’s check something with the Hallucination first and foremost, “Hey, Hallucination, what is my title?”

–Your current title is ‘Wandering Warrior’.

Yeah… This title is definitely organized as Karma + Job.

So, for the person I need to deal with…

Karma… Evil.

Job… Slave Master.

This is pretty bad alright.

Moreover, regardless of what conditions one needs to fulfill in order to become ‘Evil’, there is yet another problem there. By the time the announcement of ‘End of Phase 1’ was released, this person had already acquired the job of ‘Slave Master’.

By my calculations, job changes become available at level 15, so the Evil Slave Master must be at least at this level, possible higher.

Whether I negotiate or fight with him, I should at least be on the same strength level or higher.

Though of course, it’s too dangerous to just leave them be, as the quest might fail in that case… So, I need to get levels as quickly as possible, then head west. That’s my immediate goal.

And well, the most efficient way of leveling seems to be helping people out… But I don’t think it would work if I just imposed kindness on others, though the judgement of what is ‘helping people out’ seems to be kinda ambiguous, so I’m not that sure about it.

I do remember getting a level from bringing guns here though, so transferring what I already own may be a good way of quickly earning experience.

I glanced at the Sword that I got from an achievement a while back… It was standing on the corner of the classroom. A completely useless decoration.

Then there was the gauntlet I just got.

… And the grilling set that takes way too much space.

Ah, and there is also a ninja garb as well.

… Whom should I gift those things to?


While I wondered about the gifting, I suddenly heard a loud voice echo through the hallway, “You… You must be kidding me!”

Oh my… It is not a calm voice at all.

“Wait, Kousuke, why are you angry?” The other person asked.

I recognized both voices there… They were Kousuke and Rintarou.

I went out the classroom to look, and saw that there were about a dozen students gathered around those two.

“Why else…!? It killed Isao!” Kousuke exclaimed.

Those words made me suddenly start worrying about the worst, but… I don’t think that this conversation is about my current worries.

“Hey, look, I’m not going to force anyone…” Rintarou avoided Kousuke’s eyes as he said that.

“That’s not the problem! Why are you going to bake the pig!? Just feed it to the zombies instead!” Kousuke exclaimed.

“Because we can’t eat zombies in the same way that we eat pork. Did you forget such an obvious thing?” Rintarou replied.

“Shut up!” Kousuke exclaimed.

He then started raising his hand, so I decided to intervene and held his hand in place, “So… What is this all about?” I asked.

“Se-senpai…” Kousuke muttered.

Rintarou then calmly explained it, “You know that pig monster? We were thinking of eating it.”

“I see…” I muttered.

“I don’t know how it got so big, but pork is pork, so we should be able to eat it.” Rintarou said.

“Well, that makes sense.” I replied.

Truth be told, I was thinking of the same thing when I got the Hunter’s Meat Grilling Set. It is a pretty big pig after all, wouldn’t it be a waste to not eat it?

“We don’t know if it carries any illness…” Kousuke muttered.

“Nobody will be forced to eat it. It’ll also take quite some time to dismantle the whole thing, so we can get a few people to eat a small part first as a test group of sorts.” Rintarou said.

“I’ll help you out, and I’ll eat it too.” I said.

“Se-senpai?! Th-that is…” Kousuke rose his voice for a bit in response to my words. As if he was doubting my sanity.

“Isn’t it fine? It’ll feel better than octopus or squid at least.” I told him.

“That’s not the problem…” Kousuke muttered.

On my end, I’m just happy that I’ll be able to give a use to the grilling set… Well, that, and the fact that this will probably be judged as helping people out, so I may get a level from it.

Not to mention that eating is good for replenishing magical power too, so… I’d say this is a pretty good deal for me.

“Let’s cook it!” I exclaimed.

Therefore, Evil Slave Master… Please wait a little bit longer.

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