High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 23 – Murderer


Ah. I really did it… Murderer.

I’m not that phased by it though. My feelings have been kinda numb since I killed Mr. Tanaka who lived next to me at the start of this whole world shift… I think that, for better or for worse, I have become thick-skinned.

As I thought of that, the corpse of the man I just killed started getting up while letting out some groans… He really resurrected fast, didn’t he? He is now a zombie with a bare lower body… This is no sight for a maiden, so let’s get rid of him quickly.

Alright, with this out of the way, the store should be safe enough for now. Let’s bandage up this wound first and foremost.

… The pain isn’t as big as I expected. Did the recovery process already begin? Considering how bad the wound was, I thought it would be hard to walk for a whole month… And yet, I feel like I’ll be able to run again in half a day.

The ‘Natural Healing (Intermediate)’ skill is surely incredible.

… Well, that is that. Let’s hear the things that the Auditory Hallucination was trying to tell me before.

–Choose a reward for the ‘Sacrifice’ achievement.

–Microphone of the interview with the dead.

–Song of the Death God.

–Corpse vacuum cleaner.

Those are… Quite different from the last ones. It’s hard to know what they do without an explanation though, so let’s go through the hassle of checking them all.

–Microphone of the interview with the dead: If you point the microphone to a dead body and ask a question, you’ll receive one answer. Single use item.

–Song of the Death God: A music sheet that has a song with the power to destroy the brains of nearby zombies that hear it. Once you sing the song, it will lose its effect forever.

–Corpse vacuum cleaner: A portable handheld cleaner that can instantly inhale up to thirty corpses.

Huh? They’re all pretty interesting, aren’t they? That said, in my current situation, the choice is a bit too obvious, “Please give me the ‘Song of the Death God’.”

–Item supplied.

A music sheet floated down from the ceiling, it was titled ‘Song of the Death God’, as expected. I ended up reading up the lyrics in my head and… ‘Luululala, lulalula, die die die and fall into hell, everyone please drop dead!’

This is… Terrible! Was this written by an elementary school student or something!?

Ignoring my comment, the Auditory Hallucination continued.

–Choose the reward for the ‘Deadly Disease’ achievement.

–Coward’s glasses

–Popular glasses

–Spare glasses

So this one is glasses-themed? Seems like all achievements will give three items that have something in common… Let’s see what those three do.

–By wearing the ‘Coward’s Glasses’, you’ll be able to understand what others feel about you. The lens do not have a vision correcting function.

–By wearing the ‘Popular Glasses’, others will start liking you more easily. The lens do not have a vision correcting function.

–The ‘Spare Glasses’ are ideal for correcting your current eyesight. They’re also extremely tough and cannot be destroyed even by nuclear weapons.

Oh my… Those sure are worth almost dying for. This reward is really good.

Let’s ignore the ‘Spare Glasses’ though. The unbreakable part is attractive, but my current glasses work well enough as is, and I don’t think I’ll be careless enough to step on them, so I don’t need spares… I didn’t raise a flag now, did I? Let’s hope I didn’t.

The remaining options are the ‘coward’ and the ‘popular’ ones then… Well, I think ‘coward’ is best. I’d rather be able to tell if ‘Mr. Rape’ is near me in advance on future occasions, “Give me the ‘Coward Glasses’, please!”

A dark-grey glasses case flew to my hand… Let’s open it up.

… Wow. This is… I may not care much for appearances, but this is definitely too much. I’ll lose something as a girl if I try putting those on. Those glasses are about as ugly as they can get.

… Well, there’s nobody in the immediate surroundings, so let’s at least try them out, I suppose.

Nothing… I guess it has no use when nobody is nearby.

This is troublesome… Well, the utility comes first, so I guess I’ll just have to put up with its appearance when a time where I need them comes.

… And maybe test it out once I’m back at school… Maybe.

For now, let’s go to the next reward, please.

–Choose the skill you want to acquire.

–Sword Technique (Intermediate)

–Perfect Maintenance

–Martial Arts (Beginner)

–Hunger Resistance (Weak)

–Natural Healing (Strong)

–Skin Strengthening

Oh yeah, I did gain a level… Let’s take a look at the skills that I haven’t checked yet.

–By acquiring ‘Perfect Maintenance’, your equipment will always be repaired to perfect condition after a certain period of time. It also increases the repair speed.

–By acquiring ‘Natural Healing (Strong)’, you’ll be able to completely recover from serious injuries (such as brain damage or heavy damage to the body) within a day.

Well, both are appealing, but what I need when isolated from everyone else like I am right now, is the ability to fight my way out and survive, so my top priority right now is, “Give me ‘Sword Technique (Intermediate)’ please!”

–Skill effect is being applied.

Suddenly, my sword felt lighter than it ever had… This is what I needed alright. Then, let’s check what else was there to finish dealing with this annoying Auditory Hallucination.

–Choose the reward for the ‘Murder’ achievement.

–Holy Sword, Excalibur

–Artemis’ Bow

–Divine Spear, Gungnir

“Huh!?” I couldn’t help exclaiming. Aren’t those super strong weapons!? Is this my cheat item at last!? Did I finally win at life!?

I’m suddenly very excited… “Effect, please.” I was even trembling while waiting for their descriptions.

–Holy Sword, Excalibur: A miniature replica of the magical sword that King Arthur supposedly had. 1:10 scale, made of plastic.

–Artemis’ Bow: A miniature replica of the bow that was supposedly used by Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. 1:10 scale, made of wood.

–Divine Spear, Gungnir: A miniature replica of the spear that was supposedly used by Odin, god of war and death. 1:10 scale, made of PVC.

Wow! They’re all worthless! What a disappointment!

I guess this means the world isn’t that sweet? Or maybe this disappointment is actually a penalty for getting an achievement as disgraceful as murderer? It seems like this system can truly give any kind of item…

“Just give me anything.” I told the Auditory Hallucination.

–Item supplied.

The toy that I got was the ‘Holy Sword, Excalibur’. It was just the right size for a miniature… I considered throwing it away, but I guess it is pretty well-made, so let’s keep it as a souvenir.

That’s enough of dealing with the Auditory Hallucination though, let’s move on with things.


Right now, I suppose my priority should be to make sure that this building is safe. I wasn’t worrying too much about it while checking the Auditory Hallucination’s rewards because that man was here, so the probability of this store being safe is high.

However, he did get bitten. Maybe he got bitten outside and escaped here, but maybe he was bitten by a zombie that is still inside. I had no way of knowing that, so I would need to check the store myself.

Slowly, I walked around, carefully checking the surroundings… For now, everything seemed to be clear.

Except the area behind the counter that is. I could see from outside that this drugstore had a second floor, so there should be some stairs leading there. Maybe there is a waiting room up above.

Carefully, I opened the door and got behind the counter. There was, as expected, a somewhat steep staircase leading to the second floor there.

As I climbed the stairs, that kept on making noises with each step I took, I eventually reached another door… And from behind this door, I could hear noises. There was someone there.

Was it a living person? I knocked to find out.

… Groans came from the other side. What a cheerful reply that was! Surely it must be because of a stomachache, right?

I sheathed my sword and got a knife from my bag. It was a bit hard to use a sword in narrow spaces, so the knife would be safer here.

The groans got louder. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

There was a female zombie inside it. She seemed to be a few years older than me… Did the store owner go crazy because of his daughter’s mutation? Or did he try hosting a girl from outside, just like me, that was bitten by a zombie, which ended up leading to him getting bitten by her later on?

Either way, I’m sure some tragedy happened here… Well, I grabbed this zombie’s hair and quickly stabbed my knife through her eye, which made the hands around my neck let go… It’s okay now.

After laying down her corpse, I looked around. This seemed more like a living area than a waiting room. It even had a bed and a kitchen here. That was a nice surprise.

I threw the female zombie’s corpse out the window, and saw her quickly being surrounded by other zombies. Then, I went downstairs, opened the shutter a small bit, pushed the old man’s corpse outside by using a mop, then closed the shutter again. I also wiped out the blood that was on the floor after that.

Okay, this place is clean now.

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