High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 24 – Living by myself


After getting rid of the bodies, I checked the building one more time just to be extra sure that it was safe, and I came to the conclusion I shouldn’t need to worry about attacks from outside. The shutter on the front door should stop zombies from entering, and the back door is made of sturdy steel, so zombies most likely won’t be able to destroy it.

So, for now, I decided to stay at the living area on the second floor. I’m sure the owner won’t mind, and I need to wait for my injuries to recover.

I laid down on the bed and took a deep breath. The pillow was a bit old and smelly, but I didn’t mind it at all… It’s been a whole week since I last slept at a comfortable place, hasn’t it?

Now that I covered myself with the warm blanket, the tiredness of the day washed over me. The pain of my foot disappeared from my mind in the blink of an eye.

Good night.


By the time I realized it, six hours had passed. I slept like a log, and it felt the best. It was as if my whole body was melting… I don’t think I’ve ever slept this comfortably, not even before the zombie outbreak.

… I’d like to stay here forever, if possible.

It was kinda dark though… Getting up with a yawn, I turned on the light switch, as usual.

… Eh?

It turned on…? Is this a divine blessing? Did God descend and give me electricity?

I hurriedly looked around the house after seeing this inexplicable phenomenon… And found out that there was a solar-powered generator installed on the building’s roof… Wonderful! This is way too wonderful!

I went to the kitchen and, trying to lower my expectations, opened the refrigerator… It was cold. It was cold and had ingredients inside… My stomach rumbled.

Even by my standards, my following actions were unusually fast. I put a large amount of rice in the rice cooker, boiled some water in an electric pot, put two slices of butter in a frying pan.

Then, I put the frying pan on the stove and turned it on. Added bacon and enjoyed the scent for a bit before breaking four eggs and putting them on the pan as well.

After that I sprinkled a bit of salt and black pepper to finalize this part.

By now the water was already boiling, so I put some cup noodles in it. The rice was also done, so I put it all on a bowl, then added some vegetables to top it all off.

And there it is! All done! A full-course meal that is the specialty of someone who lives alone! I wouldn’t have been able to eat all this by myself one week ago, but I’m confident I can easily finish this meal right now.

Amazing… It really feels great to be able to eat some delicious food again. I ate it so fast that it was almost as if a vacuum cleaner got rid of the entire food… That’s the kind of sight that it would be better if other people didn’t see. It’s good that I’m alone right now.

Being completely satisfied, I returned to the bed and started thinking… What to do now? It would be nice if I could just live here forever, wouldn’t it?

Ah, there is an electric blanket in this bed… Let’s try it out, and… It works. It feels nice… It’s fine to sleep again, isn’t it?

This feels like home right now… I miss home.


A few hours later I woke up.

It seemed like I was back to full strength now, I could barely notice my leg injury anymore.

So now… I guess I should try getting in touch with everyone at school. My relationship with the people there is kinda weird, but I’m sure some of them are worried for me, so I’d like to reassure them if possible.

It was still in the middle of the night though, so going back there wasn’t an option. Let’s search around the building to see if there is anything that I can use.

It didn’t take long to find it. Some fireworks with an exaggerated name of ‘Sagittarius’ Arrows’… This must have costed a few thousand yen each.

They were a little dusty, so they’ve probably been here for a while. I guess the store’s owner must have bought it for some summer and ended up never using it.

For a second, I worried about their expiration date, but then I remembered hearing that, for as long as they don’t get damp, fireworks should be fine for at least ten years, so I guess there isn’t anything to worry about.

I wonder why they were bought though. Did the owner want to give a show to his grandchildren…?

Ah… I’m thinking about the intentions of the man I killed a small while back. That’s kinda rude, isn’t it?

Though well, I suppose it’s also fine. Let’s make use of this now that he can now longer do it.

I climbed to the roof of the building while carrying the ‘Sagittarius’ Arrows’ and lit it.

The fireworks flew high and made a golden light flash high up in the sky. A bright light illuminating the night. Feels even brighter than usual because the whole city is dark right now.

This really was quite an expensive and flashy thing, definitely not what I’d expect to be used at someone’s home… Well, it served a good purpose. Hopefully this was enough to communicate to the people at school that I’m well.

… I’m still sleepy though. Let’s go back to bed.

“Good night.” I told to the zombies below before going back inside the building. Laying down on the bed, and covering myself with the electric blanket, I slept once more.

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