High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 31 – Planned Theft


After getting the truck, things went surprisingly smoothly. On the way to the convenience store, we didn’t find any group of more than three zombies, and each time the undead got in our way, I quickly got off the truck and killed them with my katana. Once I was done with that, Mr. Asada and Mr. Norio took them out of the way.

We hadn’t really agreed on this division of roles, but it just naturally happened at some point.

“Damn it, our positions really should be reversed…” Mr. Norio grumbled as he cleaned up one of the corpses.

“And to think I even wrote a letter to my family in case I didn’t come back.” Mr. Asada commented.

“Huh? You did that too?” Mr. Norio replied.

As they both looked at one another after this exchange, they started giving out a strained laugh.

Meanwhile, I started wondering what could be the connection between otaku culture and homosexuality. Perhaps that could shed some light on Asuka’s excessive attraction towards me.

And in this peaceful manner, we arrived at the back gate of the convenience store. By now Kousuke, Ritsuko, Asuka and Rintarou were already there, and they had not only cleaned up the zombies in the area, but also opened the store’s door.

While Kousuke waved at us, Mr. Norio muttered, “What reckless kids…” he didn’t seem to be annoyed though… Instead, he actually seemed to be proud of how much his son has grown.

Then, Mr. Asada parked the truck right next to the door. We couldn’t see any zombies nearby, so it should be safe to move forward with the operation.

“The penalty for this would be imprisonment of 10 years or a fine of up to 500,000 yen…” Mr. Asada murmured.

“Things get even worse when it involves police officers, since it becomes a giant scandal, so… This should remain confidential.” Mr. Norio responded… Was this his attempt of lightening the mood? Can’t say it was very successful.

Mr. Asada sighed, then said, “Well… Let’s get started.”

And so, the looting began.


“Let’s focus on getting lunch boxes first and foremost. Even if things don’t look great in them, we should still be able to eat what’s inside if we cook it.” Mr. Asada said.

“Hey, look, Kousuke! The ice creams are all melting!” Rintarou exclaimed.

“Leave that alone…” Kousuke replied.

“Oh wow, I love those sweets!” Asuka exclaimed while looking at some candies.

“Maybe we should get some magazines? They could be burnt if necessary.” Ritsuko commented.

“I’m gonna get a few books, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. Entertainment is also important.” Mr. Norio said.

“Don’t worry too much about the expiration dates, everyone. Let’s get everything that seems usable.” Mr. Asada said.

“This is so fun! I can get as many games as I want!” Rintarou said while laughing out loud.

“For what? We don’t have energy nor consoles at school…” Kousuke replied.

“Such delicious bread… Though is the cream still safe to eat?” Asuka was eating one already as she wondered that.

“Ah… Now I’m finally able to change my socks.” Kousuke commented as he grabbed some.

“I think I’ll try bringing some dolls for the children… I don’t know which ones they’d like though. Nor who are the characters in them…” Ritsuko mused while going through the toys section.

“Frozen food… I’m not sure if we’ll be able to do anything with it, but I’ll bring some back. It might be possible to cook it.” Mr. Asada commented.

“Oh, anime T-shirts! I really wanted those!

“And I bet it would be worth a fortune if I put the anime miniatures up for sale too…” Rintarou mused, though I don’t think there is much use for money right now.

“Oh, I wanted to try this juice out! Lucky!” Asuka was drinking something right now… She was surely enjoying herself.

“Don’t forget to get some basic necessities, Asuka.” Ritsuko reminded her.

“New pants and things for shaving… Yeah, I’ll need those alright.” Mr. Norio said.

And like that, the truck was quickly loaded with a wide variety of things. I didn’t get anything myself, because I stayed outside to keep watch, just in case.

No zombies approached though, so I couldn’t even try out my new skills while everyone was busy shopping.

Though I can’t say I’m unhappy about the stay here being mostly peaceful.

Eventually, when about half of the truck’s capacity was filled, Mr. Norio said, “I think this much is enough. We’ve basically gotten everything that is close to expiration date, so we can always come back for the rest later… Mr. Asada, what are you doing?”

“Ms. Suzuki asked me to.” As he said that, he put a large amount of 10,000 yen bills next to the cash register.

“She’s a very serious teacher after all.” Mr. Norio commented.

“It’s good that she is like this. Otherwise, we’d be no different from beasts in the end.” Mr. Asada replied.

Mr. Norio snorted at that, then shouted, “Kousuke! Hurry up! We’re leaving!”

Kousuke was the last person inside the convenience store, and he quickly ran towards us after being yelled at by his dad.

… Not before hiding a condom in his pocket though. I guess it can’t be helped when considering his age, though I wonder if Mr. Asada, who is Rika’s father, noticed it.

“Everyone, I don’t care about how much stuff you can fit in your pockets! We have enough, so we’re going! We can come back for more next time!” Mr. Asada exclaimed.

… Yeah, let’s just assume he doesn’t know. Absolutely. I saw nothing, he saw nothing.


And then, once the truck came back to the school, I heard the usual fanfare.

–Congratulations! Your level has risen!

Ah… I guess that’s because I decided to help other people?

–Congratulations! You acquired the achievement: ‘Emergency Supplies’.

And an achievement too… Let’s tell them that I’m going to the bathroom so that I can check the rewards from this trip.

For now, I first checked the Magic Skills available.

–Please choose which magic skill you wish to acquire.

–Fire Magic III

–Water Magic I

–Thunder Magic I

Oh? I don’t really know why, but I fulfilled the conditions for Thunder Magic apparently.

Well, let’s check their effects just in case.

–Fire Magic III: Allows you to use magic by casting a spell.

–Water Magic I: Allows you to use magic by casting a spell.

–Thunder Magic I: Allows you to use magic by casting a spell.

I guess I really have to keep getting the spells if I want to see how effective they are.

“Fire Magic III” I told the Auditory Hallucination. Let’s keep trying to master the Fire Magic tree for now.

Though I won’t practice it indoors, since it might be dangerous.

–Please choose the reward for the ‘Emergency Supplies’ achievement.

–Steel Sword

–Steel Spear

–Oak Staff

Now that I think about it, I didn’t even test out the effects of the Cowardly Glasses yet… Though it’s not like there is anyone I want to see the intentions of right now, so I guess it can’t be helped.

Regardless of that, let’s just look at the description of the rewards of this achievement. They seem fairly intuitive, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

–Steel Sword: A steel sword.

–Steel Spear: A steel spear.

–Oak Staff: An oak staff that will increase the effectiveness of your spells by 10% while you hold it.

Oh, those are pretty nice. Definitely better than the Excalibur I got a small while back.

Though I wonder what’s the connection between those rewards and the achievement… Is there some rule to what determines which rewards I get?

Well, I suppose that doesn’t matter much. Let’s just choose a reward and get this done with.

The staff does seem appealing, but I think it’s better to get a backup weapon instead of something to enhance the spells, so… “Please give me the Steel Sword.” I told the Auditory Hallucination.

–Item is being delivered.

A steel sword appeared in my hands. It was the standard western sword that you often see in RPGs, but… It had no scabbard.

Am I supposed to make one myself? It’s kinda hard to use the weapon like this.

Perhaps it would have been a better idea to get the Steel Spear and give it to Ritsuko then… Well, too late now, so let’s not worry about it.

For now, let’s put the new sword on the corner of the classroom, it will serve as decoration.

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