High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 32 – Supper Time


It was a bit past midnight. The school was completely silent, and not even a candle was lit.

There wasn’t any rule about it, but because zombies are attracted by light and sound, everyone slept on the dark while making as little noise as possible.

It was in this dark silent night that I woke up at. I didn’t use any alarm, but I woke up at about the time I wanted to.

While making as little noise as possible, I left the classroom that I slept at with my katana and a flashlight that was turned off.

Carefully, I went through the corridor, went down the stairs, crossed the barricade, gently opened the window of the first floor, then left the school’s building.

Then, in order to avoid the gaze of Takenaka, who might be watching from the roof, I avoided crossing the courtyard and instead stayed as close to the school’s walls as possible, until I eventually reached the gates.

I climbed over the gates and went to the road outside. There were no zombies in front of me.

The full moon was high up in the sky, so I didn’t feel like I needed my flashlight right now. I just walked freely towards my goal.

On the way there, I found one lone zombie. Since it was a good opportunity, I decided to do an experiment.

Holding my breath, I sneakily walked towards it. Carefully, one step at a time… The zombie was not noticing me. Seems like they don’t have good eyesight and mostly find us by sound and smell. Though lights also attract them of course.

It was good to know that it would be harder for them to notice me in the dark at least… However, just as I thought that, the zombie made a loud groam and started moving towards me. Seems like he became able to smell me once there was only a distance of 5 meters between us.

Quickly jumping away from it, I started my next test, “Fire Magic III.”

… Eh? Why is no magic coming out? Fire Magic II had quite a bit of firepower, so I thought that Fire Magic III would be quite flashy, but… All that’s happening is that my hand is letting out a strange liquid. Is this sweat? Did I learn Water Magic I instead? No, I did use Fire Magic III, I’m sure of it…

I don’t get what’s happening, but I guess I’ll just have to give up on it for now, “Fireball.” This time the magic did work and the fist-sized fireball appeared in front of my hand.

“Go.” As I said this, I threw the fireball towards the zombie that was walking towards me.

Its clothes caught on fire and the zombie staggered for a second… But then, it continued moving in my direction.

As expected, the Fireball isn’t enough to kill a zombie… Well, thank you for your cooperation on my tests.

I then swiftly cut its head in half with my katana.

And now that my experiments were finished, I continued moving towards my goal, as I didn’t go out in the middle of the night just to do some tests.

It didn’t take too long to get there. The ‘Captain’ supermarket was right in front of me.

I started giggling. I was sure that I had a wicked smile on my face right now, one that definitely wouldn’t fit any shoujo heroine ever.

In front of the building, there were over a dozen zombies. It was a big number, but not much when compared to large flock that was here back during the rescue operation… It’s a relief that they dispersed already.

I might be able to kill them one by one right now, since they have bad eyesight, but I had a better idea, “Fireball.”

I threw the spell towards the direction that the sun would rise. The zombies noticed the light and started going after it.

And now, there was only one zombie in front of ‘Captain’. Seems like this one is slow to react, so I just sneaked behind it and killed it.

Finally, no more zombies in front of the market. With the area cleared, I entered the half-opened automatic door and closed it afterwards. It was a bit hard to do it due to the lack of electricity, but I managed.

Then, I looked around for a small bit and saw that there were five or six zombies inside the building… “You’re in the way.” I said.

I didn’t really need to talk to them, but I was really at my limits here… I needed food. My stomach was rumbling like crazy and I just couldn’t get anything close to a good night of sleep.

Sure, I did get more food than everyone else, but I’m just too hungry! Since I obtained Magic, the food I got never felt like it was enough! Even if Rika made sure I got extras when she helped prepare the meals, I just needed more!

However, I still have some decency inside me, so I’m not going to steal from the school’s storage… And therefore, I have no other choice but to get some extra nourishment from the food inside ‘Captain’!

Just from imagining the meal ahead of me, I started giggling… It felt like an evil villainous laugh, but that much was fine, I don’t need to care about the impression that the zombies have of me after all.

Also, they seemed to have heard the noise I made, so they’re now coming in my direction. Not only the first ones that I saw, but also some extras that I hadn’t seen at first.

This was fine. I held my sword up high, looking at the demons who dared invade my paradise.

Humming a lullaby, I started it… I started the slaughter.

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