High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 33 – Feast


Once I got rid of the zombies, I pushed all their corpses towards the fresh food section… Or rather, to the expired food section… It was saddening to see so much wasted food, but it couldn’t be helped.

More importantly… My stomach couldn’t stop rumbling. Now that I had food right in front of me, it just wasn’t holding back at all… Let’s dig in!

I quickly moved through the empty supermarket while appreciating the 100% off, all you can eat sale.

I first put a bunch of chocolate on my shopping cart. Next were three bags of potato chips, and after that… I just put a bunch of snacks in, not caring too much about which ones I was taking.

Then I picked some grapefruit juice. The 100% pure juice though, those that I could never afford to buy for myself.

… Yeah, this should be enough for an appetizer, let’s go eat before I go crazy.

I swiftly ran to the office room on the back of the market. There were no windows inside it, so I turned on my flashlight for the first time.

Then, I threw all the documents that were on top of the desk on the ground. And after that, I filled the desk with all the snacks I obtained… “Thank you for the meal!” I said to no one in particular.

… The pile of sweets disappeared in an instant. It’s almost as if I’m a black hole… Even though the amount I ate should definitely be too much to fit into my stomach, I was still hungry… It’s not enough. I thought it would be fine if I ate a ton of snacks, but I just need more…

Oh, I have an idea. Let’s do this.

I quickly moved to the cooking utensils section and got a cooking pot and a frying pan… Now let’s see if this work.

“Fire Magic III.” I murmured. Once again, the strange liquid flew out from my fingers.

However, now that I was paying more attention, I realized that it was actually flowing from a few millimeters away from my fingertips… I let the weird liquid fall on top of the frying pan.

“Fire.” I ignited the liquid, “Whoa!” That was unexpected. A huge fire pillar came from the pan, going as high as the ceiling… So ‘Fire Magic III’ creates a flammable liquid… How unintuitive!

It now makes sense that it’s still in the Fire Magic skill tree though… And on the current situation, I can definitely attest to the usefulness of this skill.

This time, I gathered a few more ingredients, and decided to prepare my next meal. I first let a few drops of ‘Fire Magic III’ fall on the cooking pot, then used Fire to light it up… It wrapped the office’s insides in a bright orange light.

Then, I put some water on the cooking pot, and it started boiling in the blink of an eye. Nice! This is way better than expected!

… I wonder what name I should give to this spell though. Fire Oil? That seems kinda bland… Well, I can work on that later, for now, let’s start preparing the cup noodles.

Then, after waiting three minutes, I put soy sauce, miso, pork, salt, ramen, and even a bunch of bread as well. I mixed up a bunch of sweet and spicy foods without a care in the world. It doesn’t matter if people say that Ramen doesn’t go well with bread, or that this many carbs will be bad for my health… For now, all I care, is satiating my stomach, so… “Thank you for the meal!” I exclaimed once more, before happily attacking my new meal.

Following that, I also drank a bit of green tea and… Well, it disappeared. All the food in front of me was gone. Only now did my stomach start calming down.

I think… This should be enough. I could eat more, but getting my stomach too full before going home might make me sluggish, so it’s better not to.

Instead, I decided to finish my feast with drinking more tea and some peach juice.

And at this moment, just when I was about to leave, I ended up noticing something… The cooking pot that I used had no burn marks on it at all. I thought that this was just because it was of a good brand, but the price tag that I forgot to peel off hasn’t burned either… Could this be some special property of ‘Fire Magic III’? Could it add fire attribute to an item instead of simply being some fire oil?

To test that, I decided to use ‘Fire Magic III’ and ‘Fire’ on a small piece of paper and… It didn’t burn. Or rather, it was burning, but the paper itself wasn’t being consumed by the fire at all… It still looked just like any other piece of paper.

This really is quite magical… In that case, the only proper name for ‘Fire Magic III’ can be… ‘Enchantment’! This is awesome! I’m really getting closer and closer to my dreamy Arcane Warrior!

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