High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 34 – The Birth of an Arcane Warrior


While carrying a bag of sweets, that wasn’t very bulky, I left ‘Captain’ through the employees’ backdoor, in order to avoid letting more zombies inside the market. I was in a pretty good mood right now, since I finally felt like my stomach was full.

However, right outside the door, there were five zombies waiting for me… I guess this is the debut of the Arcane Warrior!

“Enchantment.” I muttered, letting the liquid fall over my katana’s blade, “Fire.” Then, my blade was lighted up. The fire went so high that it was almost as if my sword had doubled in side… And now I’ve created the Fire Sword!

… Somehow the name felt a bit embarrassing, but let’s not mind that. If you think carefully about, it’s actually quite the cool name, right? Right!?

Well, the zombies won’t answer my internal monologue, so let’s just get this started. I can think a bit more on the sword’s name after I get back to school.

And so, I swung my katana against the nearest zombie, and its head flew off… Only, there was almost no resistance from its body. It was almost as if I was cutting a rag doll.

Immediately after that, I could smell the carbonized meat… Still, I didn’t mind that and focused on the next zombies. One after the other, they fell with extreme ease… This Enchanted Sword is really strong, isn’t it? I could even cut a zombie in half with a single vertical swing…

Without realizing it, I became absorbed into testing the sword, and ended up killing all the zombies in the surround area… This is definitely an amazing power. Even with the added risk of luring more zombies nearby, since they’re attracted by the bright light of the sword, it’s still well worth it to use this. I’m happy I raised my skills to this point.

But that’s enough for today, let’s go back home… Oh wait, not yet. There’s still one more thing to check.

The truck that Mr. Kobayakawa was driving. The one that he used to bring the Hibiyas to the school… I wanted to check it before, but didn’t have the opportunity to. Let’s go back there now, there might be something worthwhile inside it.

First, I checked the truck’s back, and saw a bench there… I guess it was there to help carry people? I also saw a doll on the bench. I recognized it as being a character of a children’s anime… Must be from Kousuke’s sister. And since she brought it with her all the way here, she must treasure it quite a bit… Let’s take it back with me.

Also, I noticed that there was bag hidden below the bench. And inside it there were… Guns!? Three pistol and quite a few cases filled with bullets too… I guess those must be from the self-defense forces, since there’s no way the Hibiyas would have those. Especially when Mr. Norio said that he didn’t even know how to shoot.

This is quite the lucky find. I don’t have a use for them myself, but I’m sure that the people at school will be helped by those.

What a wonderful harvest that I got today. Let’s hurry back to the school now… I guess I’ll put this all away for the time being, then give it to everyone later. Maybe I can say that I picked those up when I was coming back from the drugstore, but I was so nervous at the time, that I forgot to actually give the guns and doll to them or something.

While thinking of that, I happily climbed the school’s gate as I hummed the ‘Song of the Death God’ that I got some time back, even if it had no use anymore.

But then, as soon as I jumped inside the school grounds, I heard a chilling voice coming from behind me, “You’re in quite the good mood, aren’t you?” my whole body froze at those words.

Slowly, I turned towards this terrifying voice, and saw Ms. Asaka looking at me with the scariest smile I have ever seen… she’s definitely angry.

And behind her, was Takenaka Isao… How though? I was sure that I avoided his gaze while moving out…

“Takenaka saw a bright light at Captain, so he warned me about it.” As if reading my mind, Ms. Asaka explained it.

Ah… Of course. He can see the market from the school’s rooftop, that was how he found Kousuke’s family in the first place… That was a real blunder on my end.

“You best be prepared for quite the scolding, as soon as I hear why you went there in the first place.” Ms. Asaka told me.

“I’m sorry…” I replied. Not much that can be done now other than accepting that I’ll have to hear quite the sermon…

But then, I heard Takenaka whisper at my ear, “Sorry, senpai. I didn’t know it was you there…”

“It’s alright. You just did your job there.” I replied.

Though I was actually quite worried about this. If he saw a bright light, he most likely saw me using magic… Will I be okay?

Takenaka eased my worries without me even needing to ask about it though, “Though why were you using fireworks, senpai? It really was quite bright at Captain.” he asked me, this time loud enough so that Ms. Asaka could hear us.

Oh, fireworks! Of course, that makes sense, it’s more reasonable for him to come to that conclusion than to expect me to somehow be able to use Fire Magic.

“Oh, that… To attract zombies, I guess…? It was the idea behind it at least…” I replied. It was the best answer that I could come up with.

“I see…” Ms. Asaka replied.

“Can you keep this a secret…?” I asked them.

“Of course!” Takenaka instantly replied, “Though don’t put yourself in too much danger, senpai. Everyone relies a lot on you, after all.”

Ms. Asaka, on the other hand, just sighed… Is she counting on me too? I suppose I’d do the same if I was in her position.

Although… It makes me feel guilty. As if I’m betraying everyone, because I’m hiding my powers…

But then, a girl that gets stronger the more she kills zombies? In this incredibly messed up world, I somehow was able to even get an item as convenient as an Antidote… In this kind of situation… Wouldn’t I be forced to leave this community if they found out about my powers?

… I’m fairly sure that might actually happen.

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