High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 40 – One-on-one


The flames illuminated the dark night.

As I face the monster, I can see that it is intimidated by the flaming sword.

However… I did not have the opportunity to take the initiative against the pig, for the zombies were swarming me… Perhaps it was a mistake to use the enchantment so early, the light is attracting them to me.

Nonetheless, I kept my eyes on the monster while dealing with each zombie that got within range… How to break this stalemate?

I needed to be careful about my approach, but the pig itself was also careful, so there was no obvious opening that I could exploit.

Also, not only did he have two huge fangs growing from his mouth, but he was able to blow away Ms. Mizutani way too easily and way too quickly. He seems to be far more agile than what you’d expect from that huge body… If I get hit, I’ll be dead with a single blow.

I should aim for the head. A single stab on the brain with the enchanted sword should be enough to end this.

The pig roared, not giving me any time to think about how to safely approach his head. He rushed towards me.

It was fast… There was no build-up to that movement. At one moment he was standing still, and on the next he was running at a crazy high speed. I could barely dodge that physics-defying charge.

But then… The sound of rubble being scattered echoed. Behind me was the school, so… When I dodged his attack, he broke through the wall of the building’s first floor.

“Damn it!” I bit my lips.

It was good enough that he only broke a part of the wall instead of actually making the whole school fall down, but still…

“Get out!” I exclaimed as I stabbed my sword at the pig’s butt. His skin was extremely tough, but the enchanted sword could pierce it.

Immediately after that, the pig convulsed, so I reflexively jumped away from it… A second later, he started jumping around like a rabbit, until it turned towards me once more. That was dangerous, that jump could have killed me.

I couldn’t relax though, there was no time for that… Because not only the pig was looking at me, but also because the zombies were making their way towards the hole in the wall that the pig just opened… This is bad. I can’t deal with this monster while also stopping over a hundred of zombies from entering the school.

But then… A military truck moved past me and blocked the wall. The driver… Hibiya Norio.

“Leave the zombies to us! Get the big guy, senpai!” Kousuke exclaimed.

“Let’s fucking go!” Rintarou shouted.

“I’ll do my best to not let anyone die!” Asuka exclaimed.

“Get out of our home!” Ritsuko shouted.

And immediately after that, I heard gunshots, “Take that! And that!” Mr. Asada, Mr. Sasaki and Ms. Suzuki were the ones with the guns.

I took a deep breath, “Fireball.” and then throwed the fireball at the pig’s face. It didn’t do much aside from angering him, but that’s all I wanted right now.

“Come on, just you and me… Let’s have some fun.” I told the pig as I readied my sword.

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