High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 41 – Cliched Reason


(Takenaka Isao’s PoV)

“Beautiful…” I unconsciously muttered as tears dropped from my eyes… I finally understood it.

-Please pick up your weapon.

Those words that I thought were a hallucination, now feel like a mission given to me.

“Hey, you okay?” Nakata senpai asked me. Both of us were asked to stay inside the school, away from trouble.

“I’m alright… I’m alright…” I replied.

-Please pick up your weapon.

It finally makes sense. This world is perishing, the human race is facing its doom, but… There is a girl fighting against that. She and her fire sword seem to have come out straight out of a legend.

I like her. I want to be with her. To kiss, hold hands, to have children together… It’s unfair to wish that of her, but I still want it.

“Perhaps we should go rest? And leave everything to the people capable of fighting?” Nakata senpai suggested. He was probably worried for me.

However, I couldn’t do that. It would be a waste of my life. A waste of this opportunity… I understand it now. A life without her has no meaning.

-Please pick up your weapon.

What I need to do is clear… “Nakata senpai… Please listen to my request. It’s the most important thing that I’ve ever needed in my life.” I asked him.

“What’s up with you…?” He was understandably confused, but that’s not relevant right now.

“The gun… Please lend it to me.” I asked.

“This?” He took out the pistol that Mr. Norio lent him, “I don’t even know how to use it, so I don’t mind, but…”

He was worried for me… He was probably even doubting my sanity at this point.

Nonetheless, “Please, Nakata senpai…” I asked again. I don’t want to try taking it by force… Besides, I don’t think I’d even be able to.

He stayed silent for a while. It wasn’t long, but it felt like it took an eternity… But eventually he said, “You persuaded Mr. Asada to ask senpai to train the others, didn’t you?”

“… Yes.” I answered honestly.

Nakata senpai sighed, “You really prioritize everyone else over yourself, don’t you?” then gave me the gun.

“Thank you.” I picked it.

“So, what are you going to do with it?” He asked.

“I’m gonna help senpai.” I instantly answered.

“Eh? But your health…” Nakata senpai was worrying… I understood it. Since elementary, I’ve never been able to do much in sports. I was once taken to the infirmary just because I tried too hard at sprinting.

I know that I’m useless at exercising. I know that I’ve always been a dead weight in any sort of competition… I know that I spent all my time reading, gaming and talking with my friends, but…

I still need to do this.

-Please exterminate the enemy life forms in the vicinity.

I was trembling in fear, but… I want to protect my special person… For this simple cliched reason… I’ll do it!

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