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High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 42 – Never Again


This situation was bad… Not only would I be dead if I took even a single blow, but I was also hungry. The hunger slowed my whole body down, and it made it hard to properly focus on the battle… The magic really does drain my stamina far too quickly. it’s not suited for long battles.

However, I had no chance of winning without ‘Enchantment’, so I had to keep at it. I clenched my teeth and stared at the pig monster… I needed to pierce its head. One blow to the head was all that I needed.

Staring back at me, the pig roared. Its shout attracted even more zombies, but Mr. Norio’s truck-barricade was holding them back to some extent.

… To some extent. There was still a large number of zombies inside the school grounds already, and I couldn’t afford to focus on them, or the pig would kill me. I could only trust Kousuke and the others to take care of them.

The pig roared once more… What will happen if I lose here? Will the world be taken over by it? Will this become a pig world? This is no joke…

I got distracted. This momentaneous distraction was all that it took for the pig to start rushing my way.

However, I was still able to react in time, so I jumped away from its charge.

Only, something grabbed my leg… A female zombie that had lost half of its body. The upper half of her body was holding me… Was this the pig’s intent all along? Is it actually capable of doing carefully planned attacks like this?

This was bad… If things remain like this…

A gunshot. I heard a gunshot, and then the zombie’s head exploded.

“Senpai!” I looked towards the voice that just shouted this, and saw a trembling Takenaka Isao holding a pistol, “Are you alright!?”

“Ah, yes!” I quickly took my leg off the zombie’s hold and regained my posture, “But why are you-?”

“Not now! Talk later!” Takenaka cut me off, then shot his gun at the pig’s head, though it barely did any damage, “Damn it, this is one tough guy.”

“That’s enough! Go back to safety!” I exclaimed. Takenaka wasn’t fit enough to fight this monster…

“It’s not as if you’re any bulkier than me, senpai!” He exclaimed… He exclaimed while his legs still trembled non-stop.

This is frustrating… And it is no time to make jokes either… I have to kill this pig before it harms Takenaka, for there is no way he’ll be able to dodge a direct charge from this monster.

However… My sword’s fire flickered. Like a gas stove that is almost out of gas… Am I close to my limit? This is really bad…

“You know, seeing senpai’s witch-like powers, I ended up figuring it out.” Takenaka muttered something weird… No time to focus on that. Gotta kill the pig fast, “I’ll stop the pig, so… Get rid of it, senpai.”

“Huh? What are you…?” I tried asking.

“No time to talk, leave it to me!” As Takenaka exclaimed that, he shot the pig again. Just like before, it didn’t have much use aside from angering the pig.

… And this monstrous enemy seemed to realize that the skinny trembling guy was probably an easier target than me, so… It turned towards Takenaka.

“Wait, no!” I shouted.

But the pig rushed towards Takenaka with an incredible speed. And Takenaka didn’t even try dodging… He instead, waited for the pig to get close, then shot two bullets directly at the pig’s eyes.

His movements were fast… His movements were precise… And his body was sent flying, like a ragdoll that was thrown away.

And the pig fell down, squirming in pain from the shots… “This can’t be…” I murmured… No, no time to feel helpless. I need to make use of the opportunity that Takenaka created.

I ran towards the pig, and stabbed the sword into its forehead… Like this, its body stopped moving, like a toy that had its switch turned off.

And the completely out of place extremely loud fanfare rang.

–Congratulations! You achieved the ‘Monster Hunter’ achievement!

–Congratulations! Your level has risen!

–Congratulations! Your level has risen!

–Congratulations! Your level has risen!

–Congratulations! Your level has passed a certain threshold, so job change is now possible!

–Congratulations! Your level has risen!

I ignored the Hallucination and ran towards Takanaka, “Takanaka!” I shouted.

Before he was able to make a reply, he spit some blood first, “I… I did it… Senpai…” He then spit more blood.

“Why…? Why do something so unreasonable…?” I asked him.

“It must be a joke… I heard it so many times in one go… ‘your level has risen’… This game is going overboard…” Takenaka told me.

“Huh…?” For a moment, I was lost, but… In the next second, I was screaming, “Natural Healing! Take Natural Healing! Quickly!”

“Natu…?” He asked.

“It’ll be okay! Just do it!” I exclaimed.

“More than that… I… Senpai I…” He didn’t finish his phrase.

His eyes lost their vitality… And then… From now on… They’ll never again regain it.

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