High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 61 – In the supermarket


Aside from miss Satonaka, there was also a family of five, the Takadas, joining us for dinner.

Though well, we were just eating ready-made food.

“Today… I got something that I thought you’d like… Here, Iroha.” Miss Satonaka took out a package of canned food that was apparently a special gift.

“Whoa! It’s canned pudding!” Iroha was delighted.

Mr. And Ms. Takada smiled at seeing how happy she was at that.

“We found a warehouse filled with canned goods not too far from here. This was the last canned pudding there, so we thought we could save it for you.” Miss Satonaka explained.

“Ooh! I love you!” Iroha happily opened the can and immediately started eating the pudding, even though this was supposed to be a dessert.

“Well, to celebrate our reunion today, is it fine if I have a drink…?” Mr. Takada asked his wife.

Ms. Takada giggled, “Well, if it’s just for today…”

“Eh!? Dad is cheating!” One of their sons exclaimed.

“It’s still too early for you.” Mr. Takada replied.

I watched them chat from a bit away.

In the current state of the world, I can relax and smile just by looking at people being happy.

It feels like I’m right outside a mosquito’s net, in a way… But well, I’ve always been in this kind of position even before the world became like this, so this doesn’t bother me.

“But why are you back now?” Iroha asked.

Miss Satonaka answered, “Ah, you see… A while ago, an outrageous monster appeared here!”

“A monster?” Iroha asked.

“Yes, a huge tiger monster! It was as big as a mountain and it was loitering around while roaring day and night! We were too scared to stay here, so we ran further north… But then I thought I might see you again if I came back, so I decided to try it.

“And then, once we arrived, we saw that the zombies had been wiped out, and I heard a girl’s voice come from the kitchen! At that time, I almost cried even if I’m already at this age!” Miss Satonaka’s machinegun-like talk was quite impressive.

Mr. Takada frowned a bit after hearing all that, but then he continued, “When faced with a monster like that, even a reinforced steel building wouldn’t be able to resist, but… Now, that monster that kept on roaring day and night seems to have gone somewhere else, so things became quiet again.”

“Aah… So that was it…” After a longer-than-necessary wait, Iroha said, “That was taken care of.”

“… Huh?” Everyone else in the room seemed to be surprised.

That was quite the reaction. I guess the wait was worth it.

“You beat it… Iroha?” Miss Satonaka asked.

“Yeah, me and that sis over there did it!” Iroha pointed towards me.

The eyes all focused on me.

“Maybe… You too have mysterious powers?” Miss Satonaka asked me.

“Indeed! Sis fights with a sword! She’s really cool!” Iroha replied in my stead.

Seems like her memories of fighting me yesterday night have completely disappeared already.

“So it wasn’t just Iroha…” Ms. Takada muttered.

“Hey, so can you use magic too, sis?” A small girl that was about ten years old asked me. Her eyes were sparkling, “Show me, show me!”

“Alright.” I then raised my finger a bit, “Fire.” and lit a small fire on my fingertip.

“Ooh… Ooh…” The people watching said.

But somehow, they didn’t seem to be too surprised…

“It’s the same as Iroha.” Miss Satonaka said honestly.

Ah, right. Iroha does have Fire Magic I too. I guess they won’t be too surprised after already seeing it once.

How disappointing…

“I can use something cooler! Electric Switch!” When Iroha raised her voice, all lights in the supermarket were turned on.

Everyone applauded her.

“Well, Iroha’s magic can be really convenient!” Miss Satonaka said.

“As expected of Iroha!” Mr. Takada said.

Iroha giggled, “It’s not much.” she was clearly quite happy with the praises.

Just what is this development?

For a moment I actually considered acquiring some magic skills just to brag here, but I stopped myself at the last minute.

I-I’m not particularly frustrated at their lack of reaction to my magic or anything!


After we finished eating, I immediately went to bed.

Iroha seemed to be really attached to miss Satonaka though, so they kept on chatting until late in the night.

I think I heard Iroha start crying several times during that conversation.

Seems like not many people who had taken refuse in this supermarket survived.

And now, I’m also starting to worry about the safety of everyone who I left behind at the Miyabigaoka high school… Well, let’s not think about things that I can’t do anything about. It will just make me feel sick.

These past two days have been quite hectic… I mean… Why did I come here again?

Well, it’s fine…

While I was absent-mindedly trying to look back on my memories, I ended up falling asleep.

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