High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 62 – Friend


On the next day, I naturally woke up as soon as the sky started to brighten up.

Today I have to go to the place where the Evil Slave Master lies.

I went to the supermarket’s side door so as to not wake up everyone who was still asleep.

But then, “Are you leaving?” I was stopped by Ms. Satonaka.

I thought nobody was there, so I was startled by her.

“I couldn’t sleep much… After talking to that girl.” Ms. Satonaka told me.

“Oh, right, I do remember you two talking a lot last night.” I replied.

“Did you hear all that?” She asked.

“No, I went to bed early.” I said.

“I see…” Ms. Satonaka let out a heavy sigh, that seemed to take all the air out of her lungs, before continuing, “I have a request.”

“Well, I can hear it at least.” I replied.

“That child… Can you take Iroha with you?” Ms. Satonaka asked.

It was an unexpected request. I’m sure that Iroha’s presence was very important for the people here.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have risked their lives to come back.

Surely Iroha was a symbol of safety for them. With Iroha here, they would not need to fear zombies anymore, and they could try moving to a better place.

So, I couldn’t understand why Ms. Satonaka would want to push Iroha away.

“You say that, but do you think Iroha would actually want to leave?” I decided to ask.

“I am unsure. That girl is very kind, so… Maybe she would become our goddess again.” Ms. Satonaka said with a heavy tone.

A goddess, huh…?

“But that’s no good. We’re not like you two. No matter what we do, we can’t stand right by that girl’s side. She needs a friend who she can tell her true feelings to. A friend like you.” Ms. Satonaka said.

For a while, there was an awkward silence as I processed what I had just heard.

Eventually though, I replied, “If she feels like it, tell her to come after me. I’ll be burning the zombies I kill along the way, so she should be able to catch up.”

“Okay, thank you.” Ms. Satonaka gave me a tired smile.

It was an expression that she hadn’t shown even once yesterday, back when she was in front of Iroha.

“By the way… Are you scared of the zombies?” Ms. Satonaka asked me.

“No, not at all.” I replied honestly.

“I see… I’ve gotten used to this too, recently. I killed a few people before I got here. Zombies and… A human too.” Ms. Satonaka said some heavy words.

“A human?” I asked.

“Yes, he was a violent guy. I had called him husband in the past, but he tried putting not only me, but also the Takadas and the others in danger.

“At that time, I just happened to have a kitchen knife in hand, so… Well, I just wished we hadn’t had to suffer for as long as we did.” Ms. Satonaka explained.

“I see…” It was all that I could say in response.

“I didn’t feel anything. We were together for fifteen years, but when it was done, all that I thought was that taking care of the zombies was much harder.” Ms. Satonaka said next.

I felt like I could understand what she was getting at.

“You know, two months ago I wasn’t even able to kill an insect, but now I have already stabbed a man that I used to love.

“You seem like a smart kid, so I’m sure you’ll understand. The horror behind the zombies is not their strength, but the fact that, little by little, they are completely destroying our common sense and driving us crazy.

“… Don’t forget it, alright? You and Iroha may be able to use magic and are also much stronger than us, but… Your heart is still the same as ours. And once it’s broken, it will never be repaired.” Ms. Satonaka slowly and quietly said all that.

It was hard to believe this was the same person who talked like a machinegun just yesterday.

“Please get along well with that child.” Ms. Satonaka told me.

It seemed like she was already sure of what choice Iroha would make.

“Got it.” I nodded, then left the supermarket.


About two hours after that conversation, I heard a voice come from behind me, “Heey, sis!”

I turned around and saw Iroha running my way and waving her hand, “… Oh, you’re here.” I replied.

It was not particularly surprising.

“Yeah, everyone is okay now. They got plenty of food, have a good idea of where are the other survivors, and they also said that they’re planning on building new barricades.” Iroha told me.

“I see.” I replied.

“Besides, if there is a bad guy around here, then I have to beat him! After all, if the two of us are together, then we’re invincible! Not even a giant monster can defeat us!

“So…” At this point, Iroha lowered her gaze and the tone of her voice too, “Well, can I follow you, sis? I don’t think I’ll cause you any trouble.”

Of course, I had no reason to refuse.

Just like she needed me, I too, needed a friend.

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