High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 63 – Messiah


–Head to the Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park to the north. There lies the Evil Slave Master. Kill him, or subjugate him.

I remembered the task I was given a small while back.

“We’re here.” Me and Iroha said together.

We stopped at the Tokorozawa Station to replenish our supplies. After getting some portable food and water bottles, we walked along the Tokorozawa Street.

There were quite a few zombies here, probably because this area was quite busy, originally.

But even a zombie horde like this one didn’t trouble us much.

“Certain Death Technique: Explosive Hundred Fists!” Even if zombies weren’t much of an enemy to us, Iroha still used Special Skill III against them.

After that, all we needed to do was the simple task of burning down the zombies.

So, we headed to the Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park leisurely, while also getting some cute key chains at a game arcade, and also stocking up on extra underwear at a clothes store.

“Oh my.” I commented.

“Ooooh…” Iroha commented.

What impressed us was a big barricade with many layers to it. It was a bit of a mess composed of all sorts of things, including even an abandoned truck.

I could see several zombies trying to get past the barricade, but being unable to move forward. They seem to have gotten stuck at the junk that composed the barricade.

It was like the whole barricade was constantly growing, swallowing up the zombies that came to it.

“Doesn’t this look like an evil lair?” Iroha commented.

With those few words, Iroha summarized my long-winded internal monologue.

“It does.” I replied.

Then, the two of us started climbing the barricade.

There was another wall on the other side of the barricade. We could feel how they really didn’t want to let a single zombie go inside their territory.

And so, after crossing the layers of the barricade, we arrived at a lush green park.

We moved through the area that, back in the day, was often filled with people jogging, until we eventually reached a part that was clearly occupied by humans.

Surrounded by a wire mesh, we could see dozens of camper-vans.

Without hesitation, we stepped inside it.

We then saw two women who seemed to be in their twenties. They were standing guard and held bows and arrows in their hands.

“Oh? Is something the matter?” One of them called out to us.

There didn’t seem to have any malice on her words, so I wondered if she was thinking of us as lost children or something.

“Well… I heard there was someone with mysterious powers living here?” I replied.

“So you came to see the Messiah?” The woman asked me.

A Messiah, huh?

“Are they offering a silent prayer to the Messiah?” The other woman asked.

A silent prayer, huh?

“Uhn… I’m sorry to bother, but could you tell us more about those powers of the Messiah?” I asked them.

Then, the two women chuckled.

“You’ll be amazed! The Messiah is a real wizard!

“Do you happen to be injured, perchance?” One of them asked me.

“No, not really.” I replied.

“How unfortunate… Ah, I mean, it’s just because that person’s magic can heal any kind of injury.” The woman explained.

So he has Healing Magic… Should I get the Silence skill, maybe?

Well, let’s leave that for later. For now, this is too convenient, so let’s try getting as much information out of those women as I can.

Or so I thought, but I didn’t need to ask anything, because they started spilling it out on their own.

“He can also bring out water out of nowhere.” One woman said.

“And create fire.” The other said.

“He can make electricity work near him.” The first woman said.

“It’s truly the work of miracles.” The other said.

“Indeed.” The first one said.

Without a care in the world, the two kept on spoiling the details of the Messiah’s skills to me.

“Oh, and then… There is also that.” The first woman said.

“Wait, Sanae, that’s a bit too much.” The other woman said.

“Oh, come on, it’s just a bit of gossip.” The Sanae woman said.

“I guess it might be fine, I’m sure they’ll become part of the group anyways.” The other woman said.

They then started whispering to one another.

“What is it?” Iroha tilted her head and asked.

At this moment, the Sanae woman whispered to us, “It’s really a secret, alright?”

“Real secret.” The other woman whispered.

I wished they would just go ahead and tell us.

“He is really good, you know?” Sanae said.

“Good? What do you mean?” I asked.

“On that, you know? Sex, sex.” Sanae said.


After obtaining the necessary information (and some useless information), we entered the premises of the place that was said to be run by the Messiah.

The people inside seemed to be thinking of us as new companions, as we didn’t get anything more than curious glances coming from here and there.

“Hey, sis… Did you notice?” Iroha cast a sharp glance towards me.

“Yes.” I nodded.

This place… There were only young women here.

A ‘kingdom’ filled only with women, who are ruled by their Messiah… The Evil Slave Master.

“I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth.” I commented.

“Oh, really? Because I was smelling a delicious stew here.” Iroha replied.

At this moment, I almost fell down at her stupid comment.

“Ah, I see…?” I managed to make this reply.

“Mmm… Did you notice anything else?” Iroha asked me.

“No, not really.” I replied really stiffly.

Let’s simply allow Iroha to keep her heart pure.

And so, after walking a bit more, we reached the most luxurious camper-van, which was probably where the Messiah lived.

At this moment, we were stopped by a woman who was wearing a maid outfit, “Hello, Wandering Warrior. The Messiah is waiting for you.”

This woman had a pretty purple-dyed hair. Usually speaking, this kind of purple would feel oddly out of place, but it actually suited this woman well.

However, when I was about to follow the woman in maid uniform inside, Iroha suddenly exclaimed, “Aah!”

“What happened?” I asked her.

“That’s the woman who lied to me! The one who said that you were a bad person, sis! I didn’t notice it right away because her hair color changed since that time!” Iroha exclaimed.

I then looked back to the maid woman with a troubled expression.

“… You figured it out? I was going out in disguise on that occasion.” The maid woman said.

“I get it! You, you’re a liar!” Iroha exclaimed.

“I was truly discourteous on that occasion.” The maid replied. She didn’t seem to feel guilty about that in the slightest.

“Was that what the Messiah commanded you to do?” I asked her.

“No. I did that on my own.” The maid woman said.

“… How come?” I asked.

“I heard that master was in danger, so I decided to take the initiative and get a better grasp of how the Wandering Warrior acted.” The maid woman replied.

“Is that so? Then what did you think about ‘how the Wandering Warrior acted’?” I asked her.

“Regarding this matter, I think you should hear about it directly from master.” The maid woman said.

Mmmmmm… I guess that’s alright.

We then followed the maid woman and were taken to a mountain made of rubble.

And on the top of that mountain, laid a chair that looked really comfortable.

I guess… That’s supposed to be a throne?

There was a man sitting on the throne too, he wore a splendid cloak and was holding a cane made of oak in his hands.

When he noticed us, he stood up, and with slow steps, came down the rubble mountain.

The Messiah was a boy who seemed to be of the same age as me, or perhaps a bit younger. His face was a bit too shallow too, so it felt like he was a bit unwell, or maybe that’s just what he normally looked like.

He is definitely not handsome, and he doesn’t even give the impression of being vulgar… Overall, he feels like a normal person.

But well… How should we go about this?

1) Hello! How are you doing? Would you like to become friends? Or should I maybe kill you instead?

2) Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you, right now.

3) That’s a nice outfit! Let’s dye those clothes in bright red! [Attack]

Mmmmm… It’s a bit hard to decide, but I guess I should go with the second option? It’s probably better to take the initiative on this kind of situation.

“Tell…” I started saying.

But then, without letting me finish, the Messiah jumped forward.

I thought he was trying to go for a preemptive strike, so I took a step back, but…

The boy slammed his forehead against the ground with tremendous force and exclaimed loudly, “I’m truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuly soooooooooooooooooory!”

“… Huh?” I had a hard time reacting to that.

“Please, please! Don’t kill me, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! I’ll do anything! I’ll do anythiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!” The boy exclaimed.

Wow… A desperate begging that seemed to come straight out of a sitcom.

“Uhn…” I tried saying.

“I swear! I swear!” He exclaimed.

“Well…” I tried saying.

“I have no ill will towards yoooooooooooooooooooou!” He exclaimed.

I briefly glanced at Iroha, who seemed to be completely dumbfounded by this development.

So, I heaved a deep, long sigh, then said, “For now, just explain the situation.”

The boy seemed to be sobbing.

“If you exaggerate too much, you’ll just look like a liar, you know?” I warned him.

At this moment, the Messiah (haha, good joke) managed to somehow make a reply after wiping his face with his cloak, “Okay, okay. I’ll answer anything, but…” The Messiah blew his nose before continuing, “If you ask me about the circumstances, I’m sure the two of you will want to get involved.”

For a moment, the boy finally looked serious, “If you’re okay with that, I’ll explain.”

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