High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 64 – Evil Slave Master


“Well, let me start by introducing myself. I’m the Evil Slave Master, Amamiya. It’s fine to call me Ama, if you want. Either way, I’m 18 years old.” The boy said.

18…? So we’re about the same age. Though I’m still 17.

“I’ve prepared a meeting table, so let’s go there.” We followed Amamiya for a small while, then sat down at a splendid wooden table that was a little too good to be placed outdoors.

On one side sat me and Iroha.

On the other side was Amamiya and the maid who had a smug face.

“Well… Where do I start from? If you don’t have time, I can skip to the conclusion.” Amamiya said.

“I’m not in a hurry, so start from the beginning.” I replied.

“Okay…” Amamiya then took a deep breath, and his already pale face seemed to become even paler.

Then, he started his tale, “I awoke to my powers about one week after the zombies appeared.

“At first I thought I had gone crazy, but I realized that was not the case at all.

“I’m sure you two also had a similar feeling. When you realized you had truly amazing powers that allowed you to fight the zombies.

“Honestly, I was pretty excited about it. I thought I’d become a hero and save the world, just like the protagonist of a shounen manga.

“But that didn’t work. It didn’t work at all.”

At this point I crossed my arms and interjected, “What do you mean by it not working?”

“I’m really bad at fighting. I don’t have any talent, and I get extremely scared when seeing monsters… In fact, I haven’t killed even a single zombie with my own hands.” Amamiya replied.

“Haaaaa!?” Iroha was clearly surprised by that statement.

“Okay, so how have you survived thus far?” I asked.

“It was only thanks to my comrades. I’ve acquired all sorts of support skills that I could, so as to be able to help them out. I leave the fighting to them.” Amamiya explained.

“Alright. Then, one question… Why are there only women here?” I asked.

At this point, Iroha’s eyes widened, “Eh?” and then she looked around for a bit, “It’s true…” She was clearly disgusted at him, “Hey, sis. I think we should kill this guy.”

“W-w-wait a minute! I didn’t mess up with anyone, alright!? I-I mean. I promised to answer you properly, so to tell the truth, I actually did think I could make a harem. I thought it would be good to do that, because like, I’d be able to leave as many of those super-powered genres for mankind and the like?” Amamiya panickily replied.

“It’s better to not say this kind of thing out loud. You’re making me nauseous.” I told him.

“I think so too now. I’m reflecting on it, okay? I did say I didn’t mess up with anyone, didn’t I? And like, after being attacked by a zombie the first time, I couldn’t really get my dick to go up again at all, you know!?” Amamiya now explained the circumstances of his lower body.

“Besides, it’s too difficult for a virgin like me to even try taking advantage of my position and force someone to do it, you know? That’s not how sex works, and like, I wouldn’t be able to do it if I’m not proper relationship with someone, you know?” Amamiya said next.

Even if he says ‘you know’, I don’t actually know…

“And that’s why I haven’t really touched anyone here. Even if there are some weird rumors about sex skills and stuff.” Amamiya said.

“Okay, I get it… But what about the people who aren’t women? You aren’t simply abandoning them, are you?” I asked.

“I didn’t! There’s a safe place for men too! It’s just a bit farther away from here.” Amamiya replied.

Mmmm… Honestly, he is a different type of bastard than what I was expecting.

It would be easier to solve this if he already had a killing spree on his hands and the like.

… Wait no. My heart is becoming more barbarian-like. This is no good.

“So… Back to the topic. I told you that I only took support skills, and that I can barely fight, right?” As Amamiya said that, he winked towards the maid, who seemed to understand his intention, “I think this will be the quickest way to let you believe me.”

–The Evil Slave Master wishes to be your companion. Do you accept his subordination?

“Huh?” I tilted my head when hearing these unfamiliar words come from the Auditory Hallucination.

“I have applied for subordination. If you accept it, I won’t be able to attack the Wandering Warrior in the future.” Amamiya told me.

“… You okay with that?” I asked him.

“Of course. I can’t win in a fight, after all.” Amamiya replied.

“Even if you can’t, you should have still be able to escape, shouldn’t you?” I asked.

“That would be no good. My quest is to either kill or subordinate the Wandering Warrior. The only way to survive without receiving the penalty of losing all my skills is to apply for subordination.” Amamiya told me.

I see… So our quests mirrored each other.

“So, I asked Tsuzuri… I mean, I asked the purple-haired maid who’s next to me… I asked her to keep an eye on the two of you.” Amamiya told us.

“So that’s why she told me those things?” Iroha asked.

“Ah, right.” At this point, Amamiya stood up and bowed down to Iroha, “I’m really sorry about that. But please understand that Tsuzuri did it with good intentions.”

“Muuu…” Iroha was pouting.

“I hope you can understand it. Tsuzuri did not want anything bad to happen, and I won’t be the only one in trouble if I die. Everyone in this community relies on me and on my Healing Magic.” Amamiya told us.

“I guess that’s alright. Please continue.” I told him.

Amamiya then went back to the matter at hand while showing an apologetic attitude, “The Slave Master ability allows one to create a special relationship with people who aren’t players. With that, you can maintain a telepathic communication, so I was able to keep watch on the actions of you two for a long time now.”

“I see…” I muttered.

“So, I know you two aren’t the kind of people who abandon the weak. You’re good people. That’s why I thought I’d bet on the two of you.” Amamiya said next.

I sighed when hearing those words.

And then, Amamiya took a deep breath, and his expression became serious, “This is where the real story begins.

“There’s a university to the northeast of here. And it’s filled with some seriously troublesome people.”

“Troublesome?” I asked.

“As in, real scoundrels.” Amamiya leaned forward, “Those guys are serious about kidnapping women and treating them like toys. The kind you’d see in erotic manga. They’re armed with guns they stole from a carrier of the self-defense forces or something, so they even have things as absurd as rocket launchers.”

A rocket launcher? Well… Yeah, that would definitely kill me instantly.

“People who live near them are quite terrified of those scoundrels. And one of our lookouts saw that three women were taken away last night and brought to their base… You understand what I’m getting at, right?” Amamiya told me.

I sighed again, “So, instead of becoming subservient to me, what you actually want is for me to lend you a hand, right?”

“Yeah.” The Evil Slave Master nodded, seemingly satisfied.

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