High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 65 – Subordination


–The Evil Slave master wishes to be your companion. Do you accept his subordination?

“… I guess I’ll accept it.” I decided.

Then, on top of the usual fanfare, I heard some tremendously flashy sounds with a drum roll too.

–Congratulations! Evil Slave Master has become your companion!

–Subordinated players are unable to act hostile towards you until you dissolve the relationship.

–You may now share quests, skills, some experience points and other things with your subordinated players.

Immediately after that, some information started flowing into my head.

It took me a few seconds to realize that those were the skills of the Slave Master.


Job: Slave Master

Karma: Evil

Level: 22


Basic Skills:

Fighting Technique (Beginner)

Natural Healing (Strong); Skin Strengthening; Bone Strengthening

Hunger Resistance (Strong)


Magic Skills:

Fire Magic I-II

Water Magic I

Thunder Magic I-III

Healing Magic I-III


Job Skills:


Slave Reinforcement III

Sex Technique (Beginner)


“Ohoh…?” I crossed my arms as I parsed through the information.

This feels quite interesting, alright.

Although… “You have a Sex Technique skill…” I muttered.

“I told you. My lower body is useless. I thought getting this skill would allow it to get erect again, but it was no good. Specifically, this skill, at night…” Amamiya started replying.

“Okay, stop. No need to elaborate.” I told him.

“Alright.” Amamiya said.

And then, suddenly, Iroha butted in, “Oh, come on! Why is this involving only the two of you!? I wanna join in too!” She seemed to be angry.

“There’s no need.” I replied to Iroha, “Subordination is probably more of a last resort thing. I don’t think we should use it lightly.”

“… The Warrior is right.” Amamiya nodded before continuing, “I don’t think I can even half-jokingly tap the Warrior’s shoulder anymore. If I try going against the restrictions, I’ll immediately lose all my skills.”

“Ah… That’s kinda troublesome.” Iroha agreed.

And just as she said that.

–Congratulations, your quest has been completed!

–Congratulations! Your level has increased!

–Congratulations! Your level has increased!

The Auditory Hallucination chimed in.

“Oh? My level seems to have gone up too. Did this count as if we completed the quest together?” Amamiya commented.

“Please hold back on learning new skills for now. And don’t take Sex Technique (Intermediate) without permission.” I told him.

“Got it. I won’t act out of line.” Amamiya replied.

For the time being, I wanted to try out the skill sharing with subordinated players.

It seems like I can steal and give skills to the Slave Master now, so… As a test, let’s take the Water Magic I.

“Water Magic I.” As I cast the spell, a small water gun came out from the tip of my finger.

“This is mainly useful to helping someone who is thirsty. You can also change the water temperature to some extent, so it can be convenient for making things like cup noodles.” Amamiya explained.

Let’s try playing with it and-

Oh, the water gun spilled hot water this time.

“Mmm…” I muttered.

“I don’t mind you keeping that spell forever. I don’t really use it.” Amamiya told me.

Then, we heard the sound of bell being rang.

When I started wondering what was going on, I saw the women all start gathering in one place.

“Seems like it’s time for dinner. Would you like to join us?” Amamiya asked us.

I made eye contact with Iroha before replying, “You do know we eat a lot more than the average person, right?”

“I know that.” Amamiya chuckled, “That’s why I asked everyone to make plenty of food today.”

I see… Well, wasting good food would be blasphemy, wouldn’t it?

I also don’t think he’ll try poisoning us, so, “Well, I’ll take you up on your offer then.”


While enjoying a nicely boiled stew, the bloody topic continued.

“As for dealing with the kidnappers. I have two plans in mind.

“One is fairly simple. The two of you simply beat all the scoundrels to death.” Amamiya looked at our eyes, then hastily added something after seeing our expressions, “Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this one, as their numbers are large, and a single bullet might be all that is needed to kill you.

“… As for the other option. You could infiltrate their base, then use the Enslave skill on their boss.”

“Reshujowythitheratte (Let’s go with the latter)” I replied while devouring the stew.

“What was that?” Amamiya asked me.

I gulped the food in my mouth before replying this time, “The latter.”

“I see… I figured you’d say so. Though you might end up changing your mind once you see what they’re doing.” Amamiya said.

“I will decide once I’m there.” I told him.

“I guess that’s fine… Thanks for the meal.” Amamiya said, then put his plate aside.

Surprisingly, he seemed to have eaten about as much as the other people here.

Then, in an elegant gesture, the maid woman collected the tableware.

“Let me ask you just in case. You’ve used the Enslave skill on her, haven’t you?” I asked Amamiya.

“Mm? Oh, yes. By the way, she’s currently my only slave.” Amamiya bluntly replied. Naturally calling her a slave.

“Can you release her?” I asked.

“Huh?” Amamiya seemed to be dumbfounded by my request.

Iroha seemed to be annoyed by his attitude, “You’re forcing her to do something naughty, aren’t you!?”

Amamiya seemed to be even more dumbfounded by our words, and he stayed silent for a second before replying, “Ah, no. It’s not like that. We’ve been together since we were kids and like… Well, once you understand the specifications of Enslave, you’ll realize I can’t really ask people to do whatever I want.”

He didn’t seem to be lying, but… “So, basically… You’re telling me that she is acting like a maid voluntarily?” I asked.

I suppose we’ll inevitably find out if this is true or not sooner or later.

“Also, the benefits of being under the control of the Slave Master are fairly high. The word ‘slave’ there causes a lot of misunderstandings… Isn’t that true, Tsuzuri?” Amamiya turned his gaze to the purple-haired maid.

They made eye contact for a short while, then she mechanically replied, “It is as master says.”

“You get it now?” Amamiya asked me.

Oh, wow… “I feel like this just made me more suspicious…” I muttered.

I mean, who says ‘master’ in a normal friendship?

“Well… You’ll understand once you see the details of the Slave Master’s skills.” Amamiya seemed to be quite confident about it.

But… I really don’t like this.

He is currently subordinated to me, so I don’t think he can directly harm me though.

So… I guess it’s fine for me to play along with his agenda for now.

At least for now.

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