High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 66 – Slave Master’s Skills


Amamiya took out a notebook, “I kinda expected something like this to happen, so I compiled the rules of Enslave in this notebook in advance. Please try giving it a read.”

The book was titled, ‘Summary of the Slave Master’s Skills’ and was written with very cute letters.

“Let’s see…” I muttered.


Summary of the Slave Master’s Skills

-Conditions to activate Enslave:

–In order to activate the skill and turn a human into a slave, you have to touch their head for a whole minute! [star emoji]

–During this time, the other party must be awake. You can’t enslave those who are sleeping, okaaaay? [star emoji]

-About Slaves

–The player with Enslave and their slaves will be able to communicate with each other telepathically regardless of the distance between each other! [star emoji]

–And guess what! A human who became a Slave can be forced to carry out any order you want! [star emoji]

–Though the order is only valid for five minutes, so if you want to keep your Slave under control, you’ll need to give a new order after five minutes, okaaaaay? [star emoji]

-Liberation of Slaves

–A person who becomes a slave can be freed from the player’s control either by receiving permission from the player, or by killing said player! [star emoji]

–So, just because someone is a slave, that doesn’t mean you can treat them too badly. Otherwise they might attack you on your sleep and things will end badly, okaaaay? [star emoji]

-Slave Reinforcement

–After reading this far, it might seem like there are no advantages to being a slave, but that’s not actually true! Slaves can become stronger and use magic if affected by the Slave Reinforcement skill! [star emoji]

–The strengthening effect depends on how many levels you got for Slave Reinforcement, so I wrote you a breakdown of what the bonuses look like, okaaaaay? [star emoji]

—Slave Reinforcement I grants: Fighting Technique (Beginner); Natural Healing (Weak); Fire Magic I and Water Magic I. The player can own up to three slaves total with this level of the skill.

—Slave Reinforcement II grants: Fighting Technique (Intermediate); Natural Healing (Medium); Fire Magic I and Water Magic I. The player can own up to five slaves total with this level of the skill.

—Slave Reinforcement III grants: Fighting Technique (Intermediate); Natural Healing (Medium); Skin Strengthening; Fire Magic I-II; Water Magic I-II; Sex Technique (Beginner). The player can own up to seven slaves total with this level of the skill.

–And that’s everything about the Slave Master’s skills! Did you get it all? If you don’t, then feel free to ask any questions you might have! [star emoji]


“Eh? What is this writing… It’s so annoying…” I muttered. Why did everything end with a star?

“Doesn’t it look friendly and easy to approach?” Amamiya asked me.

“It only gave me murderous intent…” I replied honestly.

Still, it did explain how the Slave Master’s skills worked.

“In any case, while that other group may be filled with scoundrels, they’re still a proper organization. The guy at the top also seems to be pretty smart, so if you Enslave him and order him around, it shouldn’t be too hard to dismantle their group.” Amamiya told me.

“I understand this much, but I need to put my hand on his head for a whole minute… That’s kinda hard.” I replied.

“Of course, I already have a plan to take care of that.” As Amamiya said that, he took out a whip that was about thirty centimeters long, “This is the Slave Tamer Whip. It’s the reward from the achievement I got when enslaving Tsuzuri.

“It paralyzes the target for a whole minute while still keeping them conscious. Players are immune to the effect though.”

I see. I guess that item can only be obtained by Slave Masters.

“Ah, and one more thing. You need a way to infiltrate their hideout.” Amamiya told me.

“Infiltrate?” I asked.

“Yeah, like. They have plenty of people there and also no shortage of hostages at all. And real life isn’t like that one old game where you can use a cardboard box to sneak upon the boss’ room, so you’ll need a better infiltration method.” Amamiya explained.

I suppose trying to infiltrate without a proper strategy would be quite unrealistic.

“So, there is this item…” Amamiya took out a wooden cane that had some carvings on its handle… The top of the cane also looked like a cat head, “This is a reward from the achievement… Uhn… When did we get this one again, Tsuzuri?”

As usual, the maid woman replied mechanically, “About a week ago, master. When I killed a cat-shaped monster.” Tsuzuri replied.

“Right, right! This is the-” Amamiya then made a weird sound with his mouth. He was probably trying to replicate the sound that that weird cat from an old anime made when it took an item out, “Magical Cat staff! It has the power to change your appearance for a whole day!”

“Mmm…?” I tilted my head, “Is there anything wrong with my current appearance?”

“I told you, didn’t I? They treat women like objects.” Amamiya replied.

“Huuh?” I was having a bad feeling about it.

“Therefore, it would be inconvenient for you to keep your ‘Warrior’ appearance, you’d get caught immediately.” Amamiya added.

“Mmmm…” A really bad feeling…

“However, that scoundrel is always looking for new recruits to do zombie hunting, so…” Amamiya continued.

“Uhn…” I really wanted him to stop talking.

“Well, so, you know… You get the idea, right?” Amamiya asked me.

I get the i… dea?


I had a really really really bad feeling about it, so I made eye contact with Iroha, who was next to me.

She gave me a thumbs up, “Do your best, sis! It’s for the sake of justice!”

Those were powerful, and horribly irresponsible, words.

Amamiya then smiled, “With this, the Wandering Warrior may disguise herself as a man.”

After hearing that, I kept on closing and opening my mouth for a short while.

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